Dragon Riders -ON HOLD

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Leah was the princess of Oceania , a water kingdom in Ellesmera , her life was happy and carefree . She was a water dragon rider , her dragon’s name was Storm . It all changed when one of the riders went dark and slaughtered all of the dragons . She hid her dragon and joined the rebellion. Her parents were captive in the new kings’ castle like all other rulers . She is destined to help the the chosen rider who would deliver them from the traitors clutches . Byron Gray was a playboy with the looks and wits to charm almost anyone. He is an orphan who lives with his fathers sister his aunt . What happens when he realises that he is a dragon rider and that he must save Ellesmera and his own kingdom which he never knew existed ?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Leah’s POV

It’s been 18 years since he betrayed us . His name is Julian . He slaughtered all dragons except his . I hid mine I couldn’t and would never risk Storm’s safety.

The Fury Fire dragon egg hadn’t hatched yet . My parents were captive in his castle like every other ruler . He was cruel . He ruined us . So I joined the resistance the Slavia. I am the leader till the chosen one arrives .

I went to every college in the human world taking the egg with me listening for even a small movement. Nothing . I have almost given up . The egg shows no movement whatsoever .

I sat in the restaurant eating my burger when a groups of guys came in . The egg started moving in my bag . I was startled the rider must me near .

I finished my burger and moved towards them slowly and noticed the egg shook when I was close to particular boy .

I grimaced I knew who he was . He was Byran Gray the playboy of our college . I sneaked the egg in his bag and slipped out .

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