Lia's Past

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Chapter two: Damien

Damiens POV

"Wake up, wake up!"

"Wake up STUPID!" I woke to Penelope screaming from the other side of the door, and smoke seeping through the cracks.

"What happened Penelope?!?"

"Damien, UGGH I told you that I was terrible at cooking, but you insisted that you wanted pancakes in the morning...."

I pull on some sweats and open the door to see Penelope covered in flour. I push past her and mumble, "Did the hashbrowns survive the fire?-"

"NoO! Um... I kind of forgot to make them-"

"What?!!? I need my hashbrowns in the morning so I am not angry...."

"huh, Damien get over yourself and fix the mess that I created."

I walk into the kitchen to see nothing has been made at all. I turn to Penelope to see that she is gone. Oh no, what has she done?

Ohhh. ok. I rush to my room to my closet and pull down my Box of candy. it is gone.


I storm out of my room to Penelope's room to see her finishing my candy! My candy!

My wolf inside is getting furious. My eyes turn black and I can feel it taking over my body.

Penelope jumps off her bed.

"Damien.... it was just candy I can buy you more." her voice was shaking and I could tell she was worried.

I growl and stalk over to her.

"Damien, it's gotten worse you need to calm down. Please..... Damien don't let it take over, please... Damien, I'm your sister-"

I grab her by the throat and push her against the wall. I growl, and blood running down her neck.


Something happened inside me and I drop her to the floor and run out of the room. Why would I hurt her shes, my sister?

I walk around the corner and bump into someone.

I look to see who it is...

I gasp...

"Hi, Damien."

[Sorry for the short chapter]

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