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Lilith... The name of the girl who was found stabbed to death by a mystery. She found herself in the middle but where was the ''middle''? She has lived a neutral life of both admirable and sinful actions altogether, which has placed her here. Her main objective is to get out of here, and so; she is challenged to perform certain but at the same time difficult tasks in order to meet her complete end. Lilith... is granted a chance to be reborn and live again.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Barely opening her eyes, she felt lazy. There she was, awake. It was usual for her to blissfully yawn, and to wipe the fairy dust out of her still-sleepy eyes. This morning, her eyes... were very heavy. Her head... was pounding. Bladder full, she felt a prickle of sweat on her forehead. Was that a result of a nightmare she has had last night? She moved her jaw and felt her mouth was dry. Something was off... so she moved slowly. As she moved, she felt concrete and grit push into her face and that was when she decided to reluctantly open her eyes. The rest... was history. I’M FALLING!

Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Before she could even function what was happening, she was falling through thousands of clouds. Sudden shock. Her eyelids were peeled back into her skull, her mouth was gaping and her eyes... were revealing the clouds she has been plummeting through. I c-can’t breathe, she mumbled, with her jaw becoming rigid. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. She felt her heart almost stopping. With her hair erect, her body became numb and paralysed from shock. FLASH! Probably blinded, the girl locked her eyes shut. BANG! Hastily, she plugged her ears. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. No longer shocked and paralysed, she perceived the situation. A big dark hole... is what she was falling down. And terrified... is what she was.

Badum. Badum. Badum. Her frozen heart kick-started. Holding onto the clouds... is what she tried to do, but she only ended up desperately waving her arms around. She felt as light as a feather yet her heartbeat rapidly increased. Her teeth chattered in fear as she tried to hug herself. I don’t want to die, the girl’s racing thoughts were overflowing with a hope that she didn’t splatter and stain the ground, and she felt herself writhing with the fear. She prayed over and over in her mind; she prayed for help, she prayed for comfort. A cold sweat took control of her body, now tension gripped her, sending her into a fearful panic.

Scared to death, a location surrounded by rainbows and brightness is what she glimpsed. Her once closed eyes widened, seeing nothing but complete brightness. For unknown reasons, she felt an eternal bliss. However, this did not last long. Gasp. She felt paranoid in the next second. The level of anxiety was becoming unbearable, leaving her in a paranoid state. A lump was forming within the cavity of her throat. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Her breathing became shallow once again. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a scream and her eyes ushered shut. And when they were open, to see — THE CHILDREN. All in one, a group of children swiftly yelled: ″We are the cheerful children and we welcome you!″ She wanted to run. Run away. But it was nearly impossible when she was endlessly dropping down. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Holding hands and creating a circle around her, they tried to reach the girl. They couldn’t. She couldn’t believe what her eyes just witnessed. The thrill made her tense her muscles and now she couldn’t scream but open her mouth to find that even words had deserted her.

Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Taking a peek at what’s around her, the girl saw a location of fire and darkness. She couldn’t look at it. In an instant, the clouds turned into black. I can’t feel my hands, I can’t feel my hands. Her feet started shaking. Breathing is hard. Really hard. Her hands started to tingle. AHHH! — She felt her soul jump out of her body. THE CHILDREN DISAPPEARED. Her head struck backwards in worry and wonder. AHHH! — There was something behind her. ARH-WOOOOO. Growls and howls in the distance. Pulse was fast. Heart hammering incredibly loud, louder than the growls and howls. Doesn’t matter. Look away. Look away. She accidentally caught sight of what was on her way. Oh no! — What she stumbled upon to with her own eyes, was petrifying scary. Sharp-tailed creatures, with their matching sharp metallic nails, and the thick, coarse hair covering their entire bodies scared the children away. Terror washed over the shaken girl. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Monsters. Everywhere. Surrounding me. The sounds. Getting louder. Hands cramping, wet. Sweat? Doesn’t matter. Go away. Just. Go away. The tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried harder. Her chest grew tight as bile rose in her throat. The cold sweat bit deep into her skin. One whispered: ″You will burn and die if you keep falling.″ With an uneasy look on her face, she looked away. It was the other’s turn: ″How far you fall means how sinful you have been, and normally you land on a cloud…″ Help me. ″Your soul is so light and full of sins that you will not fall on a cloud then burn and die!″ She screamed—with force, with agony, with fright. The creatures’ bursts of full-throated laughter followed. They poked fun at her. Her life flashed before her eyes. Will I die?

CRASH! In a matter of seconds, she landed on hard ground. She could feel it starting at the tips of her fingertips. A numbing sensation. Spreading across her skin like wildfire. Goosebumps. Rising along her pale skin. Every breath she tried to take… began to shallow into sharp. Desperate, she gasped for air. Her lungs threatened to collapse as her mind and heart raced against time. — She felt her legs wobbling, her chest tighten. A sound roared through her as her knees buckled, and what looks like black clouds pressed their way into her vision. Ill and light-headed, she passed out. She was doomed, and there was no hope. Those were the last thoughts that she perceived before her body succumbed to the breakdown. The sickly creatures flying far away is what she saw last, and peals of laughter turning into the piercing screams is what she heard:

″Devil! Devil is here!″.

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