Life Of The Dead

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a second life as a human, right after one was a ghost? To communicate with ghosts and finds out how we died, when we least expect it? Meet NYKSHEZ VERONICA EZRA, living in the underground world of a cemetery. Nykshez is stunning, smart, and cool and is leading an ordinary teenage life. The only difference is that she isn't a human nor is her family or friends. She's just a ghost living a human life. Simple as it sounds. Just a ghost. A GHOST. Nykshez never in once envisioned that she would be cursed by the fearsome, wicked Alpha, Sataniroshy. But, this was just the beginning of the roller coaster. A mystery. Tag along in the ghost's life with mankind, with the mystery, pranks, unanswered questions, solitude, rejoicing, and evil.

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1


The narrow, rusty bones laid beside my torn shoes as I lingered, gazing at the gloomy yet beguiling sky, accompanied by tiny twinklers, which seemed to slowly fade, each night. I whistled once again and two vultures flew to me, they were my ride to school, Mathemagics for Ghosts.

The rigid bones did not provide any comfort for my poor butt, and I spent most of the ride wincing at every sharp turn. The vultures soar higher and higher, through the cotton clouds and the crisp morning air. A smile unfolded on my lips as I smelled the familiar aromas of grave soil and fresh dew entered my nose, cueing my soon arrival to school.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I spy Kiara poke through the web of clouds on her vultures. Her vibrant hair dancing with the calm wind. “Kiara!” I waved eagerly, trying to catch her attention. Kiara had a somber look on her face, and her greeting to me was lacking any of her usual enthusiasm.

I stepped into my school, where ghosts and vampires were babbling, haunting, and pranking each other. They truly were living their life to the fullest, unlike me.

I stopped to meet Kiara, who was suspiciously quiet and anxious. I raised my brow as a question as she handed me a crinkled note. Eh? I thought to toss it away but Kiara stopped me and asked me to read whatever was inside, and so I did.

The restless nights are awaiting you, be prepared for the worst. I am coming for you, Ezra.

~ Human

Excuse me? Human? In this darn ghost’s and vampire’s province? No human could step afoot in our area. I am certain that no one knows that we inhabit here, no one would dare or be courageous enough to stand 20 feet away from our place if they did know.

This was just a prank, like all the others that had been sent. Weren’t they bored with this immature game? Who the hell thought that I would be afraid of water-drinking human beings? I hated nothing more than mankind. Their blood tastes metallic and is more nauseating than that of birds. Mongoose blood is tastier than theirs.

We made our way to mathemagic class, where we studied about different portions, calculations, and enchanting liquids. We laughed at our old, humpbacked witch, also known as. Miss Konjoyi, who taught mathemagic before our new madam.

As we walked a bit more, I became observant of the atmosphere. Our laughs echoed through the narrow hall as all the others became mute. Soon, Kiara noticed it too. I glanced at the students who were all frightened and immobilized at their current spot. Everyone stared at us, while we stood there, perplexed. Strange.

And then I heard an ear-piercing growl. It came out of nowhere, scaring us. Another screech which resulted in echoes through the hall. Kiara and I shared a look and mentally counted to three, and then we spun.

Oh. My. Wormy. Sandwich. And. Blood. Latte!

I can’t believe this! When will my misfortune end? Why am I always the victim of troubles? The problems like me too much, I suppose.
Was I standing in front of the evil, the most dominant, vicious alpha, Sataniroshy? He hadn’t been in our area for years. I’ve always heard stories about his cruelty, but never got the chance to experience one myself.

Oh, my freaking werewolves!

“Hello gorgeous,” Sataniroshy’s oily, yet intimidating voice, greeted us.

Wow! What a gentleman!

His frightening blood-red eyes burned a hole into my violet ones, under his un-brushed, seaweed-colored hair. Bloody red stains climbed his crooked neck, under the corrupting and perpetual grin. The muscular man stepped forward, his out sizing arms swinging like menacing weapons from his sloping shoulders. He inhaled redolent around us through his nose, which was positioned as if it was broken several times before. But nothing could be more devastating than that wicked, monstrous smile, with his canines visible. The sinister grin plastered on his ugly face grew broader, yet ungenuine, as he noticed me staring with eyes out of its sockets. His scared eyebrows rose as he watched me like a wolf observing its prey.

Fear became a tangible, living force that crept over me like a hungry beast. No. This wasn’t right. I couldn’t be intimidated. I couldn’t be petrified just by his appearance. Shaking my head, I tried to clear my mind. Suddenly, I felt my hand being squeezed, so I looked to my right where Kiara was standing, only to see that she’s completely pale, her lips trembling and hair is slowly turning white, which implied that she could pass out any moment. This is no good. She’s purely innocent and the favorite person in the wrecked world. She doesn’t deserve this.

“Don’t worry, He won’t abuse you. I... will protect you, no matter what...” I tried to assure her, but it was unconvincing.

I gave her a tight smile while she was about to roll her eyes, but paused, remembering it’s not right in the situation. Her red eyes replaced with fear, hand shivered, helplessly. I wasn’t lying. I will protect it even if it costs my life(or death). I had nothing to lose, except my dear pal. Fools think that my body doesn’t have the potential because I’m short. But my strength was enough to prove them wrong. I was able to win 99 fights with the strongest (they say) vampires and werewolves.

“Oh, did I hear someone say ‘I will protect you’?” Sataniroshy asked mockingly, snapping out of my thoughts.

“Yes, you did,” I retorted, dauntlessly, my eyes blazing.

“Haha! You little kids? Haha... then get ready little germs. ” He laughed wickedly.

I know he’s more dominant than me, but I am ready to combat it. I would love to throw my awesome skills at someone as powerful as him. I’ll not lose this opportunity.

“Are you sure? You’ll get hurt. Please-”
I interrupted Kiara before she could get any more sentimental.

“I’m sure and back off, sister,” I demanded and nodded my head to move back.


I cried out in pain when I felt something jab into my fair skin. I didn’t predict that, but regained my courageous attitude back.
It was obvious who did that, so I was about to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine when I felt a warm liquid splash over me.
I tasted it because it was very tempting, I needed to know what that liquid was and that was my first instinct. Everything appeared so fast and then, Oh no!

Did I just... taste that liquid? Oh, no! Holly Buffalo legs with tiger blood! Why am I so dumb?

This is a potion used only to fly a ghost to a place where humans dwelt. The only way to not get there was not to sip it. And as you can see, that was the only thing I did.

Ugh...this is so frustrating. This isn’t nice. What did I do to myself! Please... Stop this. How? How can I dwell where I don’t belong to? Where did creepy humans reside? Where won’t I be able to dine my favorite wormy sandwich with a frog skeleton latte?
Oh, please not now, not me!
How can he betray me like this? I’ll surely get my revenge back on this bastard. I have no other option than to bid farewell to the ghosts and vampires and greet the disgusting water drinking humans.

But before the darkness dimmed my vision, I managed to vouch for my bosom friend, Kiara, smirking at me, clenching a glass jar on her left hand.

Hello there. Thanks for giving this a try. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. What do you think about it? Please vote and comment.

All these are just my imagination, don’t get offended by some words or sentences. I am a human even though I wrote about ghosts.

So bye and have a great time reading...


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