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Zuri Hoshi and yeah i really forgot there names so just bare with me

Fantasy / Romance
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Zuri woke up from her poisoned sleep by her parents stinging her to wake up .” zuri wake up already how long did you stay up” zuri was still fresh out of bed so she didn’t understand half of the things they said” huh what did you say”....” never mind we need to tell you something ok” she nodded in response.” you are gonna have to stay with your grandma” no i remember the last time mom and dad left and they went missing for a week

( she’s about 9 right now)

" no you ca-“......” no you are not normal you will understand it more when your older i promise”...“we love you baby” tears swelling in my dads eyes ” dad mom don’t leave me please” they sobbed on my bed with me until 1:30 am ” ok gummy it’s time for you to leave when you get to your aunts ok. Your stuff is already packed and you already were her house is ok gummy”she sniffled in defeat i had to go even if i didn’t want to i get out of bed and get my backpack on and slide my shoes on and walked to the door” mom dad do you promise to come and find me ok” they nodded and opened the door i new the way to my grandmas house it was already 3 minutes and i was walking and i saw kids playing on the sidewalk

we exchanged eye contact when i met there eyes i knew that wasn’t the last time i would see them one had blue eyes and blond hair the other one had brown hair and green eyes one had.....

black hair and black eyes. They all stopped and stared at me i turned my head and kept walking but one called out to me

" hey u girl” i turned my head to the noise and it was the green hair boy ” yeah what do you want ” being tough will be good in my future so i have to be smart ” were are you going why are you walking alone” they came walking closer ” i have to get to my grandmas house i looked at the pocket watch ” i have five more minutes ” they all looked at each other and turned to me” Well play with us for 3 minutes” my face scrunched up what i don- ” come one just play with us”the blond one said ” fine but only for 3 minutes” i took off my backpack down walked over to them” ok we are going to play hide and seek put your foot in” we put our feet and it landed on the black hair boy” i will give you guys a 10 sec start ok ” i ran over the playground hiding in the bush

Hirokoran to the slide looking under the slide and he found blond hair boy under the slide the blond hair boy looked sad that he got caught first ” hoshi you always hid under the slide” welp there goes that Hiroko went looking for the brown hair boy ” pss” i said to the blond hair boy standing in the middle of the play ground blonde he looked at me ” come here ” i signaled him to come to me. He cam and hide in the bush with me” whats your name ” i said still watching for Hiroko”Hikara” he said ” oh nice name ” haaaa i have found you Hoshi” hoshi stumped away from the rash can and said” that was not fair you cheated ” and stumped his foot ” no you always say that hoshi” hikara stood up making our hiding place known ” hey now they our hiding spot” hiroko looked at me ” you were right there the whole time” he looked mad for a sec ” yeah i- hey be careful ” the start play fighting around my backpack the Hiroko slammed hoshie on my backpack make something crack

i got up and ran to my back pack opening in and pull my now broken watch out of my backpack ” oh no ” tear threaten to come up but i stopped them this was my dads watch he gave to me oh my ” i can fix it” Hoshi said holding out his hand the watch wasn’t broken badly it just broke off but i think you can put it back on a minute later hoshi fixed it and i was so happy i gave him a hug ” thank you hoshi is there anything way i can repay you” the looked at eachother and dug in there back pockets and each took out a piece and put it together ” here take this you have to keep this on forever ”

“the only way to get out of this bond is to die” Hiroko said i got the bullet hoshi got the sign hikara got the shovel and hiroko got the gun “well everyone i should be going now ” a very fancy car pulled and the window rolled down “Hoshi hikara and hiroko how are my boys” they waved goodbye to me and they all raced to the car “i get to hug dad first ” hoshie screamed ” no i got here first” said hiroko i walked away because i could not bear another second i walked along the sidewalk when i got to the stop sign waiting for the hand to turn white the fancy car pulled up beside the window was still down and the father looked at me and his eyes widened” hey do you want a ride” i looked up at him ” oh no thank you my house is right up here” i said lying i just don’t like people helping me like that ” ok well tell ( your dad ) i said hi” huh ” ok” then the car sped off how did he know my parents knowing i was lying i still i had a long ways to go

later on i felt droplets falling in my straight hair making it poof up ugh i go i my grey hoodie and put it on but it was so cold i wish i was in mom and dads arms right now it was 8:00 i was already was supposed to be at my aunts but i took a wrong turn but the rain got more powerful it started to HAIL mom and dad didn’t tell me it was going to rain scratch that storm i didn’t weight much cuz we didn’t really have a lot of food only food stamps beans and dollar General the hail hit my back hard it hurt but there was a huge on it hit my arm and it hurt so bad i just wanted to sit down and sob but the wind was blowing me off track i felt my arm and it was bleeding What

more came down and the pain was getting unbearable that fancy car pulled up oh don’t tell me th- ” hey are you ok” it was hiroko voice. hiroko was about to run out to help me but he held him back the hail hit me pretty hard there father walked to me ” of course she is not ok” he picked me up and carried me to the car and he made the boy buckle me up

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