In The Blink Of Time

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What would you give in order to rewrite a past that you've longed to change?A deplorable choice that shattered everything into pieces.That hideous event which led you into misery for years. A young lad ,given a chance to travel through time in order to prevent that gruesome day on his life from happening.But upon changing something from his timeline ,he will then be reminded that if he will do so ,it will affect other things related into that event.Baffled and dazed ,what will he sacrifice?Would he still go for it ?Or will he not? We all have something in our past that we want to erase in order to make our present somewhat worth living.But for this lad ,what would it be?

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Chapter 1 Harken Back

A place where that breeze of conditioned air was kept trapped for hours.The spacious place that is my room ,covered in a sky blue wallpaper and within the windows on the walls are curtains tinted in white,embroided with flowers of vivid colors.On the left is a closet where obviously my clothes are.Right next to it is that trite shelf filled with different context.Infront of it is my enormous bed colored in a tint of blue ,blending in the theme.It is bland and lifeless and silent.The only thing giving it life is the exuberant little girl and laconic uncle conversing.Comforted by cozy pillows are the two.Me and my niece,Audre.
Her head rested on my lap as I comb her dark silky hair with my fingers.As I try to put her into sleep ,she surprisingly started to ask things.
"Uncle Rey,can I ask you something?"she said while looking at me with a curious stare.
I looked at her back and grinning,"And since when did you became interested in my life huh,Audre?" then I snapped her in the head like I was teasing her.
"C'mon Im just a bit curious uncle!Besides I only get to see you once since mom is too busy on her work" she replied.
I nodded as a sign of approval.She then began asking me questions .
"How was your childhood like?.
I leaned towards the bedroom wall with her head still on my lap.
"Well it was kinda good specially technology wasnt that innovative then.It was just starting to rise ." I answered .
"Really?How was your days then?"she responded.
"I played with my childhood friends on the street til sunset.We really didnt care about the bruises and scratches we make .The only thing that were afraid of those times was that my mother,your lola ,scolding us."I uttered while laughing slightly.
"That must have been great.Children nowadays engage their selves more into technology.Never knowing that they're missing all the real fun in their lives."she sighed disappointingly.
I stopped combing her hair since the conversation becomes more sensible and interesting.
"Are you 18 or something?As I could remember youre only 15 yet you sound like an adult."I uttered.
"Well ,credit to my mother ,she taught me well"(laughs vivaciously)"Kidding aside ,have you ever had a girlfriend or a boyfriend?It just came across my mind since I haven't seen anyone with you ever since I was little"she added .
I stared at her with my brows becoming one .
"Why asked that question you little punk(puzzled)Why?Dont I look good being alone?"I added .
She then rise from my lap facing me while her hands holding mine .Like a desperate detective looking for clues to her case.
"Uhm ,its not that I dont see you doing well.Lets just say I wanna know my uncle more"she said with a cute smile on her face .
As I was about to answer ,someone opened the door.
"Well--" Thea then entered .Audrey's mother.My sister.
"Okay Audrey thats enough nagging your uncle Rey for the day.Were going now"Thea said.
I sat straight with a grimace."Already?You just got here."
" As much as we wanted to stay for dinner ,we cant.My boss called from work .He said we have an urgent meeting to attend to.Last minute."Thea sighed sadly.
"Really ?Thats too bad .Then let me just say goodbye to my niece "I responded.
I took Audrey's face and pinched her cheeks and kissed her."Goodbye then my lovely niece.Make sure to visit me often"I said.She then kissed me back in the cheeks and acquiesced to what I said.Her mother grabbed her hand and walked out of my room.And here I am again alone with no company aside from this fluffy pillow Im embracing.
Pssh!That was a close one,I was saved by the proverbial bell.I really didnt want to answer Audre's question.Im a person who really says less thats why people think of me as introverted,some even think im mute.But she made me talk a lot.Aside from the fact that I love Audre,she is the only niece I have .My sister said that one is a nuissance ,so two will make it a disaster.So what choice do I really have right?(This is supposed to be a joke).
Time went fleeting as the clock rotated a quarter.Its almost dark.The silence was deafening .I started entertaining myself out from boredom.Finding an escape to this tedious situation.Then the very first star shined as I look to it through my clear window.As I slack off in my room ,I started harkening back things from my past unintentionally.Like an erratic storm bursting from the sky.They kept popping out of my head.All those times I thought I have already forgotten them,little did I know they were just buried deep in my head.Im not aware of what triggered them.Is it just by that question my niece asked?Or is it me ,missing them?Him?
After ten years of hiding it all and completely burying them into the ground it took me only just a few moments to dig it all up.Maybe you think Im exaggerating the pain but its three times painful as to what I am describing.Like shadows of the past haunting me down unresolved.And there they go ,the memories of him sprouted like it was all just yesterday.Beginning from where it all started.

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