Falling For Dakota

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Ten months to be exact since I was able to hold and see my beloved in person. We have been calling each other nearly every day, but I have been longing for her touch since the day she left. I hurried across their pack borders only telling Storm and Amara that I will be arriving this day. I wanted our meeting to be as surprising as the first which is why I lied to her the day before. I told her I may still need to stay for another month and with a heavy sigh, she believed it.
I leaped onto her balcony as quietly as I could and stood in front of her door. I watched as she paced back and forth with her phone stuck to the side of her head. I suppressed my laughter when she suddenly threw it on her bed and raised her hands up in the sky. My guess is she was trying to call me, but could not since I deliberately turned mine off.
When she tried to grab her phone once more, she froze midway and lifted her head towards my direction. Ah, she has finally sensed me. She clasped her hand over her mouth and soon tears were flowing down her cheeks. I gave her a lopsided smile and slowly turned the knob of her door to enter. The moment I was in, she ran towards me and jumped into my open arms. I caught her with ease and hugged her tightly.
I inhaled deeply, drinking her wonderful scent in before showering her with pepper light kisses on her neck, cheeks, nose, and lips. She wrapped her legs around my waist and squealed like a little child, "Oh my god! I can't believe you're really here!" I chuckled at her excitement and brushed her hair away from her face. "Would you rather I was not?" I teased. "Are you kidding me right now? I was this close to coming back for you. It's been way too long you goof!" She answered as she held her thumb and point finger in front of me to show me how close she meant.

She hopped off, but still kept her arms around my neck. We stared at each other both smiling from ear to ear. My eyes roamed around her face tracing every beautiful line and curve. I have missed her more than any human could miss another and there is no way I am letting her out of my sight again. I slowly leaned in and covered her mouth with mine. I then lifted a hand up to hold the back of her neck while the other stayed on the small of her back. We slowly teased each other's tongues for a very long time and when she broke our kiss, she sighed and leaned her forehead on mine. "I missed you so so much you have no idea. It was driving me insane," she whispered, smiling with her eyes still closed. "And I, you, little one," I answered before kissing the tip of her nose.
We stayed in each other's arms like this as I told Dakota everything that I have been truly doing. I told her that the reason why it took me so long to come back to her was that I was arranging my stepping down as the primus. I gave up my title and status simply because nothing mattered more than being with her and I can never be with her if my duty as the leader of a certain coven should be above anything else. I explained how the process was never easy because I along with the council, need to find a suitable successor. One we will all agree with. It took several months to finally find the right one and the other several months to rebuild my coven. And once the new primus has been crowned, a social gathering of covens took place as a means of introducing him. The rest were for formality's sake. Dakota was shocked to know that I gave up my position and told me she never thought I would do something like that. I laughed at her assumption and kissed her once again.
Then I gently let her go and got down on one knee. I held out a ring that has an obsidian crystal in place of a diamond. A stone that is said to mean protection. She gasped and started tearing up again. Clearly, this was the last thing she expected from me."A fair warning. What I am about to say may take another ten months," I said smiling up at her and she giggled and sniffed in response. "Little one. My sweet and feisty Dakota. I have waited decades and hundreds of lifetimes for you. I have always believed that finding my one true beloved is impossible, but you appeared out of nowhere and everything fell into place." I swallowed hard as I tried to keep my emotions under control.
"Your light is so blinding and mesmerizing that everything around me easily fades. Marriage in my world is a show of formality and never an expression of love, however, for you every day and everything is an exception. This is one of the many ways I want to show my love. I want to bind myself to you beyond the rituals of vampire and wolf mating. Hence, let us also do what mortals do. My heart has been dead for two hundred years but seeing you made it beat again. You brought me back to existence. None of the beauty this world can offer compares to what I see when I look into your beautiful eyes. What I see in them is a future worth living and fighting for. I will always put you first, live for you, and love you for eternity. Will you be my beloved wife?"
She wiped her tears and nodded continuously, before saying, "in a heartbeat!"

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