Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 12

"Awe someone had an accident"

Asia giggled as I lifted her from her highchair to get her cleaned up.

"Oh that's okay Roxy, I can do it" Lilly said nonchalantly.

"It's really not a problem Lilly. Before I turned sixteen, I use to volunteer at one of the pack's day-cares. I don't mind a little poop"

Lilly giggled at my statement as she followed me to the closest room. "You don't really talk about your life much. How was it back at home? "

I sighed as I contemplated answering or not. I can't always blow her off. She'll surely get suspicious.

"It was quite average. I didn't have this much mushiness like what you guys have here" She giggled at my choice of words, but I could see that her curiosity was peaked.

"Aiden and I lost our mom a few weeks after we were born, and we didn't actually have a normal childhood or teen-age years. It was always work and school"

"Oh my Roxy I'm so sorry" She whispered with a sad voice , but I simply smiled and brushed it off.

"Don't be. Sometimes I would long for a feeling of having a mother and a normal childhood, but since I don't know what it actually feels like, it doesn't hurt as much as you think it does"

She looked like she didn't know what to saw or how to say it, so I just laughed at her expression.

"See that what you're feeling right now, forget it" I pinned Asia's shorts and placed her in Lilly's hand. "I'm fine with the way I grew up. Don't feel sorry for me"

"I just can't imagine-"

"I know. But really it's okay" I smiled when Asia leaned against her shoulder while her eyes drooped. "I just always hoped that one day when I'm a mom, I'll give my baby the life I never had"

She was quiet for a while, so I turned to see what she was doing. Her eyes were filled with tears as she regarded me weirdly. I grew uncomfortable under her gaze, since I had no clue what she was thinking.

"You know, Ace is your mate for a reason. I don't know everything about you and how your relationship will go, but I know for sure that the happiness you desire deep down under that tough shell of yours, you'll find it with him"

And deep down even though it seemed so far fetched right now, I hoped she was right.


"Yes! It's Friday! " Aiden exclaimed when Zack dismissed us.

I had to admit, as much as we were already fully trained, getting up everyday to spend hours with Zack was physically draining--even when I'm not doing anything but 'observe'.

The end of yet another week has arrived, and I was still nowhere in my endeavours to save my pack and my mateship. I decided to give talking to Ace another shot. I've known him for three weeks, so I was sure I could hit a nerve if I tried hard enough.

I had to. In a week, we'll be required to give a report to dad, and the information that Aiden and I have collected so far would be enough for dad to start making his plans. He's not the man for waiting after all.

I've been around Ace's pack in my free time, and I've come across a few of my pack members. They all were either too shocked to talk, or refused to say anything that would 'get them in trouble'.

I didn't spread any information about Ace being my mate, so they had no sense of comfort talking to me without fearing punishment.

Was Ace cruel to them? Why won't any of them speak to me?

I sighed as I walked with Aiden to the Alpha house. I saw the woman who left the yellow buttercup flowers for me that day. She had a shawl over her head again, and she was tending to the same flowers. I was about to go thank her, but she ran away when I got closer to her.

That was weird, I thought with a frown. She didn't smell like someone from my pack, so why did she run?

I shrugged and glanced back at Aiden, who was watching me curiously. I was about to head back to him, but I noticed that a bunch of yellow buttercups were in the spot where she was minutes ago.

It made me wonder. Why would she leave my favourite flowers here and run away from me?

"Who was that?" Aiden asked as he approached me.

"I don't know " I answered truthfully. "But I'm gonna find out"

"Are you gonna talk to Ace? " He asked in an accusing tone. I knew what he was thinking.

"Yes I am. And don't worry Aiden, I wont blow our cover"

"I don't know Rox. You're kinda a softie with no head around him" I gasped with hurt as he just shrugged casually. "It's true sis. You do realize you intimidate everyone else in the house, right? "

I raked my thoughts for images of the moments I spent around them. I mean, sure they don't really talk to me much and they might've always steered clear of me.... Okay he had a point.

"Lilly isn't intimidated by me" I tried to dig myself out of the whole I fell in.

"That's because you're the only other shewolf in the house, and you're nice to her daughter"

"So what's your point?"

He rolled his eyes and stopped me just before we entered the back door. "My point is, no one else in the house sees that side of you, except him."

"Whatever" I mumbled as I pushed the door open.

Ace's scent immediately filled my senses, making me whip my head in his direction. He was already beaming at me as he strode in my direction and grabbed me in a hug.

"I missed you" He whispered as he buried his face in my neck. A giggle escaped my lips as his nose tickled my ears.

"I missed you too."

"Softie" Aiden said through a cough which made me roll my eyes at him.

I'll show him! I'll talk to Ace and sort this all out, then I'll tell him all about it in the morning and bask in the shock on his face.

I can already see it.

"Um Ace? "

"Hhmm? "

"Can I talk to you about something upstairs? " He brought his face from my neck and stared at me in concern.

"Is everything okay?" He asked while his eyes searched mine. I gave him a gentle smile before answering.

"Everything is fine. I'm fine" The look of relief on his face made my heart flip. It felt nice to have someone care so deeply for me. "I just wanna talk to you about something. I'll go take a shower now but I'll leave my door open"

"Okay " He mumbled against my lips as he left a soft lingering kiss there.

After my shower, I pulled on one of Aiden's tee shirts and braided my hair over my shoulder. Ace was sitting on my bed when I entered. His eyes met mine when the bathroom door clicked. I saw as they slowly moved down my body and darkened with desire by the second.

The intensity of his gaze made my insides burn, and I pressed my thighs together as the warmth reached my core. He slowly licked his lips as he took steady steps towards me, his eyes not once leaving mine.

"Do you know how incredibly beautiful and sexy you are?" His voice was husky as he asked.

"N-no" My breath hitched when his hands gently gripped my waist.

"Then I'll show you"

With that, he captured my lips in a rough but steady kiss, expressing just how much he wanted me. I let him stay in control of the kiss, since my mind was too foggy to process anything.

He pulled my hair back so that my head was tilted up, giving him better access as he ravished my lips with his. I yelped in shock when he lifted me and wrapped my legs around his waist, but he rejoined our lips in the split of a second.

I felt him move backwards, then sat on the bed when he reached so that I was straddling him. His tongue swept over my bottom lip before he thrust it into my mouth, taking me completely by surprise.

All the times we've kissed have never been like this, but I would be a liar if I said I wasn't enjoying it.

Slowly, his hands moved from my waist to my ass, and they tenderly knead the flesh making a moan rise from my throat. The kiss was broken in a flash, but he continued kissing down my cheek and to my neck as he sucked on a the sensitive spot, recieving yet another moan from me.

"Ace" I managed to choke out and he grunted in response. "We need...oh god.. To talk"

"Is it a pressing pressing issue?" He mumbled against my ear.


"Then it can wait" And with that he was back with harassing my neck.

I felt the build up in my region getting more and more overbearing, and I realized how I've never felt like this before.

Before I knew it, I was on my back laying on the bed with Ace on top of me. I bucked my hips forward in attempt to sooth the feeling in my lower abdomen, but it only made it worse when I felt his hard member against me.

"Ace please" I moaned when he run his hands down my side.

"You sure? " He asked against my neck. I only nodded frantically, since my words were stuck in my throat.

He moved to the left side of my shoulder and placed hot kisses all over the area. He used one hand to grip my waist firmly, while the other was moving all over my body in it's endless teasing.

He finally stopped at the area where my neck met my shoulder, and flicked his tongue over the spot slowly and teasingly. It was then that I knew what he was about to do, but nothing in me was protesting.

He stopped for a moment, as if contemplating, but I had no more patience nor self control left in me for contemplation.

"Aceee" I cried when he wouldn't continue. But that seemed to be all the confirmation he needed, as he gently place one last kiss on the spot, then sank his canines in my flesh, marking me as his.

I winced at the pain that coursed through me in the first few seconds, but then overwhelming pleasure like I've never felt before rushed through every fibre of my being.

I moaned out loudly as I hit my climax, my body shaking violently under Ace's. I panted hardly after the high wore off slowly, while Ace licked the blood from the area where he marked me.

Slowly, my eyes fluttered open and met his. They were filled with adoration, and I felt all his feelings rush through me. It was all so wonderful.

Happiness, relief, joy, excitement, contentment.

It was all so welcoming. I smiled brightly at him, but his face held a bit of uncertainty which confused me a bit.

And that's when it hit me.

Ace just marked me, claiming me as his.

Our bond was stronger than ever, as our wolves were more connected than before.

For the first time in fifteen minutes, my mind was clear, and I could see how everything was now.

But I didn't regret it one bit.

"It's okay Ace, I'm happy you claimed me" I whispered softly, as I ran my finger against his perfect jawline.

All doubt was swept from his face and replaced with joy. Pure unspeakable joy. And in that moment, I knew that what Aiden said was true. I was a softie for Ace, but I liked it.

I'm always tough and secluded around other people, so it was quite nice to have that one person who I can be free with. Just to let down all my walls and just be happy. I can do that with Ace.

So if I'm a softie for him, that's quite fine with me.

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