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In a world of dragons among people and other animals p, you can’t help who you love, this story is about dragon hybrids. Our main character Razor, is a wolf dragon hybrid, he has every feature of a wold, except he has wings. In the dragon community Hybrid like Razor are frowned apron and normally kicked out. His mother, a dragon, does her best to protect him and shield him from the rest of her kind, but she can only prolong her child’s outcast, not stop it. What happens when he is chased out of his home? His familiarities, and away from his mother?

Fantasy / Romance
Grey C. Doolittle
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a cool fall evening. A mother dragon had just laid an egg, it was much smaller than the other mother dragons who had also laid an egg, but she didn’t mind. Her tail wrapped around the obsidian egg pulling it closer to her to protect it, the other mothers had their mates help them carry the eggs back to their nests, but this mother, she didn’t have a normal mate. Her mate was a Silver wolf.

“Is it clear?” a small husky voice whispered he knew it was late hoping that if it was the mother would be fast asleep.

“Yes, Orion” the dragon smiled tiredly hearing the voice a silver wolf’s head Peres around the corner then trotted in a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner Lun” the wolf sad pressing his nuzzle against her larger one.

“It’s fine,” the mother dragon smiled then removed her tail from around the egg pushing it towards the wolf.

The wolf looked at the egg, it was the size of his body but he new dragon eggs were bigger he looked at the egg and smiled worriedly. “Luna, you can’t hide the size forest other will catch on....”

Sighing the dragon just nodded “I know but I want him to live here happily for as long as possible Orion...”

Orion looked into his mate’s eyes and nodded knowingly, they had talked about it for a while he new the kingdom close to the sky was safer for his pup, but he knew the dangers it brought to them as well.

“Luna?” A husky voice called, much deeper than the wolf's. Luna's eyes widened and tried her best to hide both the egg and Orion

“Daddy,” she said tiredly as tho she had just woken up “What are you doing here... aren’t you supposed to be with mother?”

“Nonsense child, I came to see you and help you home.” Lunas daughter said, Luna, gulped.

“It’s fine papa, I’ll stay here for a bit longer, I like the view from in here,” Luna said as calmly as possible while she looked out at the now rising moon.

“Alright dear,” He nodded seeing what Luna meant and left but he didn’t go far, he sensed his daughter was hiding something, but he didn’t want to pry it could just be her motherly instinct.

Sighing Luna lifted her wing “Orion you should go back... I don’t want you hurt you need to go back before he comes back with food...” Luna whispered pushing Orion slightly with her wing

Orion nodded sadly but understood “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said and licked her nose before padding away, however, Orion didn’t make it far. All Luna saw a flash outside and a yelp, and then it was silent. Her eyes widened in horror as she realized what had happened she pulled the egg closer to her as she heard her father's claws clicking angrily against the stone words her.

“Luna! Explain why I found a MUT coming out of this very nest!” He roared at his daughter angrily. He had told her many times it was forbidden to even see other animals unless they were food. Tears streamed down her face as she looked down.

“I-“ she started but was cut off by her father ripping her away from her egg seeing the size he growled and looked at his child angrily.

“Get rid of this egg and leave the skies” he sheathed smoke coming out of his noes and he angrily flew away

Luna weekly looked at her egg tears in her bright blue eyes. Standing up slowly her legs trembling she rolled the egg onto her wing cupping it gently, there was a long way to go to get away from the skies, knowing that rid of the egg would have been easy but she couldn’t, as she walked out of the cave her eyes landed on Orion’s now dead body, she gently picked it up, she had been to his pack and was welcomed there so she knew where she had to go.

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