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Growing up in a simple farmer family, Bella dreamt of a simple life with her childhood crush Chris. As the year moved in, the village was ambushed with a merciless drought. The kings men ruthlessly burnt homes, tortured the farmers and took away the women into the woods. Failing to pay the land tax, Bella was asked as a penalty charge. As she ran for her life, she came across her Midnight Sky. Since then her life changed forever as she took the flight to Dragon Throne.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The End

The fierce wind scratched my face as I ran for my life farther into the forest. I don't know where I'm going but I knew I had to run for my life.

As my foot got heavy, I realized that I'm not going to make it far. They are getting closer. I could hear the yells and drums of hooves closing in. I looked up the clear sky, with a speck spiraling on, praying to God to rescue me. What do I do?

I looked back as I ran colliding against a bark of tree. I lost my balance and landed on my back with a shriek. The hooves slowed down as someone called out with a monstrous laugh,

"I got her and I get to have her first"

He yanked my hair, pulling my trembling body up from the ground. With one swift movement, the soldier picked me on his horse snaking his hands firmly on my stomach. As I screamed and struggled to get free, I was struck hard on my face with my hair yanked back,

"One more word and I have you here out in open and when I'm done, I'll throw you to my men. When my men are done, we will leave you to the horses.

You made us wait far too long, you whore!"

I closed my eyes from the pain while slowing down to muffled sobs.

"Here we go. Good girl."

The soldier kissed the crook of my neck running his fingers down from my neck to breast, squeezing it harder as I whimpered and squirmed in pain.

"Can't wait to bleed you out"

I heard roar of laughters all around me. With tears streaming down my cheek I prayed for my death rather than being raped like an animal. I could faintly feel the sky clouding with shadow as we turned to return to the castle.

As the horses took on the speed, I felt an earthquake followed by an ear defeaning roar. The horses started neighing as I saw a large shadow spilling its way all over, God knows till how far. Everything stilled around. My blood went cold out of fear.

Before realizing anything, I heard the yells and neighs fill up the air as the horses sped forward,





I trembled in fear as our horse rode on, I knew what was ahead. I screamed as I was pushed off the horse. I dropped rolling my knee against the rock cracking my bones to it, while a horse behind me ran trampling on my knee. I yelled in pain as my body rolled down the slope into thick bush, bleeding my ankle and knee all the way. Is death this painful, what have I done to earn this punishment?!

My body came to a halt as it hit a tree. The pain kept numbing my senses but nothing hurt more than hearing an ear splitting roar coming from the creature. Is it in pain?

I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my tongue as the pain shot up my arm and leg. All I did was pray silently for the death to come before being crumbled into pieces in dragon's mouth. In the dire moment of death, I tried calming myself down by recalling all the sweet memories of life.

The smile of my father, the fare visit to buy the pink bonnet, the smiles of Chris as I walked my way down to the field with my father's supper tugged in my hand. Everything ... All the good memories ...

I whimpered silently as I realized my life ends at the age of 19. I will never marry Chris and have a house full of his children. It all ends here!

I kept waiting for the strike, too numb to move a muscle anymore. But instead of the strike came blood curling screams of men. I snapped my eyes open as I watched, horrified. The men were plucked from their horsebacks and tossed into air, burning them before engulfing them in one. Blood sprayed all around as the dragon fiercely chew on them. I was petrified but I realized I got a chance, my God. Let it together, Bella!

I need to make use of this distraction to run! As I tried lifting up my body, it screamed against the wild friction giving up to the bone splitting pain. I went hopeless crying inside what now. I can't move with a broken ankle and knee. Checking around I saw a pile of rocks and aimed to hide behind them.

I rolled over slowly as a blood piercing pain spread on my right side of the body. Just a little more, I urged myself.

I almost made it when I sensed the hair standing to a shrilly silence filling up the forest. It felt like the animals have stopped to watch. The screams, hooves everything stopped. I looked around to find my captor trembling infront of the creature. As much as I was tempted to watch, I knew I will be its next meal and I was running out of time. I looked ahead and thought just two more minutes of roll, will I make it to the rocks?

That's when I heard the blood curling scream. Lying down, I turned my head and saw the soldier kneeling as the creature ripped off his arms and threw it in air. It trampled on the ripped arms as it approached to pick the soldier, piercing its teeth in his stomach. I was getting nauseaus, I just could not take it anymore. I would never want such a wrath on my enemy. The creature seemed to torment the soldier and I could not help thinking that a quick death would have been a mercy on him. I lost the energy to move further. I can't! I just can't anymore! I watched the soldier ripped off of his limps one by one. Leaving the limp body there, the creature roared once again before howling a mouthful of fire on him. I stared as the stench of burnt human flesh filled my nose. My body curled as I vomited sideways drenching my collar and dress. As I tried lifting up my head, I felt the shadow spilling all over my body. NO!! I looked up as I saw the dragon for the first time. It was dark as the dead night sky with glinting grey orbs staring down at me. It's scales glistened as it begin to bring its snout closer to me. I was dazed. The dragon was painfully breathtakin- NO! I watched the creature ruthlessly tear up humans! I'm a speck of nothing infront of it. I could feel my heart drumming in my ears and I knew I'll lose my consciousness soon. It's over. I stopped squirming any further as I watched the dragon eye my limp body. It opened it's mouth and I closed my eyes shut waiting to feel it's teeth on me. Please God! Have mercy! I'm in so much pain already! Give me an easier death!

"Bella. Calm down. I'm here now. It's over", a deep velvety voice ran in my head.

I snapped my eyes open just to find the dragon's huge snout inches from my face. A calm replaced my pain. My eyelids got heavy and before I knew I drifted off to my last wish of painless death.

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