Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 26


It feels like we've been fighting for a hundred years but in reality, it's only been I don't know, thirty to one hour? Okay, maybe two? I really can't tell. It's just been going on and on. The ultimate bitch A.K.A. the vampire queen, Octavia has brought more vampires than we've bargained for. Typical for those who know that they need to hide behind someone's back because they're pretty useless and cowardly. I'm aware that, unlike wolves, vampires don't need hundreds, but still, this is like more than two hundred. Lucca and Eric's covens combined is only a little over a hundred but this? This is freaking insane. I wasn't even kidding when I said they could've wiped out the human population in this region or worse, the entire country which I really hope didn't happen.

I've been scratched at and punched several times already and it's getting really old. Not getting any major injuries though, obviously, since I'm still babbling. But the more I get hit, the more it fuels my rage which if you ask me is a good thing because once I get close enough, I'm going to let hell rain on her. We're so close to getting where she is and it pisses me off that she's just standing there glaring at us as if she could make our heads explode by just doing that. The stupid queen must think she also has the power of a witch or something.

Just a few more and we're really there. The only problem is, both Eric and Lucca's covens are decreasing in number the longer this goes on. "D, coming in from the south in a few, we really need a tell on which vampires to stay away from pronto," My brother Storm ordered. Hallelujah! I must say, my brother's timing is always impeccable. "If you're coming from the south then there's only me, Eric, and Lucca you need to stay away from. Lucca literally looks like someone who was blasted out from the past and he's wearing a red coat. Just tell them the two dudes fighting off vampires near a wolf A.K.A. me are off-limits. Oh and leave the white-haired lady vampire who looks like a character from the movie Underworld alone. She's mine. Also, Eric's coven all smell like roses, while Lucca's are all wearing old-fashion clothes as in - they look like they're from the 16th century only more modern. Got it? If the pack you're with are still unsure then we'll just let everyone on the team say aye or cheese or whatever works," I instructed. "Did you hit your head again?" he teased and I threw in a string of curses as I duck and slide out of the way. "Do those answer your question?" I ended, making us both laugh a bit. "Duly noted," Storm answered and so I went back to business as usual.

Amara and Storm burst out all of a sudden followed by ten wolves. They were all well built and almost as huge as my brother in his wolf form kinda like Wyatt and Hunter. The weather or food they eat here must have growth properties or something cause they're massive. I watched all ten of them move about murdering the vampires left surrounding us before stopping to get to where Eric, Lucca, and I are standing. Storm then ordered them to join Eric and Lucca's covens and they immediately did. Huh. It's fascinating how they're taking orders from a different alpha. Even earlier, they fell in line behind my brother and Amara as if... "My, my, my. A coward and a traitor joining forces?" Octavia called out from behind four remaining vampires guarding her. I growled in anger snapping my mouth at her from afar barely containing the need to tear her apart. "You have brought as many as you could, yet you are still losing. Tell me, Octavia, what does that say about your leadership?" Eric mocked making her glare harder.

"Do you have more hiding somewhere to protect you? Are you too afraid to fight on your own? Do you want to keep going and let everyone you came with die because of your silly little ambition?" he continued and that brought uncertainty in the eyes of those who were by her side. It wasn't like him to make fun of someone, but he's doing it now. He's doing it to lure her to come forward and fight. Sneaky, but I love it. "I could. No, we could give you this chance to concede," Eric offered as he waved his arms around us making sure how he said it and how he looked like was arrogant as hell. He kept taunting her about how none of us will hurt her if she just surrenders or that she could have a place in his coven or Lucca's if he's willing to take her. Lucca even joined in telling her that she could start at the bottom and if she's good enough maybe she could be given a new role after a hundred years.

They kept at it like two bullies and it was funny to watch her face twist and lose control of her emotions. She even told Eric how much of a scum he is for teaming up with wolves such as ourselves which only made him mock her more. A hysterical laugh escaped from the queen vampire as her face morphed into something ferocious when she couldn't handle it any longer. "Do not mock me!" She yelled before rushing towards Eric. That's it bitch, come at us. The four other vampires with her had no choice but to follow their queen and so Amara, Storm, and Lucca got into it too, easily taking them down like they were breaking twigs. Once done, my brother asked if I still needed them here and so I tried to assess the situation and it looks like Octavia isn't as powerful as Eric's father. They then sprinted downhill to join the fight below right after I gave them an okay to leave.

Lucca went with them too which left me and Eric with the vampire queen and that made me so so glad because I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to make her suffer before killing her. I know I sound cocky and that I should never underestimate an opponent, but the anger boiling inside me reassures me that she's not going to live beyond this night. I'll make sure of it.

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