Little town

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After an accident that involved a small boy and a rich man , zara finds herself trying to save the boy and the man's younger sister above all the man fell in love with her

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1:goodbyes

The sound of alarm clock is what that woke me up from from my slumber sleep , i entered the bathroom to take my bath and ablution for the subhi(morning) prayer

After praying and getting ready i take my luggages down stairs and head to my moms room

"Assalmu Alaikum" i said as i open the door

"Wa'alaikumus salam " answered mom

"How are you mom , did you sleep well" i asked

"I'm fine alhamdulillah , yes i did as always " said mom

"Thats good to hear " i said

"Have you packed everything i don't want you calling complaining you left your charger or something " said mom

"I won't this time around " i said defending myself

"You said that always and you keep forgetting things " said mom teasing

"Mom" i said pouting

She laughed at my childish behaivor

"Come on lets go greet your dad , i know he is back already from the mosque " said mom

"Okay " i said and followed her

We both said our salam and entered his room

"Good morning " we chorused me and mom

"Morning my lovely ladies " said dad

"How are you dad" i asked sitting close to him

"I'm fine dear , are you ready to go " said dad

"Yes i am and am also nervous " i said

"Don't be , we trust you " said dad

"Thank you dad " i said

"Come on zara , lets go to the airport , its already 6:30 and your plane leaves by 7:30, pack some chocolate and buiscuits in your bag incase " said mom

"Ok mom " i said

I packed some chocolates and buiscuits that mom asked me to pack , i said goodbye to my house staffs they didn't make it easy , they keep crying , i can't control it anymore so we cry together and they wish me luck

I entered the car with dad and mom, we talked after arriving at nnamdi azikwe airport abuja nigeria

We entered the airport and i turn around looking at them

"This is it " i said looking at them , tears started coming out of my eyes

"Come on don't cry " said mom hugging me

"I can't help it , I'm leaving you here and going there all alone " i said crying harder

"Its not a foriegn place for you , its where you were born and brought up , its my country too , my sisters are all there for you , your cousins too so its not a foriegn place for you , calm down and goodluck in your new job , may Allah bless you and guide you" said mom

"Amin mom, thank you" i said

"My dear , never stop being your amazing self , keep doing the good work you always do , i pray that Allah protect and guide you " said dad

"Thank you dad" i said

I look at them both having tear in their eyes

"I love you all , thank you for everything " i said

"We love you too" said mom

"Now go before you miss your flight"said dad

" ok, bye "i said

I hug them for the last time and leave , i board the plane and settle in my window seat .USA new jersey here i come i said to myself

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