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I always had an image of who and how I would fall in love with and what would he be like. The funny thing about life is all the curve balls it throws your way, and the sad part is we never have enough time to move out of its way. And this is how my story begins.

Fantasy / Other
Rushanta Francis
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Chapter 1

I’ve consistently without fail been enraptured by the supernatural after my mother’s disappearance and my father’s strange death. However, I’ve never encountered them myself but I had my suspicions, I do lots of reading about vampires, the greek god’s, werewolves you name it I have books on anything and everything. Things that go bump in the night too, things that we have been oblivious about.

“Astrid!”! cries my boss, Nicole, she glares at me from behind the cash register.

I roll my eyes, “I’m coming ”!

Ah, back to work—, great. Well,-being a waitress isn’t that much of a biggy if you trying to pay for college and rent and food...and… and

Sammy’s Corner undoubtedly is the nicest place and a bonus!— has great food.

“Astrid, table five is waiting, plus I haven’t seen them here before so please be careful. Lifting her perfect brows at me.

Sometimes Nicole cared way too much kind of like how my mother used to care for me before she disappeared. Anyway, I grab a menu and start walking to the table in the corner, and as luck would have it, I felt a hot rush hit me, from my neck all the way to my toes. It felt as if my skin was on fire and a part of my back burned as if someone put a branding iron on it.

As swiftly as it came it vanished and when this happened I noticed that one of the men behind me was looking at me as I was heading to the table, and fortuitously his face looked puzzled. As if he knew something that the others did not know something meaningful.

When I arrived at the table, I said the usual greeting, ” Hello and welcome to Sammy’s Corner, what can I get you? I said smiling, always remember to smile, otherwise, Sammy would not like it if he heard that I was not friendly, I recited in my head.

As they all looked up it kind of looked like it’s the first time they ever laid eyes on a lady before, which for me was shocking I’ve never seen a group of men look at me that way... as if they were in awe of what I had said.

Again, I say; is there anything I can get you guys?

“Uhm yes, can we get five Cokes, for now, thanks that will be all.” The guy with turquoise eyes said.

“Sure,” I replied.

Thanks,” he said, Did his mouth quirk up in a smile? Was there an invitation there?

He had scorching turquoise eyes almost looked neon, he looked and talked in a very outmoded way, his skin almost looked olive, everything about him was inviting, yet my brain was giving off warning signals. Never in my life have I ever been so attracted to a man in this manner it almost felt like I found my other half… Odd right?

I started to walk back to the kitchen, to get the cold drinks they requested. For a moment there, I felt a connection...Ahh! One meeting and I’m starting to conjure up things that are not even there.

“Did they give you any trouble hon”?

I jerked my head back looking up “Uh no why?” Come to think about it, Sammy was huge, sometimes he made me feel like a midget compared to him I mean 5ft 3inches is kinda tall right, but he is a whole foot taller than me with blond hair and green eyes all things being equal to every girl’s dream… Just not my kinda type.

“Can I just have the cold drinks please, plus they look like they would leave a good tip you know.” He turns around and grabs them from the fridge, while he does that I take the tray and the glasses, once I have them balanced I head out the door.

I could feel them staring at me as if they knew something I didn’t and in all honesty, it bothered me to some extent. As I arrive at the table I put the drinks down not looking up, knowing very well how red my face could be at this moment.

Regarding the fact that my face could represent a tomato, I looked up and asked if there is anything else they would like while trying to concentrate on the wall behind them.

Somehow, I was ensnared by this guy with the turquoise eyes, the way his clothes looked on him almost looked like they could no longer hug him any longer, but in spite of everything complemented everything else he had his arms jawline just everything about him was delightful. As I was about to leave-

“Well, I have a question!” Shouted the guy beside him he looked just like him, but smaller and much friendlier, he had long red hair and softer features and he had blue eyes, a weird combo I must declare.

“OH, sure what m-might that be? What the! Since when do I stutter, and I can feel my face burning up.

“How come you all the way here I mean you don’t look like the average Joe soo?”

Surprised by his question I barked out “What do you mean by that”. I tried not to shout but what a hell of a question is that... doesn’t even make sense!

The guy next to him looked at me as if he was very much interested to find out what my answer would be.

“Well I mean as in you so beautiful and I cannot begin to understand as to what you would be doing in a place like this”. While waving his hands in the air.

Taken aback by the sudden compliment, had this guy just flirted with me... what felt like forever I finally replied.

“Well if you must know, I came here because of the forests, as well as the water that’s here. I just felt this is where I should be I guess, plus I like the cold. Well, that’s what I felt anyway. Does that answer your question?” I was not going to tell him that something called me to this place in my dreams and it was building up till I couldn’t contain it.

He smiled ear to ear, “Indeed you have, thank you Miss…?”.

I smiled back, “No problem and its Astrid.”

“I’m Eddy, by the way, the guy with the weird eyes is Dakota, that over there is Mark next to him is Adrian and last but not least Nathaniel.” As he points to all the guys sitting around him.

All I could do was smile, they all looked like they were related somehow but at the same time they all looked totally different, especially with the eyes and hair, Eddy had red hair and blue eyes, Mark had short brown almost honey wavy hair and green eyes, Adrian had black hair and pitch-black eyes, Nathaniel he looked offish his skin was pale and it almost looked as if he had deep blue-green eyes and the weird part is that they are all muscular and they all looked very strong. Almost similar body structures like Roman gladiators.

Dakota, however, had the turquoise eyes and pitch-black curly hair almost like roman warriors it was passed his shoulders, he looked tall... well, come to think about it they all did but he looked like he was in charge and the others just followed every instruction he’ll give.

I mean, I thought I had a weird eye colour but these guys they the cream of the crop, yes, I had lavender colour eyes but that’s just a genetic defect along with others but that’s not important right now.

“Anyway, nice to meet you all, is there anything you else I can bring you guys?

“No, thank you that will be all and if you don’t mind, I would like the bill.” As I looked up it was Dakota who gave the order his voice was like fire to my ice, it just sounded so intoxicating and sent shivers down my spine and definitely the good ones.

Before my face decides to turn red and I make a fool out of myself, I left and I could feel his eyes follow me until he can no longer.

I knew something was off something didn’t feel right about this felt too familiar as if they were people I knew a long time ago, but I know I have never met them ever!

I felt the panic growing inside me grow...I NEEDED TO GET OUT! Something needed to get out... something that has been slumbering for a while it started to make my body burn especially my shoulder.

“Nicole” I tapped her shoulder. While I struggled to stay on my feet as heat swept through me wave after what

“What’s wrong? You don’t look so good- ” I looked at her and I tried to tell her that I needed to leave I really tried but no words came out wave and wave of heat swept through me making me weak my body felt as though I had no energy.She just looked at me with worried eyes… I hardly heard what she was trying to say and passed out.

“Astrid!” Was all I remembered before I felt my body hit the ground. I felt fire all over as if something deep down started to crawl out, making its way to the top the build-up was too much! I started shaking as the feeling got more intense, more difficult to keep in and then everything went black and cold like after the fireworks all that’s left is darkness.

For what felt like an eternity, I finally felt my eyes flutter open it hurt at first but as soon as I adjusted to the light, I tried to move but my body wouldn’t allow me to.

I wondered how long was I sleep for and where I might be. I tried to get up, tried to move my body but it hurt way too much. My head started to beat like a thousand drums and before I knew it I was back into the land of far far away dreams.

But to be honest, something felt off, I opened my eyes again and this time it was much simpler nothing hurt anymore. I was surrounded by clouds and sunshine, it felt so warm and fuzzy not the normal dreamland.

“Finally,!” A voice screeched behind me. I turned around to see wh-

I could not believe my eyes, the person in front of me looked like she fell from heaven, her beauty was unmatched with her rose-gold hair, her emerald green eyes, her body looked like one that was similar to an hourglass…To be frank she looked unreal someone who cannot exist or is not a human… Does that make any sense? Anyway

“Okay, and who are you”? I asked with a confused face.

“You my dear need not worry about such right now, I will tell you all in due time.″She said.

“Okay… Then where am I? I asked.

’Well, dear my little phoenix is in a realm where only our kind can enter and I have been waiting for over 5 centuries for you.”

“What!!!! Over 5 centuries…I let out a mouth full of giggles”. This lady must be crazy or the medication is making me hallucinate.

“Oh, you think this is a joke? She said with a stern voice.

“Well, I mean really what did you expect! I see a floating probably a Greek goddess and I am in some cloud-like palace thing! I shouted.

“Hahahaha, you so funny come on I know you know where you are plus I’m sure your mom told you. Right? She asked… My face was still blank. What does my mother have to do with this?

I’m guessing by my facial expression she knew I had no clue. Yeah, I know my mom was crazy and stuff and I loved her regardless but never has she even mentioned anything about this to me, come to think of it she hardly told me any bedtime stories she always said it’s no good.

“Really you not kidding or pulling my leg did she not tell you anything like not even a speck or something.” She questioned me...

“Well sorry to burst your bubble but I have nothing”. Like why can’t someone just tell what is going on! I’ve been in the dark for a long time.

“HEY!, getting angry is not going to help unless you want to blow us all into oblivion or have a crazy supernova?” She shouted, lifting her hands to her head.

“What?” I asked her with an irritated expression.

I looked at her and she just rolls her eyes and points at my hair, “Honey your hair.”

I grabbed a piece of my hair and to my shock, it was a mixture of fire and ice, never in my life has it been like this. The most colour it had was blood red or black and the occasional green, here and there.

“What’s happening to me!” I demanded and started advancing backwards, first the burning shoulder and now this hair problem. The first time that happened I was home for weeks trying to control the hair thing. And the only way I got through that was because of a book my mother left behind called Elénchei to ágnosto.

“First, I meet a lady in the clouds, she knows my mother and she refuses to tell me what’s going on and… Now my hair is this weird colour and... and you saying I should calm down before I go supernova? Explain now or I will burn or freeze you?” I said bluffing because I have no idea how to do it anyway.

Suddenly she lifted her hands and said, “Okay, goodness it’s not like you know how to, but I will tell you if you just relax, deal?

I took a deep breath and let it out, “You promise right”. I asked I didn’t trust her I mean she just popped up from nowhere.

“Cross my heart sweetie”. She smiled.

“Well, I think we should start at the beginning since you practically know nothing, have you ever wondered as to why your eyes and hair colour always changes when you emotional or how they weather changes, for instance when you cry it rains and when you smile or laugh the sky laughs with you…” She stood there waiting for me to answer her.

“I uh, well the hair I have noticed but that’s about it, I always thought it was by pure coincidence that it rained. It always seems to rain when people cry or feel sad.” I stated

She honestly did not expect me to believe her.

“Well it’s the truth, and I don’t lie.” She said looking a bit offended and angry.

“Okay just carry o-

“I’m really sorry but it seems you have to go now we will continue our chat a bit later.” She cut in before I could continue.

And just like that, I felt myself being ripped from her world and entering mine it almost felt like someone familiar pulled me out there demanding me to come back … Slowly I felt the heaviness leave me as quick as it was there.

“Shh, she’s waking up”. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that’s Nicole.’

I opened my eyes for the second time bracing myself to feel the head pounding, but strangely, nothing happened. I looked to my right and saw Nicole and someone I haven’t seen in a very long time, someone who has been gone for almost 5 years, someone who I thought was gone forever, someone who had left me to fend for myself.

“Mom?” I said with a shocked face.

“Yes,” She answered.

“What, where, I don’t even know where to start”. I looked at her with an angry expression.

I guessed she saw it because her face was filled with regret and sorrow.

“I know you might hate me right now but once I explain you will understand why I left”. She informed me with a reassuring smile.

Wow, I really missed my mother, regardless of the fact that she left me for almost 5 years. The waterworks threatened to fall and before they could she spoke again but it still stung deeply.

“Shh doesn’t worry baby everything will be fine now I won’t leave you anytime soon I promise”. She cried and held my hand.

And with that I was gone back into the world of that crazy lady, everything started to get dark and before I knew it I was in front of soft fluffy clouds.

“Uh back so soon mmm”. She said and mine you me I noticed the sarcasm.

“Oh, are you going to continue or would I have to the funny hair thing again?” I asked impatiently, I wanted answers and I needed them now more than ever.

“Not like you know how to but I would not risk that. Look it’s a long story but I guess the best way is to start at the beginning, but your mother will tell you the rest.” She said sternly.

“Wait how did you know-

She cut me off again before I could ask.

“As you know, we live in a world full of mystery… now centuries ago there were two lovers the male was always surrounded by darkness and misery and his followers suffered under his rule, his people always lived in fear of not knowing when or where he was going to have an out bust...”

She waited for me to respond as if to make sure I was paying attention. I only nodded in response. And just like that, she continued with her story…

“He was cold and didn’t care for anyone, people never knew why he was like that and no one bothered to find out, the sad part is that from a very young age he had to act older as to the fact that rouges killed his parents and his younger sister. He was the only to left from the strongest pack or family bloodline.”

Before she could I nodded that I was in fact very much all ears, so she continued.

“Werewolves existed as much as vampires, fairies, mermaids and whatever else existed and for every one of these magical creatures they have a mate that fate had put in their way to never be alone, mates were there to fill in what the other lacked may it be heart or angry or love but for certain there was always someone for each of us.”

Seeing my expression, I knew she had figured out what I was about to ask, she quickly pushed the subject away and continued.

“Unfortunately, due to his parents dying at a young age he was entitled to take up the position as Alpha at the age of sixteen. Due to the responsibilities, he never had time to think or even consider to find his mate and once he pushed all his emotions out of the way, he worked hard to make sure no one thought he was weak and in turn he spent the next 4 years building his reputation and skill, rumour has it that he went as far as to learn special tactics ways to enhance his skills and stature. After he achieved his goal he returned and seemed even colder, but his power and strength was unmatched and to imagine everyone has their own special power, to say the least, some were even lucky to have a speciality.

I nodded once more.

“His family however was blessed with more than one and he never used them unless it really needed to, so no one actually knew what his was. One day while him and his men entered a forest some said it to be cursed some say a girl who lost her family made that her home and truth be told th-

“Uh, I guess that is all we have time for now, but I promise I will visit you in your dreams and we will continue our little chat.”

Shocked radiated from my face and once again she left me once again with nothing but a half-completed story I wanted to know more and it seems like it took ages to complete, she couldn’t leave me on the edge again!

“Promise”. I asked her as I glared at her and saw her flinch a bit it was a bit odd… I have read about something like this before just can’t remember...

“Yes, I promise.”

With that, whisked away from her and back to reality. I felt the light on my eyes but it didn’t seem natural at all, as I struggled to open my eyes I felt a hand tighten on my and I felt warmth spreading through my body as on cue I felt all me aches and pains fall away almost as if it was never there to begin with.

All the pain I felt faded away too but it still stayed in my hand, I turned my head to the left to see the source of the heat and warmth and I was met but silver eyes, they seemed to be in pain and sadness and something more that I could not place my finger on.

“Mom?” I croaked out, I hadn’t noticed how dry and horse my throat felt. She lifted something cold to my lips and I gulped it down fast. She had to tell me to slow down, but how could I have felt it as if I haven’t drank anything in a very long time.

Taking the last sip I muttered a thank you. She nodded in response. I had so many questions to ask her and I needed to know what is going on with me but first I needed to get home and run a hot bath.

“When can I go home?” I asked her.

“Well honey I was thinking you should come with me for a while and until everything is explained and you are well you are more than welcome to head back to your house after if that’s what you want...” Her eyes held hope that I would not push her away, the fact was that I didn’t want to I needed her and for whatever reason, she chose to leave it was a choice and what matters is that she is here now with me and willing to change.

“Mom for whatever reason you decided to leave me for, I’m sure you had a good enough reason but if you are willing to explain and yes I will stay with you. I said.”

After a few minutes, the Dr came in and told my mom I can go home first thing tomorrow. He walked up to the bed and asked me if I’m okay and if my head still hurts.

“A bit actually,” I informed him my face flushed as I took in his striking features, a strong jaw and jet black hair that was styled just right, his eyes held so much softness as if I could just get lost just looking at it. From what I can gather he looked great, pity the coat he had on his body covered everything. What am I thinking?

“Well, if that’s the case then I will prescribe pain killers for you, they will help but will make you sleepy too.” He smiled, and I felt my face get warmer by the second.

“Thank you”. Was all I could manage to say.

And with that my mom and the Dr left the room, something about signing papers and what not honestly, I have no idea what to make of this I hardly remember what happened all I know is I felt pain on my shoulder and those eyes that brought shivers down my spine…And before I knew it I was out like a candle. Those pills really do work fast.

“Ah you back I see, question dear would you like me to continue.?

I just gave her an annoyed look, “of course I do”. I rolled my eyes at her.

Utterly stunned by what I said she just looked at me and after what felt like an eternity, finally she spoke.

“Well, I think I’ll save the rest for later, however, do tell me about the handsome young man you saw before you know...”

My face turned blood red at the mention of the mysterious guy, I highly doubt she knows who that is right I mean I don’t even know who that is…

“Wha what are you talking about”? Did I just stutter, I felt myself mentally slap myself.

“You know your mate, the guy at the cafe, the one with turquoise eyes.”

“Wait for what! My mate!” I demanded, soon after a roar of laughter followed…They really done they?

“Yes, that’s what I said, I didn’t stutter, did I. She informed me mockingly.

“I can’t possibly have a mate those are all science fiction and-

“You know Astrid for someone who spent a lot of time with books and shows on the supernatural, your belief is really on a low”... She looked at me questioningly.

Shocked at my own denial I just stood there and thought that this is really happening right now.

“But”... I honestly had nothing more to say... I found out that all the things I read about is true, and here I am not the slightest bit astonished.

“Yes, your mate per the legend or myth whatever you may call it”. She stated deep in thought as to make sure not to make a mistake…

“According to Greek mythology humans such as yourself, myself and all supernatural things, we originally created with 4 arms and legs and to top it off, a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves and so on. She looked at me smiling as if she knew something-.

“Do you wanna hear something even more fascinating”, she looked at me eagerly.

“Oh, oh oh yes, of course, I am what kind of question is that even”! Been thinking so much that I actually forgot to answer this is way too much to take in.

“Okay... anyway so there have been only a hand full of people who found their other halves and to top it off only a handful of the pairs bared children, but the sad part is these children never found their mate their other halves and eventually they just kept on dying out or choose someone that is not their mate.

“What do you mean dying out?” My face exploiting horror...” Did someone kill them?”

She looked as if questioning herself whether to tell me or not.

“Just spill it”! I demanded. “I’m already on my last nerve, so please just tell me”. I dramatically rolled my eyes.

“Well, yes and no. Most of them were looked for to control and others died because they found their mates and most of them where strong together but that’s not always the case… There is this evil person that steals mates before you can claim each other and a loss of a mate is great they become weak and eventually die or go insane. “. She looked at me with a face full of sorrow.

“What!... Wait and who is this evil person and whats your name?”I asked

“ His name is Ahriman, he’s been trying to retrieve these pure breeds as he would call them, that were born from those who found their mates and their children finding theirs making the bloodline stronger, I’m Livia” Livia said.

“How do you know so much about the legends”? I asked questioningly.

“Well, I suppose it is because I was one of those children, the first actually.”

She this lady that knows so much and not to mention is one of the hands full and not to mention the first... I have so many questions.

“Wow, hectic okay okay so then if that’s the case why are you here,“I asked her.

“Well it’s slightly complicated actually, well you see I found my mate but the gods did not approve of this and one night in the dream realm, they sent a Oneiroi to suck the life out of him and since being a pure born you tend to have what you call now superpowers.” She sighed did it hurt that much to lose your mate… I could feel the pain radiation off of her.

“You know if you don’t want to talk about it you don’t have to ta-

“No no its do okay dear, and some of us very few regardless if we are pure or not have them but pure borns tend to have more and more, I had the power of dreams just like the Oneiroi but we can enter to share dreams with the ones we love and also pass through healing. She smiled as she spoke about the healing.


“Yes, but you must have a strong connection with who you heal but then again every pure born is different.” She shrugged.

“Oh, I see.” Was my only response.

“Any more questions you need to ask before more interpretations.” She raised her left eyebrow.

I took my hand and zipped my mouth closed, you know the ones we used to do when we were kids.

“Good. Where was I... oh yes so, we heal some more than others and for mates to share dreams is one of the greatest and the Oneiroi did not know that, and it was there where they decided to attack my beloved I fought with all my might but there were too many of them.”

Small tears started rolling down her face and for some reason, I felt her pain and I felt myself calming myself and with that, I saw water surround her. Blue, red, green, yellow and orange and slowly she looked much better refreshed.

“Interesting ” she mumbled. I almost missed what she said I won’t lie in secret I practice all the gifts I have or rather try and find out how to control it, but still, it’s fascinating regardless.

Out of nowhere, a big yawn escapes my mouth. My face went red and I looked down embarrassed by my sudden outburst.

“ Too much time here can drain you.” The greek lady advised I Should really get her name.

“I think that is enough for one night you should get back to sleep is all good and all but to

“Yeah I guess so...” and out of nowhere I feel the hospital bed under me and the soft pillows and the darkness swallowed me and to the land of peaceful dreams.

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