Angelica Force feeding

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After Angelica finds out she’s gaining weigh she fears that her boyfriend might dump her because she has gotten fat but little does she know her boyfriend loves her weight she has gain so he buys a XL pizza surprising her and tells her that he loves her weight she has gain and force feeds the whole pizza

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Chapter 1

Sandra I think we ate too much

Why do you say that Angie

My dress is too tight

Damn girl your belly is sticking out!

Stop Laughing,Are you calling me fat?

Angie look at my belly my is sticking out more than yours who cares if it is,if your boyfriend loves it then your lucky he loves you the way you are.

Why do you say that my boyfriend which is your boyfriend’s best friend Eddie has been feeding me and he tells me that he likes my weight I’m gaining.

I don’t even know if my boyfriend likes my weight?

Angie you just need him to show a little bit and then you’ll see.

What do you mean,Like let him feed me?

Yes Angie,Eddie always likes to tie me and feed me pizza or pie or both actually.The best part is when he rubs and pincheds my belly while I’m eating.

I really hope my boyfriend does that,He never tells me anything about my weight.

Then here’s what you do,Wear a dress but make sure you can show off these Jugs and your belly and just wait and see what he does.

Alright but are you sure this is gonna work??

Yes Angie that’s what I kinda did to Eddie.

Okay I’ll see you later Eddie is here.

Okay Bye Sandra I’ll text you later

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