Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 25


“So this is how mind-link works? I find it rather convenient,” I told Dakota as we both raced towards the top of the hill where Octavia is. I need to be able to make her surrender and if not kill her to be able to put an end to this war. On second thought, I should end her life instead. The only problem is, she has brought more vampires than I have originally anticipated and I am afraid that she could get away before neither of us can get to her. “Alastair!” A man’s voice yelled from behind me and I took a glance to see who it was. It took me a second to realize that it was Lucca who called my name. I skidded to a stop to assess what this is all about and understanding dawned on me that he came to join the war.

He stopped three feet away from me and bowed slightly. “My coven and I are at your disposal. Octavia made the mistake of defiling my lands and so she deserves to be put down. Members of her coven have killed within my territory. I believe they are the ones who came after you. I am grateful for what you have done as much as I am truly sorry about what happened between you and Ishmael. Let it be known that it is the very same reason why I am pledging my allegiance to you now.” I looked beyond his shoulder and indeed saw his coven fight side by side with mine. Then his eyes darted towards Dakota and then back at me questioningly. “Live until the end my friend, and I will tell you all about her,” I said before rushing forward once more with him tailing behind us.

We have fought with every ounce of our strength uphill, and just when we have thought that we are nearer to our goal, a few more vampires rushed forward. “Oh, my god! Is she spawning vampires right now? I mean what the hell? How did they even get here so quietly if they’re this plenty? With this number, I’m afraid to find out if there are still humans alive in this town,” Dakota complained in my head, and as bad as the last part sounded, I could not help but find humor in her words. I must have gone mental for feeling anything but fear. “I believe she has a few more coming. I can feel it,” I told Dakota. “You can bet your ass she does. I can smell them from all the way here,” she answered and even though I was supposed to worry about that, once again, I found myself chuckling at her remark. Ah, my beloved. Always the smart-mouth.

“It does not matter if she has more hiding up there since it looks like we are all holding ourselves well. What matters is we have to end this soon. We only have to be more careful and faster in order to get to her. Always, and I mean always be on guard,” I instructed before moving out of the way quickly as two other vampires came charging toward me. I grabbed the second one by the neck and twisted its head violently while Lucca slashed the other one’s throat and then quickly punched his arm into its chest to tear out the heart. I have never fought side by side with Lucca since the day we met, however, I have heard many great things about his abilities. It looks like I was not deceived. He fights like a true warrior and I am now more than ever glad that he is on our side.

I looked up to make sure that Octavia is still where she was a minute ago and suddenly her gaze fell on me. She masked her worried gaze with hostility and I knew that she is just about ready to join in or not. She took one look at Dakota and then Lucca before pulling her lips back to bare her fangs. “She has seen us,” I simply stated and both Lucca and Dakota acknowledged that. “Let me at her!” Dakota claimed as she ran faster towards the direction of the vampire queen. I did not warn her to stop or to be careful, but instead, I took the lead to keep her safe myself. Again, it is not that I do not believe she can kill Octavia herself, but it is more of my innate nature to think that she is fragile like porcelain even though she is anything but.

Lucca killed five more along the way and once we got to the top, the three of us went on a rampage clearing every vampire blocking our way. “Hell yeah! Storm and Amara are almost here. They brought reinforcements,” Dakota exclaimed as we plowed our way. “Reinforcements?” I asked. “A pack of wolves. Not a lot in number though,” she answered. “Then that is all the help we need,” I confirmed as I tackled another vampire who came close to wrapping its arm around Dakota’s back as she fought with two more others. The quicker they get here the quicker this ends I thought to myself. “How far along? Can you tell?” I asked my beloved and she immediately answered, “twenty to thirty minutes tops.”

Dakota stood still beside me and looked over to where the rest of mine and Lucca’s coven are scattered. “We need a sign or an indication. They don’t know who belongs to which coven. Yours have a distinct scent, that I know much, but I don’t know anything about your friend’s coven. I mean everyone here isn't exactly color-coded. Is there a way to tell?” she asked, still scoping everything out. I looked over my shoulder as I tried my best to think while fighting off a few more vampires guarding Octavia. “Their clothes,” I informed Dakota as she flung a helpless vampire out of her way. “What?” she asked. “They are wearing modernized 16th-century clothes. Do you notice it?" She quickly scanned the vampires who are fighting around us and caught on quickly. "I get it, but maybe we need to let them do something when Storm and Amara get here just to be safe," she finished.

Any moment now, Octavia will be forced to fight. Any moment now, we'll see how this all ends. And any moment now, we will know who will fall and who will stand victorious.

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