Foster's Odyssey

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I'm in the middle of the battle in 1715 when after defeat I wake up in a new world... 300 years away from home. Being a cold hearted soldier is not enough to survive the 21st century, especially when love seems to cross my path.

Fantasy / Romance
F. Edgarsson
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I remember my enemy’s last words from time to time and how my foolishness led me to an unexpected journey that sounds taken straight out of a fairy tale. I am a simple man, who never had a dream because he never allowed himself to have one. I had no aspirations and refused to let myself feel happiness as well as remorse, as if I became a stone or some sort of living ghost, but it was far from being fulfilling, it was far from being alive. Then, as something that felt like a dream she arrived; her hazel eyes shone more than the sun itself and her spirit melt with mine from the moment our paths met until we became one with the energy of our romance. Now I can’t let her go, now I don’t want to be apart, ruthlessness, facades, she took them all away.
It took 300 years for me to find my place in the world, to find a home across the seas in a place that I never imagined myself to be. I feel blessed and joyful about the life I’ve got now; she is my present, she is my past and if the destiny allows us, she will become my future.

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