Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 4


I was so stunned. I didn’t think I’d get to talk to him today. It’s been three days since I last saw him and every day I’ve been obsessing at how things ended between us in the woods and yes, I always go back to that night as if it just happened the day before, hence outing myself to Amara and Storm earlier today. And so here we are, having the most awkward conversation between two opposite beings and I am completely speechless.

Eric: Amara told me there is an emergency. Are you alright?

Me: Uh... Emergency?

Eric: Yes, that is what she told me.

Okay, so even though my brother might actually exile me from the pack and Amara is by far a million times stronger than I am, I’m definitely going to strangle her for coming up with that excuse when I see her. I feel so embarrassed that I can’t even form coherent sentences.

Me: No. nope. No emergency.

The silence stretched on. I didn’t know how to start the conversation with him because quite frankly I’m a nervous wreck. I’m not sure what else Amara told him, but I’m guessing he’s not going to say anything about that which is making me all the more anxious. I just really hope that she didn’t say anything about him being my mate.

Eric: Are you still there?

Me: Yeah. Umm. Yes.

Eric: Did anything happen?

Me: No. God, no. Everything's A-okay! I don't know why she said that. I kinda think your sister may have gone insane. I mean I can't blame her though she is after all my brother's mate so...

He gave a throaty laugh which had me mentally swooning at the sound. What can I say? This ancient vampire broke me. He has the most melodic deep voice that women would want to keep hearing in their sleep.

Eric: In all honesty, Dakota, it is nothing new. She has been insane from the day she learned how to walk and it became worse soon after she started speaking.

It was my turn to laugh.

Me: Well, I believe you. So... how are you and how's the weather?

I facepalmed after I had asked the lamest questions in the world.

Eric: How am I? all better now, thanks to you. And the weather, cold.

What does that mean though? Does he mean he feels better cause I made him laugh or does he mean he feels better because he got to talk to me? “Lord Alastair the council is waiting,” A voice called out which Eric responded to. The man called him Alastair. Why is that?

Me: Alastair? Is that what they call you there?

Eric: Yes, it is my birth name. Eric is a name I use whenever I want to stay... I guess you can say inconspicuous or when I visit places outside of my duty as the head of my coven.

Me: Huh. Well, you look like an Alastair. So, do I call you that now or do I stick with Eric?

He chuckled at that. I like making him laugh or getting any kind of reaction from him since he's always so uptight and proper.

Eric: You may call me however you wish, may it be a name or my number. However, I must apologize, Dakota because as much as I want to talk to you for hours, I’m afraid I have to bid you goodbye for now. Let me take this opportunity to confess that it’s lovely to hear your voice again little one. I have missed it.

My heart swelled at his words. He's always going to be an enigma to me, but discovering every part of him is definitely worth the effort. We said our goodbyes and I clutched my phone to my chest. Amara almost gave me a heart attack by asking Eric to call me, but it was all worth it. My mood instantly lifted the moment I heard his voice. His call made me happy, but I still can't wait to see him in the flesh once more.

I went about my usual daily routine after I've snapped myself out from daydreaming. Come dinner time, I was bored out of my wits since I have no one to hang out with. Storm is out patroling with Wyatt and hunter, while Amara is at their house doing who knows what. All I know is she can't come to see me tonight. I went up to my bedroom as soon as my mom and I were done cleaning up and I stared at my phone as I lay in bed. He told me I could call anytime, but then if I do that, what am I going to say to him? I've thought about whether I should call him or not, and in the end, I chickened out. What I did instead, however, is to send him a message just so I could test the waters.

Me: You said I can call you anytime, but what do you think about texting?

After a full minute, he responded.

Eric: Either way is fine. Were you thinking that just because you perceive me as a relic, and I would not have a clue how to use technology?

Me: I didn't say that. What I was saying though is some just like calls better.

Eric: That is true, but I am fine with both as long as it's from you.

Oh, is he flirting with me?

Me: Oh? So, does this mean I don't have to call you anymore? I could just text you, right?

Eric: Is that what you prefer? No calls just text messages?

Me: No, calls are fine. I was just testing how fast you can type.

Holy crap! Leave it to me to make things awkward and stupid. Oh, god.

Eric: Did I pass the test then?

Me: Surprisingly, you did.

Eric: Glad I met your standards then.

Our banter lasted a lot longer than I expected which made me all giddy and stuff. We kept going back and forth until I actually fell asleep. It was really nice.

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