Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 23


Two days have passed since Storm and Amara set off to find a certain pack and the last time we spoke, they had told me that they were on their way back. We have not gone into details as to what they have found. All I know is they are in a hurry to get back and more importantly, they are safe. Whether they bear good news or bad, we have no other choice but to wait for their return.

My coven arrived a few hours after sundown on the very same day we arrived home. I have kept them up to date regarding the matters I have learned about and the plans and circumstances we are about to face. As far as I know, they are all hungry for revenge and would do anything to protect our domain. It took them by surprise when I asked Dakota to join our coven gathering where no outsider has ever been allowed. Little did they know, she is no outsider. Once everything has been settled I have finally introduced her as my beloved. I figured it was better now than later. In other words, I felt it was the right time. They have not shown their disdain so far and I do not know if it was because I was there or if they have truly accepted the truth that I have imparted.

Certain conclusions have been running through my head regarding this. The first is perhaps, they have not accepted this news fully but have chosen not to speak up since there are more pressing matters to attend to. The second is perhaps, they absolutely do not give a rat’s ass any longer about history repeating itself. The last is perhaps, they respect my position as their primus and they cannot afford to lose one so soon which is why they have no other choice but to welcome Dakota with open arms. Any conclusion is acceptable for the meantime, so long as they do not hurt her. Otherwise, there will be more bloodshed. I have warned them to stay away from Amara and Storm as well. Although I do not for a second doubt that both my sister and her mate can protect themselves as they are very powerful. It is not because I do not trust my coven, but it is because I am choosing to be more cautious.

Octavia has remained quiet for now, but I know that this is only the calm before the storm. She wants us to think that she is never going to attack soon. She wants our defenses down, unfortunately for her, I know more about ambush than she does. This is what I have perfected from years and years of battle engagements. She can come anytime between tonight and the next days to come, either way, we will be waiting well prepared and with renewed force.

Night fell over the skies and I watched Dakota walk around the garden in fascination from my office window. She seems to be in her element even though this is a foreign land and among potential antagonists. What amazed me more is how each vampire in my coven interacted with her from time to time. They would bow as a greeting or strike small talks before turning on their heels to go about their day with no sense of hostility. It was as if she fit right in. She stood right in the middle with confidence as she gazed over the mountains. Though she is not facing my way, I know that she can sense me observing her from afar. It is enchanting how we are so much intuned with each other.

A minute later, I watched her smile and bow her head in greeting as a few of my high ranking vampires walk past her. They bowed at her in return. And yes, the mere sight delights me. What ifs started flooding my mind. It may be too early to tell, nonetheless, I am hoping that they have truly accepted her as their queen. However, if there is still even the slightest of possibilities of endangering Dakota, then I would gladly throw away the position I hold and go where she goes. That is if we survive this war that is about to fall on us.

Four knocks interrupted my thoughts followed by my name being called out. “Lord Alastair, we bring important news. May we come in?” I answered with a booming voice ordering them to enter and waited for all of them to settle before turning to look at each of them. “What important news is this?” I calmly asked. "We have five captives in the dungeon. We found them lurking around town. They are from Octavia's coven. It seems that they are closer than what we have expected," One of them answered. My jaw tightened upon hearing the news and it was not out of fear but it was out of anger. "We must expect all that we can expect. They will be here soon enough once they realize some of their members are missing. The night is still young, therefore, they could attack this instant," I stated, looking out through the window to find Dakota once more, when our eyes met, her lips turned into a wide smile. I slightly bowed my head to acknowledge her presence and waved my hand towards me once to ask her to come to me. She simply nodded once before walking back inside.

My high ranks all kept quiet as they waited for my orders. I did not have a lot since I know everything has been settled two days ago. "All traps have been set. All have been informed of their roles. Then all that is left to do is to wait for them to come to us. As for the captives, show no mercy and annihilate all of them at once. There is no reason to keep them alive," I finally spoke and they all answered in unison, "Yes, my lord." It was indeed a heartless decision on my part, however, in the world we live in pardoning is for the weak.

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