An Uprising?

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Chloe- A regular girl who has a hard enough time with normal teen age girl problems now add an apocalypse and you've got chaos. Recently the outbreak disease has caused people to turn into what you would call your modern day zombie. But when Chloe is in school and see's her friends being murdered in front of her and starts to doubt her reason for living. Will she finally let herself rely on someone who could die any moment? will she break down? or will she just give-up everything?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


I thought it was going to be like any other day, but it wasn't. Let me tell you how life as you know it has changed. I'm normal 'enough' and I went to an average high school. I'm just a 15-year-old girl and honestly isn't that hard enough to handle. Everything you know is going to change let me rephrase, Everything has changed. I'm not sure if you've been outside or not but things have changed. A lot.

It all started when I was in the cafeteria for lunch, the bell ringed signaling it was time to leave for our next class. I finally arrived at my next class which was one of the smaller classes there was only a couple of students such as Lacey, Serena, Taylor, Sarah, Terra, Lily, Emily, Chandler, Eric, Ashton, Will, Eli, and Myself. Eli is my slightly younger brother, but he skipped a grade because he took an extra course during the summer.

We were about 30 minutes into class when an announcement came over the intercom telling us to go on lockdown so we followed our normal procedure and just sat there, waiting... until I heard a scream and saw someone or should I say something attacking Lily and Ashton, She was crying. Probably hoping none of what was happening was real. I only heard him say to her " I love you ". I wanted to cry I've known Lily since Kindergarten and I've known Ashton since the second grade and I always knew they liked each other but.. seeing them being murdered and being ripped apart limb from limb right in front of me... I felt helpless...I felt numb and frozen. I felt them slip away from me so quickly. The next thing I know I'm on my knees and Lacey is above the thing that attacked Lily and Ashton with some kind of stick or something. I wanted to cry but I couldn't, I have always never been able to really cry since an incident, and Lacey knew this. She walked over to me, dropped the stick, got down on her knees and hugged me. I wanted to hug her back but I couldn't move. How could I? Lily and Ashton are.... gone and there is nothing I can do about it. Then I felt something hard go across my face. It was.. Lacey's hand. She slapped me...

I instantly snapped out of it and I quickly looked up at Lacey and saw regret on her face but I knew if she didn't who knows what would have happened so I can't be mad. I got up off the floor and said "Whoever wants to come, come if you don't want to come, then stay here". Lacey walked over to me and then Serena, Taylor Emily, Eli, Chandler, Will, and Eric stood up and walked up to me. I saw a baseball bat in the corner and grabbed it and walked out the classroom door.

When we walked out of the classroom, there was a herd of zombies blocking the hallway. I told them all to hide except for Lacey. Lacey and I walked up to the group of zombies, she killed 3 or 4 at a time, I killed a few also. I couldn't believe what the world had come to. Every one of these 'things' was once just like us. How could all that change in a matter of seconds?

When we were finished everyone had the mouths open so Lacey said "Close your mouths or you might catch a fly". I wanted to laugh but I was too... numb to feel anything but sadness right now. I wanted to give up and let all of this be over with. I probably would have given up right then and there if Lacey didn't need me. We've known each other since diapers. Then we all started walking towards the woodshop classroom, because we knew that would be our best bet at weapons, for now, we could probably find something that's not completely useless to fight with, but if they did that to.... Lily and Ashton, they could easily do the same to us.

Once we got to the woodshop classroom I grabbed an air compressed portable staple gun and a couple of other things. I thought would make so pretty decent weapons. Lacey grabbed a mop out of the corner and broke off the stringed part. It wouldn't have been my first choice but if she wants a fucking stick then she can use a fucking stick. Eric choose an axe off the shelf and the others choose their things as well.

We started to walk out of the classroom when a large group of zombies was heading towards us and I knew was that we couldn't take them on with our awful(-ish) weapons so I said "Whatever happens just keep going don't look back okay, also take care of Eli" I walked up to Lacey, I whispered the last part and gave her a hug in case it would be one of my last. Eli said "Chloe if you do something stupid I won't forgive you" I only said "I know, but I have no choice, I love you little bro" then I just waved and started walking toward the 'things' I still had my baseball bat from earlier and I planned on using it. When I looked back for a second I saw Lacey with tears in her eyes and Eli looking... broken. I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault that they were so sad but I kept walking.

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