Lia's Past

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10 years is how long Lia Montgomery has been in a deep coma. She doesn't know where her father has gone after she was blacked out. The only thing she remembered was the masked men hurting her father.... then everything went black.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: The Awakening

My father, the one that cared for me the most, was attacked. Blood pouring out of the back of his head and down his back. I was running home when I saw him in the street with 3 masked men towering over him.

I screamed, screamed for them to get away from him but they wouldn't budge. They didn't budge they just continued to slice him open with their knives and they had the audacity to laugh at him.

I wanted to defend him to make sure that they didn't even hurt him again, but my feet were stuck on the pavement and I couldn't move. I screamed again, but it caught the attention of the masked men, and before I knew it they were stalking over to me with murder in their eyes. One of them knocked me out before I had the chance to defend myself.

As soon as I blacked out I was woken by a loud crash. I opened my eyes and had to adjust to the blinding light that shown above me. I looked around the space that I was in and realized I was in a hospital and was hooked up to many machines.

I didn't know who brought me to the hospital but It didn't matter. I needed to know if my dad was ok and not dead.

I yanked off all the wires that were connected to my body and left my room. I didn't see anyone around so I quickly ran to a door that led outside and ran away from the hospital.

I looked around and I realized I was only 3 blocks away from my house so I sprinted home and tried to open the back door. But it wouldn't budge. I looked inside to see that the house was not the same as I remembered. The walls were a dark blue, and it didn't have any of my furniture inside of it.

I ran around the front of the house to be greeted with a family that looked at me with disgust.

"Hey, you! Get off our property before I call the cops!" screamed the father. I replied, "this is my house what are you doing here? Where is my father!" The father aggressively took my arm and dragged me to the street and yelled, "Stay away from my family!"

Now I was confused. Where was my father? Why was some other family living in my house? And where should I go now?


I decided to go to my best friend's house because I had nowhere to go. I ran inside to find my best friend sitting on the couch watching Netflix, so I decided to scare her. I went up behind her and screamed at the top of my lungs.

Nadia slapped me in the face not knowing who I was. "Ugghh seriously Nadia?" I rub my face and open my eyes to see Nadia had jumped up and she was staring at me.

"Lia is that really you?!?"

"Yes, why wouldn't it be me?" she ran up to me and hugged me.

"Lia, how are you? Do you feel did you get here... it doesn't matter...Lia, I can't believe that you are awake -" I butted in, "What do you mean awake? And why was I in the hospital?"

Who brought me to the hospital and why was Nadia so happy to see me?

"Lia, um... how do I say this?"

"Say what? What happened Nadia?"


"Just tell me please... and where is my father?"

"Lia.... someone found you lying in the they brought you to the hospital."

"Ok and?"

"Your heart kept on failing and I didn't know If you were going to make it.."


"The doctors tried to save you but the only way was to drug you up and keep you asleep...."

"what does that mean? But wait... I'm awake?"

"Yes Lia you are awake now... they said you wouldn't wake up... I thought I would never talk to my best friend again...." Now Nadia was crying. What happened.. how long was I sleeping?

"Nadia... don't cry, I'm awake now wheres my father?"

"Lia... You were in a coma for 10 years..."

"Nadia wheres my father?!?"

"don't freak out ok?"


"Lia, your father is...


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