Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 7


It may have been a gut feeling or perhaps coincidence, but I’m glad this is where I went first thing. It had been a while since I spoke to her. It was not my intention to let things end the way they did, but it was unavoidable. I have literally endured hell just so I could be with her. And let me tell you now, everything was all worth it.

“Little one, it’s been a while,” I quietly uttered not knowing what to do next. She is standing in front of me completely bare and proud that controlling the urge to have her right this minute was becoming very challenging. She has completely bewitched me and seeing her after so long has only made my love for her grow stronger. I saw a few emotions flicker in her eyes as we looked at each other completely frozen, but what I took note of the most was the hurt in them. It crushed my soul to see that look on her because I know I put that emotion there and I know exactly what I did.

I could not take the silence and the tension any longer, so I was the first to move. I started unbuttoning my dress shirt and watched her eyes go wide in panic as I took slow but massive strides towards her. I was not supposed to feel amused by her reaction, but I could not help it. She was most likely thinking that I would strip naked as well for god knows what reason and so I chuckled a little making her stare daggers at me. I wrapped my shirt around her shoulders and helped her wear it. She was still staring at me with weariness as I buttoned her up pulling the collar slightly forward so that my shirt could cover her down until her thighs. Once done, I looked directly into her gray eyes cupping her face with my hands. “Forgive me for taking too long,” I said, and as my whole laid-back facade crumbled into pieces, I did what I had been wanting to do since I first met her.

I leaned down to brush my lips softly against hers at first before kissing her passionately. Pouring every ounce of love I have into every movement making her gasp and sigh. I did not care if she suddenly gives me the hardest blow to my midsection or a ringing slap to the face. I needed this as much as I needed her and that is all that counts. My hands snaked up and down her shoulder blades to her lower back, savoring her softness and delectable curves. She was already leaning so close to me with her arms wrapped around my neck, but I kept pulling her flush against my body as if we are still so far apart. I haven’t been well for months, but being here with her like this has made me come alive once more.

“You’re here. You came back,” she sighed breaking our kiss and I simply smiled at her tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. “I told you I’d come back for you, didn’t I?” I quietly answered. “Why did you suddenly stop calling me?” Ah, there it is. I knew this was the first thing she will be asking. “It’s a long story which you deserve to know, but not here. However, please know that I did not intend to neglect you,” I answered stealing another kiss from her. “Would you want to come with me?”

“Go where?” she asked with an arched brow. “Home,” I simply answered. “Like in Transylvania?” I shook my head at her question. I would have loved to show her my hometown, but I reckon it is not possible to do that any time soon. Maybe in time, I will be able to show her my real home. “No not Transylvania, not yet, but I meant where I live here,” I stated and her brows furrowed. “You have a house here?” I grinned at her question. “Surely, you didn’t assume that I live at the university dorm or that I'm homeless did you?” She shrugged in response which made me smile even more. I have kept a lot of things from her and from everyone around me which is why it is not so surprising that she does not know any more about me other than where I came from, my name, and that I am Amara’s vampire brother.

She asked about the things I enjoy, but we never discussed more intimate or personal things simply because the questions never came up. I would have answered anything she wanted me to answer wholeheartedly, but I believe she was also too shy to ask. I intend to change all of that. I’ll tell her anything there is about me both the good and the bad simply because as my beloved she deserved everything. “What will it be little one?” She scrunched up her nose as if she was trying so hard to think about what she really wanted. “Lead the way,” she finally answered. I scooped her in my arms and I ran full speed making her squeal.

It did not take long before we arrived. Dakota studied the all brick six-bedroom home I have acquired when I first came here and I simply watched her facial features morph in different ways. "Do you like it?" She gave me a thoughtful look giving me a once over before looking around some more. "It's huge. You live here on your own?" I nodded once. "That doesn't make sense," she added and that made me laugh. "I cannot argue with that. I did not have the luxury of time to find a smaller one, hence purchasing the first house I visited," I confessed and her mouth formed into the shape of an O. "It's beautiful though," she interjected. "It sure is. Would you like something to drink or eat?" I offered, leading her inside the great room that faces the lake.

Having her here with me is such a strange sensation. It is an entirely new feeling, but something that I most certainly welcome. I do not know how much time I have with her, but I will make every second worthwhile especially for her. I have every intention to bare my soul to her. To tell her everything that I have been dealing with and everything I still have to deal with. This is my way of offering her a choice and if she chooses to walk away, then no matter how painful it will be I must not interfere with her life any longer and continue to love her from afar even if that will be the end of me.

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