Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 23

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"We need to talk. And we're going to"

I waited for him to protest and again, but instead he just stood there with an emotionless expression. I took that as a sign to begin. With a deep sigh, I softened my demeanour and looked him deep in his eyes.

"I'm hurt Ace" I said almost inaudibly, and his face flashed with concern as he rushed across the room to check every inch of my body.

"Where?" He asked as he scanned my body.

"Here" I pointed to the left side of my chest where my heart sat, and I watched as his eyes found the area that I was showing him. At first, he looked relieved that I wasn't physically hurt, but for the first time since last week, his eyes softened.

"Ace I cant express to you how sorry I am. I hate that I hurt you and I hate that you feel like you cant trust me" I paused as I took a step closer and held his hand. "But I assure you Ace that you can, and I really am sorry."

He sighed and looked deep into my eyes. " We're mates Roxy. You should've told me"

"I know Ace. I know that now. But please understand, at first I was so conflicted. My whole life I've been told how evil your pack was, and when I learnt that you were my mate, I didn't know who or what to trust. Inside my heart I knew that the moon wouldn't have mated me with the enemy. So trust me, deep down I knew you weren't but I wouldn't admit it to myself."

"When you tried to reject me" he mumbled, but it wasn't quite directed at me. He looked like he was remembering all the times I gave him the cold shoulder.

"Yes" I admitted "But that night when I accepted you instead, I stopped telling myself that you were the enemy. But that was the problem, I didn't know who to choose. I knew that I could have never brought myself to hurt you and your pack, but Ace I didn't want to betray my pack either.

"I came here on a promise to get my pack back what was theirs, and I wanted that as much as I wanted you at first. But I couldn't have told you without hurting my family, and I just didn't know what to do. So I tried to come up with ways to fix it, and one of those were to talk to you. But since you always shut me down, I just didn't know if I could really tell you"

I sighed and sat on his bed. I was happy when he sat beside me, actually looking as if he was willing to listen.

"On many occasions I swore that I would've told you. But then I was also worried about what you would've done to Aiden, or what you would've done to me" I looked up to meet his eyes, and they held so much assurance that he wouldn't had hurt me. "I didn't know if you would've felt so betrayed, that you would hate me or reject me"

"I could never hate you Roxy"

"But I thought you would. I was living under your roof, going behind your back. Even by the time I would've told you, Aiden would've already sent half the information on your pack to dad. I just thought that you would be so mad that-that-"

"I wouldn't have done anything to hurt you" He told me again.

"But you would've hurt Aiden"

"Did I?" He asked, making me realise that even before Aiden apologized, he didn't hurt him.

"No but I didn't know that. So I tried to fix it by myself. I tried to help my pack without jeopardizing what we have."

"That's too much pressure on you alone Roxy. You could've said something" His soft voice took me off guard, and I felt my eyes well up with tears as I noticed that he was loosening up.

"I was scared. And Aiden didn't want me to" I sniffled as my throat closed up.

He pulled me onto his lap and I buried my face in his neck. "I know. I forgive you. It's all over now"

"Why didn't you want to talk to me sooner?" I mumbled, remembering all the times he would shut me out.

"I was hurt. I didn't want to believe that my Roxy did this to me"

"I'm sorry" I repeated with a small voice. He simply pulled me closer as I got comfortable on him.

Then all of a sudden, he let his walls down for the first time in a week. I panicked for a moment, but it was gone when I noticed that the emotions he felt last night were replaced with love, relief and content.



"Last night when you came into my room, I wasn't sleeping" He stiffened at that but he didn't say anything. "When you let your walls down, I felt everything"

He eased my head from his shoulder so he could look me in the eyes, and he had a look of regret on his face. Leave it up to Ace to feel bad about me knowing how he was hurting.

"Roxy I-"

"Ace no. You shouldn't feel guilty for hurting. I knew you were trying to protect me from falling into deeper hurt, but I hate that you went through that alone." I held his face in my hands and leaned my forehead against his.

"Promise me that if something should happed in the future, you let me know how you feel okay? We're in his thing together, and even if I cant make it better, at least you wont be going through it alone" He sighed, looking unsure. But I urged him. " Promise me Ace"

"I promise" He repeated with promising eyes. I smiled warmly at him as I softly pecked his lips.

"Good." I mumbled "I love you Ace"

"I love you too baby" He replied sweetly just before his lips caught mine in a kiss, and I immediately returned it.

At first it was soft and slow as we relished in tbe wonderful feeling of being together once again. But just lime any other kiss, it ignited a flame of desire that I knew and loved too well. In no time, the kiss transformed completely --It was rough and filled with want.

Oh how I've missed this.

"I missed you Ace" I told him after I broke the kiss for a quick see second. He groaned lowly in response as he turned around and dumped me on the bed, before crawling over me with lust filled eyes.

"I missed you too Roxy. So f**king much"

And with that, he started kissing me again. His lips moved roughly against mine, as if he hasn't seen me in years. My hands went to his hair where I slightly pulled on it now and then, since I've learnt how much he liked it.

My body grew hotter by the second, as he buried his head in my neck, kissing, sucking and nipping the flesh all over it. I tugged on the hem of his shirt, and he stopped for a moment and pulled it off swiftly, then he was back at harassing my neck. I glided my hands up and down his toned chest, loving the way each dip of his abs and curve of his muscles felt.

His lips trailed kisses all the way back to my lips, and I felt my shirt being torn from my chest as our lips made one . Luckily, I didn't wear a bra today, so his hands immediately found my plumb breast, as his fingers knead and flicked my swollen buds. My moans were muffled in the kisses as I felt my nether regions frolic in want.

His hands found the waist of my sweats where he pushed it off my body, getting rid of it and my panties in one swift movement. He kissed down my neck again as I fumbled with the button of his pants, trying to get rid of them too.

Full skin to skin contact. That's all I wanted.

Ace finished the job for me and got rid of the rest of his clothes, and I could feel his projection thick and hard against my leg, ready to fill me up with all its exotic want.

He kissed every inch of my body, leaving my brain dazed and clouded with nothing but desire for my extraordinary mate. My hips bucked slightly when one of his thumbs traced over the silky wetness of my sensitive spot.

"Ace" I gasped as his index filled me with an urgency, causing ripples of sensation to rock my body, quiver after quiver of need. He worked greatly and skillfully, throwing me over the edge with sensational glee.

I felt empty when his finger left my body, but the disappointment vanished when he entered me, hard and full just as always.

I forgot about everything wrong that happened before. I forgot the reason why I cried myself to sleep every night for the past week. I forgot all the hurt and pain we both felt. I just focused on this moment, relishing in the pleasure that rushed through me with each and every hard, filling stroke.

He tilted my head back, crashing his lips to mine again without slowing his pace once. There was a wildness in him that I recognized as new. This time wasn't sweet and steady like the other times. Instead it was fast and hard, filled with longing desire and built up frustration. He released himself with each movement, closing the door on this tragic week and situation we were in.

And I loved it.

It was after a while when we both recovered from our high. And we just laid tangled and sweaty together, breathing heavily and reliving the moment. I knew that all the time we spent away from each other only made the moment better.

"I really did miss you" He whispered as he stroked my hair with his fingers in a soothing manner.

I didn't reply; I just hummed in response and snuggled closer into him, appreciating his presence so close.

"Do you think you would be ready to meet the pack now?" He asked when I didn't say anything.

Panic flooded my veins when I remembered that they knew who I was. Will they even accept me? Surely I'll have to prove myself.

"They'll love you Roxy" He answered my unspoken question. It soothed my nerves slightly, but I still felt anxious.

I knew I had to meet them sooner or later. Maybe it's best if it was sooner. I guess I didn't need to feel worried. From what I saw so far, they didn't resent me for my actions.

"Can Jane be introduced on that same day? Since she's now the new Gamma female?" I asked, which made him ogle me in shock.

I giggled slightly at his reaction as I watched it change from shock to happiness. His eyes then glazed over, as if he was asking Scott if it was true, then his face only grew happier.

"That's great!" He exclaimed, which made me laugh again. He then met my eyes again as his expression softened.

"Anything you'd like ma cherie"

I smiled brightly as I pecked his lips and snuggled into his chest again.

Everything felt right and I felt happy.

Even before the whole revelation and I was happy, I always had the big secret hanging over my head. But now it felt different. I felt free and open and all warm inside. Things will be great now. Ace has forgiven me, we can move forward, raise our baby and be a normal happy couple.

I'll have my best friend here with me, and we'll all live happily. Aiden will do a great job with the pack, mom and dad will be okay, Jenna will be out of the clinic soon from what I've heard and there's no more conflict.

No more war. It felt right.

I yelped in surprise as Ace lifted me up and carried me towards the bathroom. He rested me in the shower then stepped in after me. I winced slightly when I moved, feeling the soreness between my legs. Ace gave me an apologetic look, but I quickly kissed it away as the water streamed down our bodies, washing the sweat and past away.

I pulled away to watch the water run down the drain and smiled at it. There goes all the pain, betrayal, secrets and heartbreak.

Ace watched me strangely, not understanding my metaphoric thoughts, but I just kissed him again and I couldn't contain my smile, even in the kiss.

He pulled away and looked me deep in the eyes with a radiant smile on his face.

"Marry me" He announced, which completely knocked the breath from my body.


"Marry me Roxy" He repeated confidently, mot a hint of reluctance in his voice. For a minute, only the splashing of the water on the tile could be heard as I just gazed at him.

"But-but wolves don't get married"

"Some do. And I want to. I want you to be mine in every way. I want to see you walk down that aisle and become mine both legally and by fate. I want the three of us to have the same name, as a family. I want you Roxanna Isabella Gilbert, for the rest of my life. So please, will you marry me?"

My tears kept washing away with the water as I beamed brightly and threw myself in his arms. "Yes yes yes yes Ace! I'll marry you"

He laughed in joy as he lifted me and spun me around. He then placed me back on my feet, and he didn't hesitate to kiss me again.

I suddenly felt excited. A matebond was enough to bond two wolves together for life. And so, some wolves never saw the need for such a mundane union, since the bond was greater than any wedding vow.

But if I was being honest, I always wanted to be one of the wolves who did. My mom and my dad got married, and though I wasn't born, the pictures always made me want to get married someday.

Even if he didn't know it, Ace just made one of my dreams come true. Do you believe in perfect mates?

"Will you move into my room with me? You know officially?" He asked and I nodded in response. We would sleep in each other's rooms now and then, but I think it would be great to share a room now.

"Good. Cause I already asked Lilly to pack your things" He beamed innocently. I simply laughed at his confession as I squeezed some soap on his back.

Yup. Perfect mate.

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