Angelica Force feeding

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Chapter 2 The pizza

Hey Eddie Alright I know how you like to force feed your girl but how do you do it

Why you want to Orlando

Yes but I don’t know

Okay so Sandra was wearing a Tight dress with her boobs and most importantly her belly and she was watching tv so I bought home a large pizza and she started to walk to me so she grabs my hand and we then sit down on the soda and she tells me to open the box and so I do and she tells me to feed her the whole thing so I do and then I start to feed her slide by slice and this is the best part she let me play with her belly and let me rub it and the rest is more stuff I can’t tell you

I understand,But how can I do that to Angelica I never tell her anything about her weight and that’s hard what if she doesn’t love me because I’m coming her fat,What if we break up.

Alright Bro this is what I’m gonna tell you to do,But a large pizza no a XL large pizza and if she is wearing tight clothes go for it and if she allows you feed it to feed,you nail it.

God I hope she does I notice that she has been gaining weight and Klimt not gonn lie she seems sexy like that you know what I’m gonna do it

That’s right Bro tell me how it goes.

For sure alright I’ll see you later

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