Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 13

"My gosh Roxy what were you thinking!"

Yep. He's mad.

After Ace left the next morning, I felt nothing but pure joy. I had his claim, and my wolf was extremely giddy.

I then remembered Aiden and his earlier statement. And since I didn't actually have a talk with Ace like I was suppose to, that pushed him over the edge.

"Aiden it's not as easy as you think it is" I tried to explain but to no avail.

"And you know what's not easy Rox? Breaking my word to dad because of this" He ran his hands through his hair with a frustrated look on his face.

"Aide you said you would support me"

"And I am Rox, I am. I want you to be happy trust me, but don't you think you're going a bit fast? I mean, now you'll have to shut him out of your head everytime we talk! Didn't you think of that? Don't you think he'll get curious? "

I hung my head with a sigh, but said nothing. I guess I wasn't thinking about that part.

"Look sis, I'm not saying you should put your life on hold, but you're yet to come up with a plan to change the outcome of things, and as long as your planless, I still have to do my part. You're my baby sister and I want nothing more than your happiness, but you have to consider the fact that we're still under his roof going behind his back. The more you're connected to him, the easier it'll be for him to figure us out"

"I'm not your baby sister" I whispered loud enough for him to hear. He chuckled lowly and pulled me to his chest.

"Out of everything I said, you had to pick that out"

"That's me" my words were muffled but they were clear enough for him to hear.

"Okay but for real now Roxy. Once your heat comes and you're fully mated, I'm not sure how long we'll have until he finds out"

"Shit" I cursed lowly. I had totally forgotten about my heat. "When's the next full moon? "

He clicked his tongue as his eyes wondered, something he did when he wanted to remember something. "In a week"

I groaned loudly and fell onto his bed.

More than anything I wanted to complete the mating process, but Aiden was right. The more connected I was to Ace, the closer I am to getting our cover blown. What if I slip up and he feels my guilt? I can't shut him out forever.

"Wait, you said the full moon is in a week?"

"Yea. Why? " Aiden mumbled in confusion. I jumped up in excitement as I remembered one of our conversations from last night.

"That's great! He's leaving for some meeting in a week and he won't be back for a few days" And to think, last night I had the total opposite reaction to him leaving. "That gives me enough time to get a new plan before the next full moon"

"I think you're forgetting a big issue Rox" I gave him a look to tell him to continue. "It's gonna be unbearable if you don't mate. I can stay with you to help, but you're gonna have to stay away from Ryan and Scott"

"I can bear the pain"

He gave me a pointed look.

"Okay I know I have low tolerance for pain, but I can do it. I have to"

"And what if Mr Alpha realizes that you'll be in heat and cancel his meetings? You know he won't want you going through that by yourself. " He suggested, and I saw that he had a point. I pursed my lips in thought for a while, but ultimately came to a conclusion.

"I won't let him" I said with a little too much confidence. Aiden didn't look convinced, but I'm sure it would work. "Look Aide, he'll be gone before the full moon, so he won't even be here to have thoughts about canceling"

He held me at arms length and peered at me. "This is your last shot Roxy. You get a plan and we end this"

"I will."


"Good morning!" I smiled brightly at Calum and Lilly as I entered the kitchen. They looked at me as if I've brown another head, then I saw them sniff the air slightly.

"Well you're in a good mood today" Calum smirked. I blushed under their gazes, knowing that they figured out what happened last night.

"Uughh I can't wait just lemme see it! " Lilly squealed and pulled my hair away from my neck. I was a little startled, but I giggled at her reaction.

"Yes finally! " she clapped her hands together excitedly before launching herself at me. On another day I would've refused the physical affection, but today I was in for it.

"What's all the squealing about" Scott entered from the backdoor holding dirty gloves in his hand.

So the Gamma likes to do gardening. Nice.

"Roxy's in a good mood today" Calum casually told him, and to my surprise, he actually looked shocked.

Well I guess I really was that bad as Aiden said.

"You all have me to thank" My heart rate picked up at my mate's familiar voice and scent. Before I could turn to see him, he wrapped me in his arms from behind, and gently placed a kiss on my neck.

"So I see we're at the PDA stage" Scott mumbled. "And I've just realized how single I am" We laughed as he shook his head and headed for the exit. "If you need me I'll be searching for my mate!"

With one final wave, he disappeared into the massive house, as our laughs followed behind him.

I watched carefully as Lilly made breakfast. The way she skillfully poured the milk into the bowl. Marvelous.

"Thank you" I smiled at her when she passed me my cereal and Ace settled down beside me.

"I like this smell on you " He poked his nose into my neck again, making me giggle from how it tickled. He kept his nose there, not even moving for a breath of fresh air.

"And I like to eat in peace" I chuckled. He pouted in the cutest way, but I just gave him a peck and continued my meal.

"So what are we doing today? " I asked. He scratched the back of his neck with a guilty look on his face.

"Well actually, I knew I said we would spend the day together, but I got a call from the Alpha of the Brightwater Pack, and he wants to formulate that alliance I suggested. I'm leaving this evening."

I gaped and stared at him in utter distress. "You're leaving!?"

"Yes but I promise I'll make it up to you" He tried with a regretful look on his face.

It's not that I was being selfish or inconsiderate; being an Alpha's daughter meant I knew how very important alliances were. But I just couldn't help my hurt. The first few days after a wolf is claimed were the most emotional days of her life.

My wolf was always itching to be around her new mate until she gets use to the changes somewhat. Not to mention the fact that my heat was in a week. It was like pmsing but ten times worse.

"Just go" I croaked out and dashed for the stairs. Well there goes my good mood.

"Hey hey Roxy" I was stopped before I could emerge further. "Roxy I'm sorry, believe me I know how emotional you are right now, but-"

"I know Ace. It's important "

"And so are you. That's why I only made it one night. I'll be home tomorrow evening " I felt a little at ease then, but still upset.

"And you'll be gone again in one week"

He sighed and sat on the stairs, then gently rested me on his thigh. He brushed my hair from my face, tucking it slowly behind my ear before continuing.

"Roxy, I want nothing more than to stay here with you forever. But I am the Alpha now, and my dad wasn't like me at all. Alliances are really important, especially now since I'm new at this. So in every way possible, I have to ensure that my pack is safe"

A pang of guilt rushed through me at that, but I quickly pushed it away before he could pick it up through the bond. I already knew all of this, but my hormones were blocking it from my head. I knew he had to do what's necessary for his pack, especially now since more powerful Alphas can target him since he's new at this.

Alphas like my dad.

"I know Ace. I'm sorry for being a spoiled bratty mate"

"You're not a spoiled bratty mate. You're my perfect mate" His lips automatically met mine in a slow, majestic kiss.

Perfect mate, he said.

But only if you knew.

"Only if I knew what? " He asked after pulling away as he looked at me expectantly. Shit did I just push that through the mind link? I forgot we'd be connected through that now.

"Yes we're connected through it now" He chuckled softly after once again hearing my thoughts. Luckily, he wasn't suspicious or anything, just curious.

"If only you knew how flawed I am" I said truthfully. I wasn't perfect. Far from it actually.

"I can live with that " He smiled sweetly. "In fact, I want to live with them all" My heart warmed at his words, and I connected our lips once again.

God what did I do to deserve a mate like this?

"Exist" He mumbled against my lips and I laughed again before shuting him out completely and resuming the kiss.

I could see that the mindlink was fully up and functioning. I had to be careful. I didn't even try to, and my thoughts were pushing their way into his head. It was always challenging at first to control a new mind link, so I had to be cautious.

One slip up and it's over for Aiden and I.

"I'll help you pack" I suggested once we stopped eating each other's faces off.

"I'd like that" I returned his smile and followed in suit to his room.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Ace after I helped him pack. At first, I thought I would be fine without him, since I wasn't feeling emotional anymore. But the minute he left, I felt like crying a river, and so I knew I was anything but fine.

Aiden saw it as a perfect opportunity to do some investigating, though I wasn't in the mood. He then pulled the guilt card on me, and I eventually gave in.

"This time, I'll stay out here and keep watch. I just need you to get onto his computer and gather what you can from there " He instructed casually.

I lowly whimpered at the thought of going against Ace's back again. Not to mention the fact that my wolf was calling out to his.

"Roxy you got this. Just don't focus on the claim"

Hard to do that when I'm breaking into my mate's office, with his scent everywhere.

"Yea sure" I said instead.

I didn't wait for him to say anything else to make me feel even more worse about myself. Ace's office looked exactly the same as how I saw it the last time--shelves of stacked folders, neatly and precisely placed in a specific order.

His camera lights blinked red, and the light breeze blew threw the window, making me shiver a bit. I slowly walked to his computer, loving how his scent in the room surprisingly calmed me.

I guess I'll be sleeping in his bed tonight.

The computer was again easily accessible for me, and I browsed through his software to see if I could find anything that Aiden would find useful.

I suddenly stopped halfway through, when I said a folder with my pack name on it. The folder held numerous files, even some that I didn't even think dad owned .Then, my eyes stopped on something interesting. It was a document with the names of all the pack members that were taken from my pack.

I slowly scrolled through the list of fifty, carefully glancing over each name. A light knock on the door captured my attention for a while, since Aiden was probably getting antsy.

However, I just ignored him and went back to my list. My breath suddenly hitched when I hit the fiftieth name-- a name I knew too well. Not from experience, but from stories or random pictures from home. Dianna Gilbert.

The name that belongs to my mom.

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