Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 25- Final

Song for Final Chapter:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri



Growing up, I was never a fan of the retched things. I was more of a sweats and leggings kind of girl. I still am actually, but I had to admit, this dress was to die for.

I would live in it forever.

Well maybe not forever, but let's just say, I had no problem wearing this dress.

My wedding dress.

A beautiful dress for a beautiful day. It was all every girl dreamt of.

Elegant lace ran from my wrists up to my shoulders, cutting down to connect with the fitted sweetheart bodice. The thick fabric hugged my body, showing every dip and curve I never knew I had. It then spilled out right above my knees, giving it that perfect mermaid guise, and the six foot trail behind me gave it that touch I needed.

My hair was pulled back into a Greek goddess updo, with a few curls left to tumble around my plump cheeks. Lilly gave me a beautiful natural make-up look, and though I wasn't the girl to ogle over such things, I was indeed impressed by it.

I looked like myself but prettier. Ace doesn't know what was about to hit him.

Finally, I wore a crown shaped pin that mom gave me , where my veil fell to the middle of my back. She said she wore it when she was getting married, and it only made me love it even more.

Jane forced me to wear heels under the dress, and we've spent the past month breaking my feet until I was able to walk somewhat straight in them. I mean, who even invented these things? The ones Lilly gave me to wear on Ryan's birthday weren't half as high as this one. But, I made it out alive.

Jane and Lilly were my bridesmaids and they left a few minutes ago to do something. I was alone in my old room staring at myself in the mirror.

It has been a month since I've become a member of the Truemoon Pack, but Ace didn't want to waste anytime.

The minute we got back, he started talking wedding, and I didn't stop him. I was only in my first trimester of pregnancy, so my dress fit perfectly as if I wasn't pregnant.

I turned to the side to glance at my reflection again, and I gave myself an encouraging smile as I saw that it was almost one p.m.

"You've got this Roxy."

I rubbed my hands in my hand towel that I kept, since my hands kept getting sweaty. I didn't even know why I was nervous. This was my mate; nothing could be more right.

I heard a knock on my door, and I instantly knew it wasn't Jane or Lilly since they wouldn't have knocked. I also noticed that it wasn't anyone from our pack either.

"Come in!" I shouted, not really paying much attention. The door squeaked open, and the scent got more distinct and I instantly knew who it was.

"You look beautiful sweetheart" My dad said as he neared me. He wore a black crisp tuxedo, and his hair was slicked back, enhancing his forehead.

I wanted to cry seeing him here. And not because I didn't want him here, but because we weren't on best terms on my wedding day. Things over the weeks have somewhat improved. We would speak casually if I visited, but no one addressed the elephant.

"Thanks. It was all Jane and Lilly"

"They aren't the ones who's standing in front of me now though. So I would say it was all you" I blushed lightly at his compliment, feeling even more confident than before. I didn't have anything else to say, so I acted as if I was fixing something on my desk.

We were silent for a long while. Even a butcher's knife couldn't had cut through the tension in the room. When I had enough, I was going to disobey Lilly's orders and wonder around, but he finally spoke and broke the silence.

"Roxy" He sighed. "I never told you how sorry I was"

I noticed where he was going and I immediately tried to shut him down. "Dad please not right now. It's my wedding day"

"And that is why I want to fix this now. You're turning a new page in your life, and I want that page to be completely white. No old coffee stains" I sighed as he continued.

"I shouldn't have lied to you and Aiden about something like this, and I especially shouldn't have put your lives in danger to try and fix something I could've done myself in a much civilized way. I'm a terrible father, Alpha and role model, and I know I hurt you and I don't deserve your forgiveness. But please Roxy, give me another chance."

I stayed silent as I tried hard not to cry and release all the welled up emotions. He sighed when I didn't say anything, and took my sweaty hands in his.

"That day on the field, I acted so terribly towards you. But I wasn't myself Roxy. I wasn't myself for eighteen years, and I regret letting you and Aiden grow up in that cross fire. I should've kept myself together for my pups"

A stray tear rolled down my make-up filled cheeks, and I almost slapped him for making me potentially ruin my look. He pulled me to his chest and when I didn't resist, he squeezed me tighter but careful enough not to mess up my appearance.

"I love you sweetheart. I always have, even though I didn't show it. You grew up in such a rigid environment, that you had no room to explore your emotions and femininity. I took so much from you. I took too much from you" He pulled back so I was looking him in the eyes, as I tried so hard not to let another tear fall.

"I'm so proud of you. Everything you've achieved was all you, and that makes me prouder. You're gonna be a great Luna, wife and mom; I just know it" He ended with an encouraging smile.

The build up in my chest wasn't terrible anymore. Deep down I knew I forgave him, but hearing it from his lips really sealed the deal.

"Thanks dad. And I forgive you" I mumbled after I caught a tear before it rolled down my cheek.

"I really am sorry Rox" He mumbled as he pulled me to him again and placed a kiss on my forehead, something he'd never done before. In the past, he would've sometimes hugged me on my birthdays or if Aiden and I had a fight, but something about him now was indeed different.

It made me feel as if I never knew my dad at all, and the man I grew up with was the product of what happened when he lost his mate. I know this sounds crazy, but I was really interested in knowing who he really was.

"If you made me ruin my make up..." I sniffled as I shuffled towards the mirror to check my face. I sighed in relief when I saw that everything was just the same.

"Good thing it's water proof" He retorted, causing me to shoot him a weird look.

"How did you know that?"

"Your mom haven't stop crying since she saw you, and hers looks untouched" I nodded and chuckled at how dramatic moms can be on their kid's wedding day.

Mom and Jenna had been crying all morning. I was sure they would be at the wedding wearing shades, since their eyes must be puffy.

"Dad um...Will you walk me down the aisle?" I asked after a while of silence. His face immediately lit up, and I couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Of course I will. For once I'll do my duty as a dad"

I smiled brightly at him before giving myself one last once over and checked the time. It was almost time to leave, and I felt my heart beating faster against my chest.

The door then opened, revealing Aiden in a similar tuxedo as dad, except he was wearing a baby blue bowtie, since it was one of the wedding colours. He had seen me before when Lilly had just finished with my look, so now he was just smiling widely at me.

"Ready to walk down the aisle sis?" He beamed as he approached me. My breath suddenly hitched. I forgot that Aiden was suppose to walk me down the aisle. I guess I was gonna have two men giving me away.

That sounded so weird.

The drive to the park in Ace's pack was somewhat heart fluttering. I was anxious and itching to see Ace. Something about being his wife gave me more than butterflies. It gave me ladybugs and bees too.

We pulled up in a traffic of people and vehicles near park entrance. I've been here once when Lilly was helping me choose a venue, and I immediately knew that this was the place.

Ace's pack was huge with a lot of beautiful scenery areas that we could've gotten married. But I just knew this was the place.

The flowers and trees present were the most gorgeous things I've ever seen, and the way they were aligned naturally were even more alluring.

The area I chose was large enough for people from both pack who wanted to come, and there was also a small spring running across the land where I asked for the alter to be.

I could see from the car window that the area was beautifully decorated, as people rushed to park and get their seats before the one o'clock start.

The sun wasn't blazing but it wasn't overcast either. The atmosphere was just cool and welcoming. Just perfect.

Lilly and Jane were in the car in front of us, and I assumed that Ace and the other men were already there. Lilly's car took a sharp turn out of the traffic, and towards the side entrance where a white tent was pitched close to where the ceremony was being held.

Aiden stopped behind them, and he and dad helped me and my trail out of his jeep. I followed closely behind the girls and into the tent where mom, Jenna, Phillip, Jace and Rose were waiting. My whole family.

"Take me back to when you were a toddler" Phillip cooed as he hugged me. I laughed at his comment and wrapped my arms around him tightly.

"You look gorgeous dear" Rose commented, as I was once again pulled into another hug.

Jace just looked at me with the same expression Aiden had when he first saw me, and I almost laughed. He didn't have to say anything, he just hugged me closely and mumbled something about little sister.

We spent the next fifteen minutes getting me prepped and passing time, and the music was sounded from where the orchestra sat. Scott and Calum then entered, telling us that everyone was seated and we were ready. Right on time too.

With a few more kisses, wishes and hugs, my family left for their seats, leaving dad, Aiden and I in the tent. Scott and Jane walked down the aisle first, then Lilly and Calum followed.

It was finally my time to exit the tent, as I held dad on my left and Aiden on my right. I turned the corner that led to the aisle, as my heart beat rapidly against my chest. The music then changed to my processional one, and I could hear the rumbling of the people standing up.

Then, I turned onto the wide, white carpet and I lifted my eyes to find Ace's. I was immediately met with them, and all the anxiousness I felt automatically left.

We marched slowly down the path, my eyes never once leaving Ace's. He had a huge smile on his face, as he blinked a little faster than usual momentarily. He wore a white jacket tuxedo with black lapel, and a black dress pants and bow tie. His hair was styled neatly and his teeth shone brightly. He looked perfect.

This was what I always dreamed of. The feeling of surety and adoration as I walked towards my groom. The closer I got, the happier I became.

Once we were at the alter, dad kissed my left cheek and handed my hand to Ace, and Aiden did the same with the right after leaving his kiss too.

The crowd sat as the music died down, and Ace and I were gazing at each other with all the positive emotions in the world.

"Hi beautiful" He whispered, his smile never faltering.

"Hi handsome"

"We're getting married " he retorted, causing me to laugh.

"I know"

"You're going to be mine"

"I was always yours Ace" I grinned before leaning in and connecting my lips with his.

A number of 'awes' and gasps sounded from the crowd, and I didn't even remember that we had a tonne of people watching us. My mind was just on him from the moment we met eyes.

Someone clearing their throat broke us apart, and I noticed it came from the old man in front of us.

"If you would just wait until we've reached to that part, Alpha and Luna"

We laughed shyly as we took back our regular spots, and my heart was overwhelmed with unspeakable and unconditional love for this man in front of me.

My mate, and soon to be husband.


Ace's Pov

My beautiful wife.

I still couldn't believe she was all mine, so I constantly repeated the same line in my head from the minute we said our vows.

The minute I saw her walk onto that aisle, I was just at loss for words. She looked so phenomenal and blissful, that I thought my heart would've exploded by just looking at her.

Not to mention having her forever.

All my life I would've never thought that I was going to get married, since I knew that the mate bond was strong enough to bind two wolves for life.

But with Roxy, I just wanted all of her in every damn way possible. And now I do. I was nothing but delighted by that fact.

I watched her as she carefully peered at Lilly and Calum as they did their dance. The lights were dim, giving everyone that eerie feeling of the moment. I looked down at our interlaced hands, as her ring glistened in the dim light present.

Receptions weren't my thing, and I've come to learn that it wasn't Roxy's either. But Lilly was so persistent. She wanted us to have the full wedding experience. She did a great job; I had to find a way to really thank her.

For a whole month she had been working non stop to get everything perfect. She would pull her red hair into a professional bun, pick up her clip board and bark orders at the poor little staff that she hired for the wedding.

I had to say, it was worth it. Everything was perfect and Roxy was really happy; happier than I've ever seen her, if I might add.

That's all I ever wanted, and if Lilly made that happen she deserves more than just a thank you. Hell I'll even buy her that car she always wanted if I have to.

The music came to an end and they did their final dip as they stared at each other with an emotion I knew too well. We all applauded as they left the dance floor and Jane and Scott took their places.

We've been doing this for the past fifteen minutes, just watching people dance. My wife and I were expected to do a number also, but the woman who spent years learning how to fight apparently never learnt how to dance. It was really cute actually.

She would mess up all the time in rehearsal, though I didn't mind, then she would throw a tantrum and tell Lilly that she wasn't dancing at the wedding.

She did that for the first week, until she really followed up on her promise and just stopped coming. I had found her in our room that day watching a movie and eating fruit loops. She told me that she was serious about not dancing, but I didn't try to argue with her or change her mind. Lilly didn't either.

"You okay?"

I was broken from my trance by the sweet voice of my princess, and I gazed down at her with a gentle smile.

"I'm more than okay love. I just married the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm exhilarated."

Her cheeks tinted with a crimson red that was visible even under the light layer of make-up, and I couldn't help but relish in her beauty.

"Well in that case, I have news that will make you happier. I know where we're going for our honey moon"

I cocked an eyebrow at the statement as I got ready for her to tell me. My Beta took the liberty in sending me and my wife away for a week, but refused to tell us where.

"I overheard Calum and Aiden talking about it. We're going to Croatia. " She whispered excitedly.

Quite frankly I had no idea where that was and I was sure I'll have to google it on the way. But she seemed so thrilled about it that I couldn't help but genuinely share in her excitement. Besides, anywhere would've been perfect as long as I had her.

"I cant wait to see it. It's so different you know? I thought they would've chosen a cliché honeymoon hotspot like Hawaii or Fiji you know? Not that I would've minded but ..yay!"

I chuckled at her zest, though it really didn't matter to me where we went. However, I was actually excited to see a new place. I've travelled before but it was mainly for business.

A series of applause cut our conversation short, and I saw that the happy couple had finished their performance.

It was a good thing that Lilly organized the reception to be in the pack's conference hall. It was the place where we kept our more formal pack meetings. And since so many wolves came today, it was able to house everybody. It wasn't less decorated than the park that Roxy chose, and at first I didn't even recognize the place. Once again, hats off to Lilly.

"And for our final number for the evening..." The MC announced which slightly confused me since everyone already performed. "The bride and groom themselves! Help me welcome Mister and Missus Wilson everybody!"

People everywhere cheered as Roxy glared at a guilty looking Lilly. She never really took us off the programme. Sneaky little thing.

"The bride and groom has to dance at their own reception guys!" She pushed through our mindlink, and from the look on Roxy's face she heard it too. I chuckled and kissed her hand, getting her attention instantly.

"Come on. Just follow my lead" I urged and she sighed as we walked to the dancefloor.

The slow song that we rehearsed to came on, and I carefully led her throughout the short section we rehearsed. She missed a few steps, but she was doing great.

I noticed that she was no longer scowling, but she had a calm, peaceful look on her face as I rocked her from side to side.

She rested her head on my shoulder, and we gently swayed to Christina Perri's, A Thousand Years. I pulled her closer to me by her waist, and gently placed a kiss on the side of her head.

"I'm really glad I met you Ace. Even if it wasn't in best terms" She mumbled in my chest, sending a familiar wave through me.

"It was in the perfect terms love. What we went through made us into the couple we are today. I'm really glad I met you too baby"

She pulled away so she could look into my eyes, and I got a perfect view of her beautiful brown orbs.

"I love you so much. And I wont stop telling you for as long as I live"

I bent my head to place a soft kiss on her perfect lips. "I love you too ma cherie. And I will spend the rest of my life showing you just how much you mean to me. You are my world Roxanna Wilson. I could've never wished for a more perfect mate"

And it was true. Roxy may have thought she wasn't, but in my world she was. And I will spend everyday showing her just how perfect she is to me.

So, as we glided together in the middle of the room with her head against my chest listening to my heartbeat, that was all I could think about.

My Roxanna Gilbert Wilson. My heart, my life.

My undercover wolf.

The END.




Omg I'm literally tearing up right now guys 😭

When I wrote the last word I was like "wait its over? "

Like seriously I just want to thank you if you've made it this far. I love you so much for going on this journey with me.

Even if its just a few of you, I really appreciate it. ❤️

There's a bonus chapter that will feature their son! So I know he wasnt mentioned in the book, but you can read the bonus if you want to see him.

If you are like me and you don't always read epilogues or bonuses and you've decided that this is the end, thank you once again for inspiring me to write 🥺


So, until next time my loves 🥺❤️stay safe <3.


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