For Better or Worst

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Intro Boaz Rizzolo is a man who has seen life through many different views, a tainted past from adventures in his teenage years, a screwed up family and now a self-made business tycoon. An eligible bachelor who tries his best to refrain from the media, and is now looking for the perfect bride to wed, but what happens when he accidentally falls in love with a strong willed young woman, who doesn’t let him in? Aurora Ichitar is a young woman who is making her way in the business world but tries to keep her identity and face as least known as possible, for fear of her past to follow her and destroy everything she worked for. But what happens when she meets a man who wants to know everything about her and make her his wife? But what if there is a huge secret that prevents her from marrying him? What will they do? Will They Find a way to end up together or will they be torn apart forever?

Fantasy / Romance
Malika Guevarro
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


‘Hi, this is Misty please leave a message’. Three times, no answer.

“Damn it, Misty, where are you?” I tried my assistant; don’t know what is going on with her phone today. I needed her here like 30mins ago. She usually isn’t late, but I have to get these contracts dropped off at Rizzolo Industries and their boss I’ve heard, is a type of hard ass who does not like to wait. I told him the documents will be there at 10AM this morning and it’s 9:30AM . I guess I’ll have to go drop it off myself.

I grabbed my bag, keys and folder and quickly headed out my office. Quickly making my way to the elevator I pressed B for the car park in the basement. Got into my car and quickly was on my way over to Rizzolo Industries. I got there at 9:55AM, quickly parked my car and headed into the lobby of the large building, stopping at the front desk “hi, good morning, I’m here to drop of some documents for Mr. Rizzolo”.

“Good morning, please have a seat, he will be with you shortly” responded the nice short blonde woman from behind her computer. I went to five of the chairs directly opposite from the desk and took a seat on the end, flipped out my phone and checked my messages and emails. Oh! A message, from Misty.

‘Good, morning I’m sorry much for not answering your calls but my Grand mom had a stroke in the early hours of this morning and I’m at the hospital with her I will keep you updated. Thanks for understanding’.

Misty has become more than just my employee, she is my friend. A tiny, feisty little redhead. So I made a mental note to go straight to the hospital once I was finished here.

“Mr. Rizzolo will see you now” the assistant got up and motioned to a large double door sitting on the right of her desk.

I followed her directions and entered, I heard the door click close behind me. The sight before my eyes was however one to behold. A large well-built man, with a straight face, slightly chiselled jaw, hair pushed back, in a suit looking like it’s the cost of my car. Looks like the Gods took their time with your creation. “sit” he ordered without looking up or any greeting. I did tell him I was sending my assistant so I knew he had no idea who I was, not much people did, and I tried very hard to keep it that way.

I took a seat in one of the two large black leather chairs in front of his desk. “You have something for me?” he said finally looking up. I was met with a pair of hazel eyes, cold and unemotional. I took the folder and placed it on his desk, without any words. He took it up and opened it and scanned the documents. “Inform your boss I will call her after I had my lawyer look through these”. Again! Without looking up? This mf is rude af……

“Ok. Thank you” I said sarcastically and stood up to leave. He didn’t look up nor said anything again. I went to the door and left. Headed, straight to the hospital. He was good looking but rude af, and the Gods above knows I cannot even consider a male companion. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and pressed on the gas to get to the hospital.

As I entered the waiting area, which thankfully had just a few people sitting , I spotted Misty in the far corner with teary eyes and her Fiancé Ian holding her hand sitting next to her, I went straight to her, she stood up and gave me a tight hug; Ian greeted me with a handshake. All he knew was that I was her superior, not her boss. He knew we were good friends though. “Any update?” I questioned. The tears started flowing from her eyes in streams when she replied through sobs, “she wasn’t responding when we arrived”. Just then a nurse came to us and addressed Misty. “Hi, she is stable but she’s in a coma, we’re not sure when she’ll be awake, but you can see her now if you would like”. Misty nodded and she gestured for us to follow. Normally I don’t do stuff like this but Misty was my friend and her Grand mom was always nice to me when I passed over. “Misty, hold up, would you mind if I go in for a few minutes before?” I gave her a convincing look and she nodded her approval as she and Ian stood to the side in front of the door and I entered.

After a few minutes I exited the room. “She’s asking for you” I said to Misty who gave me a questioning look. “I thought she’s in a coma?”

“She’s awake now I’ll go send the nurse and then take my leave. Take as much time as you need and keep in touch with me, OK”. I gave her a tight squeeze and then I went to the nurse’s station. “Hi, Miss Glenda is awake, could you please go check on her”. I heard the nurse mutter softly under her breath “Impossible” as I smiled to myself and walk out and to my car.

I returned to the office to get some more paperwork done. I had some potential clients to email, as well as some meetings to set. It is difficult trying to build a company that much I can tell you so, when I see men like Boaz I really have to wonder how he did it. I came to this country with nothing but I’ve done well for myself so far. My business isn’t big, it’s a small construction company where I’ve put together a team of some young skilled architects and together we made an outstanding business profile. It puts food on the table and I am expanding so I just keep pushing. This contract is my first big deal that will land me and my team a huge financial upgrade and I don’t intend to screw it up.

As dusk began embracing the sky, it was time to go home, to my lonely house out of the city. I decided to stop at a high end bar named ‘Oxygen’ for a couple of beers on my way home. This has lately become a habit as it helps with the loneliness, if you know what I mean. Actually it’s kind of the only medicine I can take, other than sleeping pills. If only you can see me now mother.

I parked my car in the parking lot, grabbed my bag, ensure my car was locked and walked in. Taking a seat at the counter, I ordered up my corona extra, doesn’t matter where I go it’s my favourite. The bartender, a young man looks to be around 23, served me with a smile and I pulled out my phone and took a sip of my beer. Just checking my emails, and a message from misty, telling me her grand mom was doing much better and would most likely go home in a few days, to which I responded ‘Great News!’. My beer was almost finished when the bartender came with another and said “that guy ordered this for you, and said drink as much as you like, he’ll pay your tab.” Gesturing to a table in the far corner.

I looked around to see, none other than Mr. Rude and Handsome sitting at a table in the far corner, with a younger looking version of himself, whom I guessed to be his brother from the resemblance. Please, Gods take me now……

“Could you please let him know, I don’t take drinks from strangers, also I can pay my own tab.” I snorted at the bartender. Who looked at me like ‘wtf is wrong with you???’

I continued on my phone. Until a few minutes later I heard “How am I a stranger, when you were in my office this morning?” I looked up and came face to face with Mr. Rudego. I’ve shortened it. Mr Rude-Ego!

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