Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 3


“Welcome home Lord Alastair Dragavei,” Florin, my trusted butler, greeted as soon as I stepped inside the mansion that has been my home for centuries. “I take it your trip went rather well,” he continued and I gave him a faint smile with a tight nod. I didn’t want anyone to know how everything turned out with my father as he was and is still well-loved by his people. And though, he had turned into a madman, part of me still wants to keep that as a secret. I wanted the last memory he had to be somewhat still noble because that’s exactly how the coven sees him, noble to the core.

“Do you have anything to report?” I asked as we both headed to my office. “Nothing urgent my lord, just the simple matters you regularly attended to,” he responded and I sighed a breath of relief. The last thing I need right now is to face another conflict or mishap which I am certainly unprepared for. “Very well, Florin. Thank you,” I told him as I sat on my office chair to begin my work since I have been away for quite some time. Yes, I did mention work. Even supernatural beings have records and papers to attend to in order to govern their people, believe it or not.

I continued to scan and read through different documents until it was almost four in the morning. Since I have only a few more reports to look into, I decided that it was time to rest. I lay in bed staring at the intricately designed ceiling thinking about the only thing that has certainly changed my entire output in life. Dakota, the little feisty wolf whom I’ve met and fought alongside with. Her long black hair, grey eyes, and beautiful face have been haunting my thoughts since the day I laid my eyes on her. She has captivated me in every way that the emptiness I felt for years vanished into thin air.

I remember the very first time we crossed paths and how insane it drove me the moment I smelled her blood and heard her pulse. It was the day she and my sister arrived on campus. Both have just met and have gone somewhere to eat. I trailed them the entire time and even stayed a couple of tables away from where they are. I’ve always known from the start that she’s a wolf. I didn’t pay much attention to that since I’ve already learned what pack she belongs to. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt that it’s convenient that she and Amara are becoming fast friends. However, when she had passed me on her way out, I realized she’s not just a simple wolf. I became instantly drawn to her. It was not just the beauty she possessed, but it was deeper than anything I have ever known. It was exactly how mother described it when she met Amara’s father. Dakota’s blood called out to me even from afar. It’s as if you want a taste of it as much as you are afraid of it. The beating of her heart was music to my ears and no matter how hard I try to stay away, her mere existence pulls me close to her.

I fought with my emotions daily and had kept reminding myself that there's a reason why I followed Amara, but sometimes the desire to be near her wins most of the time. This was also the reason I put my sister in danger when we were abducted. I was pretending to pay attention to everything around us, but in reality, my entire attention was on her as she tried her best to keep an eye on us. It was quite endearing watching her play detective.

Indeed good things must come to an end. After spending days with her and having been able to make certain that Amara will be safe, coming back home to play my role as primus is the next most urgent agenda. And when all things are stable here once more, I will definitely come back for her. That is if and only if she hasn't found her true mate yet, though I still believe that I will be waiting for her no matter how long it takes. I have eternity to wait after all, though I'm not entirely sure how long wolves live. I may have to ask Florin to find answers to that question.

I was out and about overseeing affairs by five in the afternoon. I was about to meet the council in the underground chamber when Amara called.

Amara: Frate mai mare (big brother), how are you doing?

Me: Everything is well with me. Do you miss me that much already?

Amara: Mmm... no not really.

Me: Then why have you called? Is everything alright?

Amara: Yes, but, can you do me a favor?

Me: Anything soră mai mică (little sister).

Amara: You'll have to do it as soon as we say goodbye okay?

Me: That is such an odd request, but alright.

Amara: Can you call Dakota now, don't ask why just do it. It's an emergency. Okay? I have to go. Bye!

She hung up even before I could put a word in. She did mention it's an emergency which had me worrying in minutes. I was about to call her back to remind her that I have not asked for Dakota's number when a message appeared with exactly the information I need. Excitement and fear gripped me at the same time and I took a few calming breaths to get my nerves straightened out before dialing the said number. It rang a few times before a faint hello greeted me. I grinned the widest grin I could possibly paste on my face before greeting her in the way she always rolled her eyes for.

Me: Hello, little one. Have you been well?

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