Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 11

"Ow! What was that for? " Ace whined after I hit him on his arm.

We were walking back to the Alpha house after having a long, long make out session. Once we started, it was almost impossible to stop.

For me at least.

"That was for not kissing me sooner! I can't believe how much I was missing out"

"In my defence, if this was two weeks ago you wouldn't have let me touch you " He chuckled, pulling me closer to his side to give me a quick peck.

I pondered on his words for a while, knowing how true it was. "Good point " I smiled sweetly at him. "But maybe if you did, I would've warmed up sooner"

He gave me a lopsided smirk and held me in place. "I guess that's my weapon if I should ever get you on your bad side again" He mumbled and brought his lips to mine again. I gladly returned the kiss since it was now my favourite thing to do.

A gasp from behind us made us pull apart. I turned to see a woman around mid forties staring at us in some kind of daze.

Actually, she was looking at me in some kind of daze.

My mind finally cleared, and that's when I picked up her scent. She wasn't a member of Ace's pack, she was from my pack. I matched her reaction as I slowly stepped towards her. But before I could reach her, she shifted and ran off in the woods.

I stood awestruck, not knowing what to do or say. Do I follow her? Why did she even run?

Ace gently held my shoulder, and I noticed I had unintentional anger towards him. I jerked away from his hold and glared at him.

"She's from my pack"

"I know", was all he said, looking as if I just told him I that I'm a girl.

"That's all you have to say? You have my pack members captive here and all you can say is I know?"

"I don't have anyone captive Roxy" He tried to sound calm but the vein popping out of his head said otherwise.

"Why are you upset? You're the one who have people locked up in your pack that DON'T BELONG HERE! "

"I'm not my father Roxy! " I was taken a back by his tone and volume that I even stumbled a little."I'm not my father" He repeated in a softer tone. "And I don't intend on being like him either"

"So let my people go" By now I was already hurt and quite irritated.

He pinched the bridge of his nose as his jaw clenched. "It's not that simple" His voice was surprisingly calmer than I expected, but I didn't feel any less angry.

"That's bullshit!" I shouted which he obviously didn't like.

"Stop trying to tell me how to do my work when you clearly don't understand!"

I just scoffed at him and shook my head in disbelief. Without another word, I shifted into my wolf and ran away. I didn't know where I was going, but I had a good sense of direction.

He called after me a few times, but I didn't stop my movements. Luckily my wolf was on my side since she didn't like the way he talked to us. She also didn't see why he couldn't let them go.

How dare he accuse me of not understanding? I understood clearly. I understood that his father took what was ours, and even when he was in power he didn't want to release them.

During the week, I actually started to think about ways how I could get back everything to my pack and still be with Ace. The thought of simply asking him came to my mind.

Maybe if this went differently, minus the shouting, we could've come to some sort of mutual agreement. I'm his mate after all--pull a few strings and maybe we could be home free. No war, no more investigation.

But today, that plan just ran right through the door. It was obvious that he was stern about his decision to keep them. But why?

What benefit could it possibly have to him? Did he want power that much?

He made it clear that he wasn't his father, so I wouldn't jump to conclusions like that, but could you blame me?

I knew some of my pack members were here, but it didn't quite occur to me until I saw that woman. She obviously recognized me, even though I was just a toddler when they were taken.

I also noticed that she didn't become a member of this pack. Maybe the former Alpha had some decency and didn't forcefully make them members.

I guess that's the one good thing.

I ran until I noticed that I was indeed lost, but I wasn't worried. Ace had also shifted and was chasing me, but thanks to my unnatural speed and all the twist and turns I took, I was able to lose him.

I could run really fast in wolf form. On a good day, I could actually outrun Aiden. It wasn't easy to outrun an Alpha, but the rage and hurt I was feeling was enough fuel for me to lose him.

I trod slowly with my tongue hanging out as I took in my surroundings. I was still on high alert since I was in strange lands and alone. My ears perked up as I heard at the sound of running water, so I followed the sound until I saw the river.

It was the river that marked my pack boundary. I didn't even notice that I ran this far.

I whimpered lowly and laid down beside the rushing water. It was nice being close to home. I missed it and everybody already.

So I just stayed there with my eyes closed, calming myself with the soothing sound of the river and creatures roaming by.

I was slowly drifting away, but the sound of ruffling made my ears perk up. It could've been some random animal, so I remained calm with my eyes closed.


I quickly jumped up, almost falling into the river as my eyes searched for whoever just called.

On the other side of the river I saw a very confused Jace. He smiled brightly at me and I got excited at the sight of him.

"Roxy! " He corrected, seeing clearly that Aiden would've been bigger. I barked at him and wagged my tail, pacing side to side in excitement. I missed them.

"What are you doing here? Isn't it dangerous out here on your own?" he asked through our mindlink. It was days like this that I was glad I had it.

"I was upset about something so I went for a run. I didn't expect to get this far"

"But is it safe though? Where's Aiden? " I internally rolled my eyes. He was always such an over protector.

"I can take care of myself Jace. I'm a fully trained wolf, remember? " I saw him chuckle from the other side of the river and shook his head.

"Okay I believe in your skills. Are you okay though? "

I huffed out loud, not knowing how to answer that. I was far from 'okay' but I guess I still kinda was.

"I know the Alpha is your mate" He stated when I didn't respond, shocking me out of my skin.

"What? Psh no he's not Jace, that's ridiculous" I knew he could feel the panic through the link, but it was worth a try.

"Roxy, it's okay. I'm not upset or anything. Just don't talk to Jane while you're on speaker phone"

Curse Jane and her hate of putting the phone against her ear like normal people.

"Please dont-"

"I won't tell anyone Roxy. I can see how important this is to you."

"It's hard Jace"

"I know Rox. But you'll make it work, I know you will. "

"How are you so sure? " I felt helpless now that my one plan was ruined.

"You're Roxy Gilbert. You always find a way"


"Where have you been? Ace has been freaking!" I rolled my eyes at my brother's first words to throw at me.

"I'm fine thanks" I yanked the dress that I asked him to bring me and threw it on in a swift movement. He stood with his hand on his hip like an expectant mom, while I just gave him a bored look.

"We had a fight so I took a run" I simply put it.

I left out the part about seeing Jace, since he would ask what we talked about and if Aiden knows that Jace knows about Ace, he would go into panic mode and probably ruin my whole non-existent plan. Jace can be trusted, but Aiden would see it as one step closer to dad finding out.

"Couldn't you link me and tell me where you were? The dude's got a the whole house looking for you. "

I sighed, feeling a Tad guilty that I worried him. A Tad." Where is he now?"

"He's on his way back. Lilly saw when you ran in so she linked him. " He gave me the look that's normally followed by 'why'. "Why? "

"The fight was about our pack" He perked up at this. "I saw one of our pack members, and she just ran from me. I tried talking to him and he freaked. I don't like this Aiden. It's not right"

"I know Rox" He had a determined look on his face as he pulled me into a hug. "Don't worry, we'll get them back. I was actually planning on doing some searching today" He gave me a smirk which I returned smugly.

"Sounds good to me" I pang of guilt rushed me, knowing I'll be going behind Ace's back. But at this point, I had no alternative plan, I promised Aiden we would do it and I was still pumped from our fight earlier.

It would've been easier if Ace just listened to me, but I guess life never takes the easy route.

"Great meet me in the hallway by 6" He said as he turned to leave. "Oh and Rox, don't be suspicious "


I waited in the hallway for Aiden as planned. We already came up with the plan through our mind link, so it was now for us to execute it.

Despite my protest, I was to keep Ace distracted downstairs. Aiden would sneak into his office to search for some files that would be beneficial to us.

Files on the amount of pack warriors and their level of training, weapon inventory, pack number, border information, training schedules, days of most leisure, map of the packgrounds and a few more things that I already forgot.

That's why it was Aiden's job to find them.

With all that information, my dad will be able to strategize a discreet plan of where, when, how and who they will be fighting.

By knowing all this, he can get the warriors trained accordingly and use the element of surprise, just like they did eighteen years ago. With this, they will have a better chance of coming out victorious.

Of course, I didn't intend for it to reach that level, but I still had to do this with Aiden. That is, until I find an alternative.

If I do.

Everything went smooth on his part, and luckily, I didn't have to do much but watch Ace eat dinner in silence. Once he got back, it was quite obvious that he was upset about me running off earlier. The only thing he uttered to me was 'I'm glad you're safe', and that was it. I tried to hide the disappointment after seeing that he wasn't making an effort to 'fix' things, but I was too stubborn and prideful to do it myself.

I forced down some also, in order to be less suspicious. So when I got the 'okay' from Aiden, I excused myself to meet him.

"That dude has a shit load of documents in there!" He exclaimed quietly as soon as I met him.

"I know, I've been in there. What did you get?"

"I tried to get onto his computer, but that was taking too long, so I went through some of the files and I found these"

He showed me a few pictures of the training schedules and the warriors' levels. I bit my lip as I saw that most of them were already at expert level.

"That's all you got?"

"Yea, I had to put them back exactly how I got them, and given the time span, I couldn't get more since I need you to hack into his computer and remove the footage of me in there"

I cursed under my breath as I remembered the cameras. I was more technologically inclined than Aiden, since he would prefer physical training than our tech classes.

"You got to hurry. Given my calculations, Ace should be done with dinner in about fifteen minutes, then he'll go for his shower and lock himself in the office till around nine, give or take a few minutes"

I watched him in awe as he mapped out Ace's evening schedule so well. I didn't even know that.

"What? We're suppose to study their behaviour so that we don't crash in them in the middle of an assignment. Now go!" I rushed inside the office, and stopped in front of the computer.

Without a glitch, I was in his system and already searching for the footage. However to my dismay, they weren't there.

"What do you mean they aren't there?" Aiden asked frustrated, running a hand through his hair when I told him what I found.

"They aren't there." I repeated sternly. "And don't tell me to look better"

"Does he have a laptop in his room? " I pondered the thought for a while. Surely, it was possible."Go check, and hurry Rox. You have approximately five minutes before he gets here"

I moved on impulse and sighed in relief when I saw a computer on a small desk tucked away in the corner of his room.

I quickly did my magic, feeling exhilarated when I found it. I quickly deleted the footage of the last hour, replacing it with an extended version of the nothingness in the office that should have been there.

"Got it" I told him through our link, feeling the relief from him, but quickly it turned into panic.

"Damn Rox he-"

"Roxy" I tried to mask the shock and guilt on my face, as I stood casually in his room.

"Don't worry, I got this" I quickly shut out Aiden so I could focus.

"Hi" I said.


"You must be wondering why I'm in your room... " I trailed, trying to find a reason to give him.

"Yes... "

"Well um.. I was thinking about what happened today"

"What about it? " He folded his arms over his chest and watched me curiously.

"I had a really good time before the whole ..you know.." I tucked my hair behind my ear and pulled my best 'cute and innocent mate' look to loosen him up a bit. "And I guess I might've overreacted with my temper"

"Are you trying to apologize? "

Uh no, my ego was way too big.

"Yes" I muttered instead and looked away.

"You had me worried as hell Roxy" He sounded hurt, and I knew then that he wasn't upset about our argument. He was upset about me running away.

"I know" I closed the distance between us and hugged him. Apart of me didn't want to, but another part of me knew that's what we both needed.

He finally sighed and held my waist tightly. "You don't know the land like that Roxy, and who knows what danger could've been out there? Please don't scare me like that again"

I simply nodded at his request and mumbled a sorry.

I guess the matter of my pack wouldn't be brought up tonight, but it was nice being with him like this.

"We good? " I heard Aiden poke inside my brain.

"We good"

And just like that, the night went well. I guess this is what killing two birds with one stone felt like.




If you're confused about Jace:

1. I originally named him Zack, but when I named the trainer, I totally forgot. So if that's your reason for confusion I apologize.

2. If you weren't here before the name change and you just forgot who Jace is, he's Jane's older brother, ie, Beta Phillip's son.

Happy reading!

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