Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 29


It is finally done. We have survived yet another war. I would have celebrated our victory in the most lavish way, however, it did not feel right. Many have gone and sacrificed their immortality and thus, we have been quietly mourning our dead. With the massive number of vampires that attacked, it was no surprise that a good number of humans in my beloved region have either been turned to form her army or drained of blood. This alone made me want to revive Octavia and behead her a million times over. The damage we have received may take years to rebuild, but there is still hope. Not everything is lost.

As we sit in silence in my study, several emotions are palpable. I do not need to mention all of them since tension is the strongest out of everything. I suspect it has something to do with Lucca and my wolf companions. Therefore before everything turns into another war, I decided to address several elephants in the room. "This right here is Lucca, he is the primus of the Italian coven. He was the one I visited when you found me there," I paused as I waited for any violent reactions. And since there was none, I continued, "Lucca, this feisty little one is the wolf who stood beside me the entire time we fought, Dakota. She is a pure-blooded wolf and more importantly, my beloved." Lucca's eyes grew marginally wider as his gaze snapped to Dakota who was standing beside me and I knew he felt envious because I have already found my better half and he has not. "This is my younger sister, Amara. We are born of the same mother. And this is her beloved and the alpha of his pack, Storm. He is also Dakota's older brother." Storm and Lucca nodded at each other while Amara waved her hand at Lucca as if she has met him before.

"My apologies for intruding, however, you are not a vampire, no?" Lucca asked Amara who was grinning from ear to ear. "Oh, I am, but I'm also a wolf. It's kinda complicated." For the second time since we got here, Lucca's eyes bulged from their sockets. "A hybrid? So the legends are true. The dynamic in this family of yours, Alastair is absolutely marvelous," he said bowing his head slightly at my sister as his means of acknowledging her and my sister did the same. "You live in a truly breathtaking bizarre world. I envy your life," Lucca good-naturedly added. "Indeed. I do have one more request if you may," I answered and he tilted his chin up as he waited for me to continue. "Will you give me your word to never disclose any information about Amara to anyone?" He slowly smiled and bowed with his hands slightly lifted. "You have my word, Alastair." I slightly bowed as well and expressed my gratitude before moving on to other matters.

"How were you able to convince the wolf pack from the mountains to join us?" I asked, turning my attention to Storm. "Well, about that... Remember when I said that Hunter and Wyatt were in contact with their alpha? Turns out, he wasn't the alpha. He was let's just say a stand-in. Apparently, their alpha died a few days before any of us got to talk to them so now, they're basically rogues. They fear that if they can't find a new pack soon, they'll turn rabid," Storm explained. "Oh, this should be good," Dakota teased. "Shhh... Wait for it," Amara jokingly scolded. "Long story short, I became their alpha the moment we stepped into their territory. So, I guess they're coming home with us," he ended with a shrug. "Aha! I freaking knew it!" Dakota excitedly exclaimed and we all laughed at that.

Three knocks interrupted our conversation before the door opened, revealing Cordelia who has probably used an aging and a healing potion since there were only very minimal and almost no visible cuts and bruises. Not to mention the fact that she looks as if she is still a woman in her twenties. I stood to meet her and kissed both her cheeks before introducing each and everyone the same way I did earlier. Since she has already met Amara, she became more at ease. Dakota on the other hand was very quiet which I find intriguing. She is trying her very best to act normal even though jealousy is crawling out of her skin since Cordelia entered. Perhaps I need to remind her later what she is to me in different ways. Cordelia had told us the story of how Octavia got a hold of her and how she was able to obtain the ring. We all listened to the horror she had to go through and I could not help but feel angry yet again and at the same time responsible for what had happened to her.

What she experienced were not the kindest of circumstances, but she never mentioned nor acted as if anyone of us is to blame. In the end, she chose to travel back to her home immediately. Once Dakota learned that Cordelia is happily married with three children, she became a tad friendlier and more welcoming. Not that she ever gave the impression that Cordelia was unwelcomed, I have been the only one sensing her distress after all. I find it endearing how protective she is of me, to be honest.

When everyone retreated to their own chambers, Dakota and I spent this moment discussing everything that could occur in the next months to come. I did not tell her much about my true plans, however, I did tell her that I need to sort things and that it could take some time. She insisted on staying with me, but I did not cave because it was safer for her and everyone else to go back to her home in the meantime. I promised her that as soon as everything has been settled, the first thing I would do is to come home to her. It took some time to convince and assure her, but in the end, she finally agreed.

The three of them along with their newfound pack members left Transylvania two weeks after the war. There are no more dangers or enemies lurking, but I still need some time to make things right. And even though I will miss Dakota dearly, it is necessary for me to do this alone in order for my coven to understand my truest intentions. They may have been gracious to her while she was here, however, one will never know how things could progress in the next days or so. If there is anything I have learned from any of this, it is to always be careful no matter how safe you may feel.

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