Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 28


I'm so mad at everyone right now. My mate is delaying everything for his ex-lover which is so infuriating. But please, hold your horses because even though I'm jealous as hell, I'm still willing to save her life and do whatever it is that Eric wants to do at this point. So, even though I want this war to be done and over with so we can all go home, and even though I seriously want to kill Octavia as in right now, I opted to bite her hand off instead as my means of compromising. It's a bit barbaric, but so what. At least I was able to inflict pain on her. And by the way, she tastes like blah!
And now here we are, having some sort of a standoff with our enemies once again. Since I'm running out of patience, I thought of something that would make things easier for everyone. "Amara? Are you by any chance anywhere near where we are?" I asked through mind link hoping like hell that she is so we can come up with something so we could all get on with it. "I am. Why? Is everything alright?" She instantly answered with a few grunts. She's probably busy dodging and punching vampires as we speak. "So, we're supposed to be killing Octavia now, but then your brother's ex-girlfriend suddenly showed up bruised and all and is now being held by two vampires, so now we're just waiting. Actually no, I'm waiting for whatever Eric will decide on to save his ex," I rumbled. "Wait what? Ex?" She asked and I rolled my eyes. "I know right? She seems to be the one making those rings that help vampires not burn under the sun," I continued but then Amara gasped.
"You mean Octavia? Met her when I was ten. Anyway, that's not good." Yup, it's not good indeed because the longer we wait to kill the vampire queen the more chances she can get away. "Tell me about it. Anyway, we're getting off track. Can you blip your way here and break the necks of the vampires holding her hostage?" I asked as I watched them carefully while Octavia kept throwing threats all over the place because Eric won't ease his hold on her. He wasn't buying all the bullshit she was spitting out which is actually good. We both know that they won't be able to do anything with Cordelia while their queen is also being detained.
"Yeah, I can do that. Changing to my vampire form, one sec," Amara said and that somehow made things significantly better. "Just be careful!" I told her and before any of us could blink, both vampires collapsed revealing Amara holding two vampire hearts on each hand, then catching Cordelia before she hits the ground, and then she was off again. Well, that was anti-climactic and not actually what one can say as snapping their necks, but that works too. "No!" Octavia screamed and she gathered the last of her strength to break free and then she sprinted away. Of course, Eric and I went after her and this time it was me who was able to catch up to her. I bit down on her arm and threw her to the ground. When she threw in a punch, I caught the said hand and tore that off as well. She cried in both agony and anger and I was loving every sound of it.
I bit down on her neck hard making her gurgle violently and dragged her towards my mate. She wasn't exactly making it hard for me to do that, but I still have my guard up just in case she pulls another hostage out of nowhere. "Do you have any last words for this bitch?" I asked Eric who was staring at Octavia with so much hatred. "Last words, no. But, if you would allow it little one, I would like to be the one to kill her," he told me. I was supposed to say to hell with that because I was itching to be the one to pass judgment on her ever since the day he told me about what she did, but one look at Eric, and I knew he wants this as much as I do.
I reluctantly let go of Octavia who has probably accepted her fate and then soon after I did that, Eric quickly ripped her head off and I mean literally ripped it off. It wasn't a pretty sight and I know I shouldn't feel happy about it, but I was. I was truly satisfied. We went back to where everyone was and found that there were only a few enemies left. Eric's voice boomed over the fields and mountains catching the attention of everyone around us. He lifted Octavia's head and spoke with such command, " This war is over! Your queen is dead. Leave now or die like her!" I was waiting for anyone to retaliate, but just like their primus, they all ran away in fear. The war's finally over and thank god the people who matter to me are still alive and well. And when the sun rose, the dead and limbless vampires burned. We all watched quietly until they all turned to ashes.
Many of the members of Eric and Luca's coven died. I think almost half didn't make it. Good thing the wolves Storm came with are still all alive. The war was a devastating blow, but we came out victorious. If it wasn't so bad, I would've called it epic. None of us talked for about an hour. We just kept ourselves busy with whatever we think we should be doing. It was eerily quiet maybe it's because no one really knows what to say at this point.
Once we were sure that no survivors were left, the five of us headed towards Eric's study because maybe one of us is ready to talk now. I guess it's better to do this now so we could all call it a day and sleep for the next days to come if that's even possible. Hopefully, after this, everything will somehow become normal again. But, hey, who am I kidding right? Dangerous stuff like this is pretty much normal to us, so I don't even know what "normal" means to me anymore. Let's just say that today's pretty much done and tomorrow's another day.
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