Little town

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Chapter 2:Arrival

After 6 hours and 18 minutes flight , we've finally reached USA new jersey , my body is sore and i am so tired , i checked out of the airport and hailed a taxi

"Where to miss " said the taxi driver , the man is in his 40s

"Haddonfield" i said

"Ok " said the taxi driver and starts the car .

After 15 minutes of silence i heard him talking

"Sorry , what did you say " i asked

"Are you new here " asked the driver

"Not really , i was born and brought up in new jersey before going back to my dad's country nigeria 10 years ago , i got a job in haddonfield " i said

"Thats nice , welcome back , haddonfield is a nice and warming place " said the driver

"Yeah ,my cousin told me about it , i can't wait to explore it " i said yawning

"Gosh am so hungry" i added

"Yeah it is , my parents are from there , we can make a stop in this resturant , you can eat there , its small but their food is nice " said the driver

"Really , I would love to meet them , if thats not a problem " i said

"Ok I'll introduce you to them , no not at all and here we are" said the driver

"Already thank you so much " i said taking my hand bag going out of the car

"What are you still doing in the car , come on lets eat " i said

"No , I'm ok " said the driver

"No , lets eat together " i said opening his door

"Ok fine " said the driver , closing the window and locking his car

"My name is fatima but they call me zara , whats yours "? I asked

" the name is Peter " said peter

"Nice meeting you Peter " i said

"Likewise zara " said Peter smiling

This man reminds me so much of my father , i guess thats why am comfortable around him , he has this demeanor that makes you feel at ease

After eating and a lot of talking , we hit the road again .

The short journey lasted for one hour and 10 minutes .

Peter was born and raised here so finding the house that my parents gifted it to me was not difficult to find .

He helped me taking my luggages inside

"Thank you so much for everything peter , the journey was phone " i said

"I'm glad i could be of help kiddo , come and visit me whenever you are in new jersey , here is my number you can call me tomorrow when you are ready to meet my parents , I'll spend the night here since am home " said Peter

"Ok peter , thank you " i said , we exchange numbers and he left

I take the luggages upstairs , the house is two story building , the kitchen , sitting room , and a bedroom is downstairs while the two bedrooms are upstairs , its a nice and comfy house .

After settling in and praying the prayers i missed i decided to order some pizza , the annoying thing is that i don't have their number and i have no idea where the pizzerie is .

I decided to look around , its already 8:30 , i take my phone with my purse .

I walk around the neighborhood and i couldn't find it , i saw a shopping store and i decided to check it out hopefully i will find something .

I bought cornflakes , milk , chocolate for today , am tired to even think about what i need .

The girl in the cash register offered me a sweet smile , i return the smile and pay for the cereals .

I was about to leave when she talked to me

"You are new here? " she asked

"Yes i am , i arrived today and am hungry i didn't see any pizzerie around here " i said

"Oh i see , here you can order and visit our pizzerie " said the cashier

"I will thank you , is it yours " i asked

"My parents owns it and this store, I'm mia " said the cashier

"Oh wow , thats nice , I'm zarah " i said

"Nice to meet you zarah , I'll see you around " said mia

" likewise , yeah sure " i said

"You live around here " asked mia

"Yeah , i do , the house at the end of the street" i said

"Ok , goodnight" said mia

"Night " i said

After eating taking the cornflakes i was about to enter my room when i heard the door bell ringing , weird i don't know anyone yet .

"Hello , are you zarah" asked the young boy standing before me , he is holding pizza box

"Yes , sorry who are you " i askes

"My name is josh , my sister mia asked me to deliver this pizza to you saying you were hungry " said josh

"Oh yes , thats really nice of her, thank you so much" i said

"You're welcome, one minute" said josh bringing his phone out dailing some number

"Hea mia , I've delivered the pizza , yes she is here "

"She wants to talk to you" said josh giving me the phone

"Hi mia , thank you for the pizza" i said

"Its nothing , you can visit us whenever you are free " said mia

"I will , how much is it for the pizza " i asked

"No you don't have to pay , goodnight zarah " said mia hanging up

"Here is your phone and thank you for the delivery " i said

"Mention not zarah , its nice meeting you" said josh

"Nice to meet you too josh " i said , he weaved at me and left

I decided to eat the pizza tomorrow as my breakfast but now all i want to do is sleep

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