Lia's Past

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Chapter 3: Readjusting

Lias POV


was the only word that I feared the most these past couple hours.

my father was dead, gone, never going to be seen again.

"Lia? Are you ok?"I was in shock, I have been in a coma for 10 years and have no clue what has happened.

But that was in the past so it must stay there.


"Yes, Lia?"

"Where should I stay now? My house is not my home anymore."

"You can stay with me because my parents left this house to me after college." Wait oh gosh I'm 24 now, haven't gone to college and I don't have a job.

"Ok I will stay here, do you want to go tell our other friends that I am awake?"

"Oh yes, you should they were broken when they found out that you wouldn't wake up!" I missed all my friends. Josh, Jason, Mckensie, and Rachel.

"Ok, I'll text them now to come over."


Ring, Ring, Ring

The doorbell rang, and I rushed to get it. There stood Josh, Jason, Mckensie, and Rachel all talking. As soon as I opened the door they all stared in shock.

"Lia? Is that you?

"Yes Josh, I woke up and found out my father died, so I'm living here with Nadia now."

They all ran up to me and hugged me..... I couldn't breathe and struggled to get out of their hold.

"Nadia, please help-"

"Ok we will stop..." said Rachel.

I was getting hungry so I decided to order a pizza once we all got settled inside.

Nadia Stood up and said, "Hey guys I want to show you something cool, just follow me."

We all stood up and followed her to the library. Nadia seemed to be searching for a book. Then she pulled on it and the bookshelf moved and turned into a doorway. She walked inside and motioned for us to follow.

Inside there were stairs that led up to what seemed to be the attic. But I was wrong...

"We are here.... this is a new space that I made when my parents moved out, it as lots of games and lounging places this will always be a spot where we can hang out.

The room had led lights all along the ceiling with bean bags in the right corner, and a TV and PS4 next to them. In the far left-hand corner were arcade games and Fuz ball, etc. In the far right-hand corner, there was a dessert table with icecream making machine. And lastly, in the left corner, there was a bunch of couches and chairs to just sit. And don't forget the disco light on the center of the ceiling.

"Nadia, this is just..... wow" Mckensie states

"Yeah I just thought that we needed someplace to hang out that was just for us.... you know."

I was getting tired of standing, and I spotted a chessboard and asked anyone if they wanted to play, and Rachel said sure.

While I was playing chess, and beating Rachel, I heard the doorbell ring, I guess the pizza was here.

"Hey I ordered pizza, I'll go get it."

Nadia just nodded in my direction.

I ran downstairs with 20 dollars and opened the door.

In front of me was the most handsome guy and the definition of guys. His eyes were dark green, he had wavy brown hair that was not too long and not too short, he had a perfect jawline, through the black shirt, he was wearing I could tell he was not out of shape, and for some reason, he smelled like pine and the forest if that makes any sense.

"Uhm..." I was snapped out of my trance when he caught my staring.

"uh... oh ya I have to pay..."

"Here you go, 20 dollars, for a pizza... can I have the pizza?"

He handed me the pizza, but we touched and an electric wave went through my body, and I wondered why, but I didn't really care because I was starving.

I shut the door on him and went inside, I ran up the stairs to see the rest of my friends looking out the window at the pizza guy.

"Hey what are you guys doing?"

"The guy has not left yet, he's just standing the door." Says Jason.

That's strange maybe he wants something, Nah I'm too hungry anyway.

"Hey guys he's leaving now, let's go eat" yells Rachel

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