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Mia steels for little kids and gets people to adopt them. but on her last time steeling for awhile she meets a tall mysteries figure who will rock her world and save her but also put her in danger at the same time

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


A tall dark figure with half of his hair black on the left side and the other half white on his right side with a surgery scare on his face walked past me as I took his wallet out of his coat an ran,

as I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw him running after me, as I came to an alley I ran down not knowing that I would come to a dead end but as soon as I heard his voice I started to climb the fence.

He grabbed my leg and pulled me on to the ground, as my hoodie came off the man stood there stunned looking at my scare my hair and especially my eye,

as he looked at my golden eye I started to get up, as he watched me stand up I turned and ran for my life as I looked back I couldn’t see him anywhere so I slowed down and started walking to the stalls and getting groceries so then I could head back to the house.


As she ran away I went after her but hid so I wouldn’t startle her, as I watched her get food I was about to leave when people started talking about her about how she stole money to feed younger children and that she didn’t eat because there wasn’t enough to feed everyone if she ate but now she was getting people to adopt the kids and now she was the only one left.

I followed her to a rundown old building that looked like it was about to collapse. I started running before the roof collapsed and grabbed her by the waste making us both fall on one In other, as I started to wake up I found her laying on my chest she had fallen into a deep sleep unable to be woken.

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