The destined alpha

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A changing of times come in the wake of twins born to the alpha and he's mate, watch as this love Story blossoms between the fight for power and the fight of survival whilst change is brought upon the pack at the arrival of twins.

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I woke strapped to a metal table, leather cuffs held me down by the ankles and wrists the blinding light shining in my eyes and blinding me to the room around me. I tried to set our self's free but the cuffs were to tight for me to escape, i hear my wolf whimpering begging me to set us free but we both must come to the sad realisation that our efforts are no use. It's at that moment that horrible smell fills the air, the smell of rogues. There is no smell like the stench of rogues, the smell of burning flesh and rotten eggs fills my nose causing me to gag as it over powers my heightened sense of smell.

"welcome luna" he says breaking the silence with a voice full of hatred, i turn my head towards he's voice and i see the gleam of a needle in the light and panic shoots threw me sending a shiver running down my spin as a spray of he's saliva rains on my face. "now our gathering can begin" at that moment i hear a small voice inside my head "mumma". I wake up jolting forward off my pillow in a cold sweat my hands shaking and tears falling to the bed.

"it was just a dream Amelia" i say to myself while i swing my legs over the side of the bed looking down at Axel my 1 year old husky pup hes head resting in he's paws looking up at me with a haunted look in he's eyes like he understood and like he had dreamed the dream himself, i look up at my alarm clock it read 5:43am i had a little under an hour before i had to get up for work so i decided to take Axel for a run before breakfast help clear both our heads.

I threw on a pair of 3 quarter leggings and singlet before heading to the bathroom to brush my hair and put it up into a messy bun, my go to with my mid length black wavy hair, to lazy to do anything with it most days. I walk out in to the kitchen telling the E.H (electronic house) to turn on the coffee machine, i hear " double shot caramel latte" in response. The E.H systems run off finger prints and voice recognition so it knows exactly what i want. I walk past our kitchen, it's quite a large kitchen. All black with white marble bench tops with purple accents and a large island bench in the middle, double industrial ovens and an 8 burner electric stove and a butlers pantry as big as a bedroom. I then walk in to the lounge room again a very large space, black carpets, black leather 12 seater corner suit lounge, glass coffee table and side tables, a huge 168 inch 6k High definition hologram TV and again purple accents colour this room to as its mums favourite colour. I open up the glass sliding door using my finger print to unlock it and let Axel out to use hes E.P.D (electronic poop disposal) you would think I'm the year 2061 they would find a more glamorous name for such a device but no, it's a small fake grass pad that uses sensors to detect were he has pooped and it picks it up in a little scented baggie and throws it down a pipe that connects to the garbage disposal.

I walk back in to the kitchen soon hearing the E.H saying "Amelia's order complete" i can already taste the sweet warm liquid and it makes me drool. "thanks E.H" i respond even though i know it won't reply. I walk over and grab my coffee from the coffee machine and sit down at the islands bench to read this week's tabloids on the T.S.B (touch screen bench) it's a big touch screen tablet built in to the bench that can be used for a number of things and is the main source of controls over the E.H, no headlines grab my attention so i continue and proceed to put on a classic favourite song of mine * high school sweethearts by Melanie Martinez* and turn it down so as not to wake the others, this particular artist shot to fame in my mums younger years but still is one of her favorites mine to, clock reads 6am which means its time to head off on our run if I'm to make it back in time for work so i down the last of my coffee sad i don't get to savour it and give it the respect it deserves. I grab ax's lead from the top of the fridge and as i turn around i am faced with a glazed eyed younger sister still half asleep. I can't help but giggle internally at her scolding face. She is like me hates being awake so early but work calls us both, i give her a quick peck on the cheek bringing her slightly out of her sleepy daze and tell her "i will be back after i take ax out" all i get in return is a grunt and this time i can't help but giggle out loud at her, i remember being 17 and hating having to get up early, im 20 and still do but gotta make a buck as they still haven't worked out a way to make money grow on trees.

I quickly run up the 3 flights of stairs to my bedroom and get my Phone and ear buds, they have evolved over the years according to my mother, she says she remembers the days of 1 camera on the back and that was it, i could never imagine having such a boring phone, now it's 6 cameras on the back and 3 on the front making for optimal and studio finish selfies effortlessly. As a photographer at heart my cameras on my phone are my life source along with my porch j7600 camera. i Clip Axel's lead on to he's collar once back down stairs and scan my fingerprint at the elevator hearing it ding to a stop and opening , i step inside saying "ground level" and it wisks me down the many floors quickly, i live in the 6th condo of our complex being the largest of them all we are at the top consisting of 5 levels in total the bottom level is or pool and spa, second level is the gym, 3rd level is the games room, 4th floor is kitchen lounge room guest bathroom and library/office, 5th floor holds 6 bedrooms with personal bathrooms attached, 5 are occupied, mum and dad has the master, my 17 year old sister in another and my 15 year old twin brothers recently moved in to there own rooms, and then mine, the 6th being for guests.

I get out to the main entrance to the building and it's quite a warm cozy space, dark coloured lounges with various throw pillows scattered everywhere white shag rugs on the black carpeting black marble desks and large crystal chandeliers giving of a warm glow there are also a few gas fire places lit around for heating as its starting to get cold this time of year. I walk past the reception desk where sunny is working today, she's a tanned and short Australian, she is a little ray of sunshine and is always smiling and around my age, her accent is kind of funny to us Canadians but it's refreshing to have something against the ordinary. I wave to her as i push my finger print to the scanner to open the sliding doors, the cool September air hit my face causing me to shiver a little, i walk out on to the foot path and look down at Axel

" you ready boy " I ask as i put my ear buds in my ears, mum said when she was a kid they had cords on them that they would have to plug in to there phone and that just sounds barbaric to me, i giggle at the crazy thought and wonder what was wrong with people back then. i go to take off running but i hit something as hard as a wall and look up in to the gorgeous grey blue eyes of the alphas son.

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