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Eve knows she's different. She's the youngest of six brothers. She's also a twin to Shawn. On her 18th birthday, she's taken to a camp for people with supernatural abilities. There she meets people like her. Elves. She also meets vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, and a few others. While there she learns that someone is trying to kill her and her new friends. Eve becomes furious with the knowledge and suggests they fight back. She not only loves her new friends and her love interest, she loves the family she grew up with, so she decides to let them help. Eve will be tested on her battle defence skills, love, family and even death of loved ones.

Fantasy / Romance
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My name is Genevieve. Genevieve Vanburg, the youngest and only daughter of John and Penny Vanburg. I’m also the younger twin of my brother Shawn, who is only 4 minutes older than me. But he is not my only brother, I have four older ones. In order it’s, Jason. Twenty-six, still single and a doctor. He works at the hospital that Shawn and I were born at. Tyler. Twenty-four, has a girlfriend, who comes over now and then. He just finished school to be a mechanic on car and trucks. Adam. Twenty-two, single and a registered nurse. Sometimes works with Jason but depending on the day or patient. Mark. Twenty, single and is robotic engineer for vehicles. Let’s add Shawn and I for kicks. Shawn. Eighteen, single and wants to be a doctor like Jason, but doesn’t have the marks for it yet. Finally, myself, single and have no idea of what I want to do. I don’t even want to be any of what my brothers are, I want something completely different.

Our massive one floor mansion is divided into four sections. Red, where my parent, my brother and I sleep and spent family time in the family room. Green, where the living room is for guests and part of the deck is there to. Yellow, is the kitchen and dining room. Finally, purple is for out servant. Their sleeping quarters is in those sections, along with a lounge for them as well.

We have eight servants in total. Peter, Martha, and David in the kitchen. Emma and Alice clean and do laundry. Fred, who greets guests when a party is going on. In addition, Stewart helps Dad with business things. I live in the biggest house in town but also am in one of the richest families in the country.

Just after Shawn and I turned eighteen, our father said he would throw a party. Well, that party is less than 24 hours away. And I’m nervous, my father invited the mayor and his family. Mr. Robin also has six children but everything is opposite. To make things crazier, his fifth and sixth children are twins. A girl first, Joelle and a boy, Connor. The twins are two years older than I am.

I often freak out about stuff I don’t need to freak out about but it’s me and I’m perfectly fine with me. Most girls in my school stress and freak about hair or clothes. That, not only drives me nuts, I can feel it drives the boys and other girl’s nuts too. I call these girls-COMPLAINERS. Like come on freak out about something important already. I know I said I was rich but I don’t act like a girly girl or a snob. I don’t even wear expensive clothing and shoes. Back to Mr. Robin son, Connor. He’s tall, quarter back of the school football team and wicked hot, hot, hot! He is a blonde-haired person along with his prissy ‘Ah, I broke a nail!’ sisters. Overall, Connor and his parents are normal to me.

“Eve!” Shawn said knocking on my bedroom door. Shawn might be my twin brother, but we are more than brother and sister, we are best friends. I have friend at school, but he is my only true friend and brother. And I do love him very much. He is the only one who calls me Eve alone.

“Come in Shawn,” I replied, crawling off my bed as he opened and closed the door. He smiled.

“What?” I asked confused. Shawn was holding an envelope with his name on it.

“I have an early party present for you. O know it has my name on it but a note says, ‘Please give Genevieve the letter,’ Shawn read. He handed the letter over to me.

“Have you read it?” I asked.

“I skimmed through it. Some of it is weird.” He said squishing his face.

“What do you mean ‘some of it is weird?’”

“Just read the letter,” he said crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.

“Dear Genevieve,” I started. “My name Piltos, I am your guardian. When you wake up tomorrow, you will think and see things differently. I know you are confused while reading this, but it is time you come home. Your brother Jason is the one you will have to talk to, to get the answers you want. But remember when you wake up everything will change,” l looked at Shawn. I wanted to cry, but the tears would not come.

“What’s wrong Eve?” he asked placing his hands on my shoulders. I swallow still looking at him.

“Did you ever look closely at the boys and mom and dad, then me and realized I don’t look like them?” I nervously asked. He just smiled.

“No but even if I did, I’d still say you are my sister,” Shawn said pulling me into smiled.

“Do you know when Jason’s lunch break is?” I asked.

“I’m going to the hospital to talk to him about the Piltos guy,” I explained

“Can I come with you?” he asked.

“I’m sorry Shawn but I need to do this by myself,” I told him. His face turned sad.

“Okay but be safe and don’t be late for the party!” He shouted down the hall as I left.

When I got to the hospital, I asked for Jason Vanburg. She gave me direction to his office, he was looking over the city.

“It’s quite a view you got there,” I said. Jason turned.

“Genevieve, what are you doing here?” he asked with no greeting

“Hello to you too Jason. We need to talk now!” I commanded, with a little anger.

“Whoa, whoa. About what?” He raised his arm and walked over to me.

“How about you take a correct wild guess and then we’ll continue from there,” I explained. I sat down, while he closed the door. Then he sat at his desk.

“You’re pregnant,” he quietly said with disappointment.

“Yes, Jason I’m pregnant and because you are a doctor I came to you,” I said sarcastically.

“If you came here to waste time, you are doing excellent,” he said sarcastically back. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Does the name Piltos ring a bell or spin a gear in that brain of yours?” I asked with sarcasm again.

“Yes, why?” he replied honestly.

“Who is he? And why is your name in the letter he sent to Shawn but was for me? Can you answer that?” I shouted.

“Quiet down. He’s your guardian.”

“Okay, I know that but if he’s my guardian why did he mention you. He said ‘Jason is the one you will have to talk to, to get the answers you want’ what does he mean?”

“What he means is my parents should have told you who you are a long time ago. But because they didn’t tell, I’m responsible for it now only for one reason,” I swallowed hard. All of the sudden I became scared of what would happen.

“Jason?” I called his name.” ’What do you know about me, that I don’t know?” I asked standing up.

“Let me stand and talk,” he said. I sat back down. “I’m sure over these last few years, you have noticed you don’t look like the boys or mom and dad. Am I right?” he asked. I nodded. “Okay, anyways recently I had to go through some birth records in the hospital for a criminal case and while doing so I found mine, the boys’ and yours. You are not my birth sister Genevieve. There’s a story behind to you living with my parents’,” he explained, then told me the story of how I became a Vanburg.

For eighteen years I believed the boys were my brothers and Shawn was my twin and my parents’ were my parents’. Now I don’t know what to believe. Jason continued.

“After mom and dad found out you were born shortly after Shawn, they instantly wanted you. It took me about two weeks to find enough courage to confront mom and dad about me knowing you were adopted.”

“This blows my mind and confirms a lot of questions. I have one question or two,” I said to Jason. He sat down after he was done speaking.

“Go ahead,” he simply replied.

“In the letter Piltos said when I wake up tomorrow I will think and see things differently, what does he mean?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “Jason, answer me! What does he mean?”

“He means you won’t think or see the boys’ or I or my parents’ ever the same way again,” he blurted out. My eyes widened.

“I started thinking differently after I read that letter, the seeing hasn’t started yet. Anything else you want to tell me before I go even go nuts,” I boldly but angrily said.

“Yes, there is one thing,” he said. I raised an eyebrow. “When you wake up tomorrow, you can see, talk, hangout with anyone you want, but only once a month.” My mouth dropped open with my hand covering it and then the tears started.

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