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Bonus Chapter-Niall

Note: Huge time jump below. And I know some of you wont like it so I just wanna say this.

Please don't look to this chapter as a closure. Please! Your closure was in "Chapter 25-Final" so if you decide to see this as the final, please don't. You'll like the previous one better, trust me.

This is a bonus chapter that can play as an epilogue, but it focuses on the future rather than just Roxy and Ace. But please do read it, and enjoy non the less.

You have been warned! Don't attack me if you don't like it. But you will don't worry, just not as an ending. If you get what I mean.

Happy reading!


Roxy's pov

"Asia! You get back here young lady! "

Ah, there it is. Lilly and Asia's daily fights.

Ace chuckled from beside me, given that it was just 6 in the morning and Asia was already throwing a tantrum.

Teenage girls. Always so daring.

Lilly and her daughter would have it out for each other every morning for a different reason. Asia just thought that her mom was being overbearing and unreasonable, but I could never tell.

Calum would bring peace between the two, and by the end of the day they would be cuddling and watching a show together.

It's such a cute relationship really, but I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that kind of drama.

My fifteen year old son never fought with me. He was respectful, kind and open-minded--surely great qualities for a future Alpha. I never knew how I could be so blessed, but I'm glad I was.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door, and I stared at it with a knowing look.

"Your turn" Ace mumbled in the pillow, and I dragged myself to the door with a small smile on my face.

This was Asia's thing. She would seek refuge with me or Jane until her dad comes and fetches her away. I never minded though. She was always like a daughter to me.

I opened the door and was met with a sad looking Asia. Her bright auburn hair was messy and tangled in a bun, and she wore her cute puppy pyjamas with a pout on her lips.

"Hi aunt Roxy" she mumbled shyly. I chuckled and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Happy birthday sweetheart"

"Thank you. It hasn't started pretty happy though. " She fiddled with the strings of her pants, and I carried her inside and sat her on the couch.

"Why are you fighting with your mom on your birthday?"

She huffed and straightened her back, something she always did when she was ready to tell me about the fights. "I went to her room to ask her if I could go to the field and shift, but she refused to let me go! How is that fair? It's my first time shifting and she's being unsupportive. On. My. Sixteenth. Birthday! "

I smiled slyly and took her hands in mine. "Did she say you couldn't, or did she say you couldn't right now? "

"She said I couldn't right now" She mumbled, knowing where I was going with this.

"She's just trying to keep you safe Asia. It's 6 in the morning and no one is out yet. I'm sure she wanted you to go later in the day when its safer. You know, since the whole rogue incident last week"

"Yea but you guys caught him, and he was alone"

"It's still too soon. And don't you think its just a little bit too early in the morning? "

She chuckled and shook her head. "I guess I was just exited."

"I know. Every wolf is when it's their first day. Just be easier on your mom. She really loves you "

"She is kinda pretty cool, isn't she? " I threw her a dah look, and we both laughed.

"Sorry if I woke you uncle Ace" She called towards the bed, where Ace was pretending that he wasn't listening.

"Aah that's okay love. I had to be up soon anyways, I have a meeting today. And happy birthday. I left you your gift in the foyer"

"Why the foyer? "

He smirked. "You'll see"

The door then flew open, and a sleepy looking Niall stepped through. His hair was messy and he was rubbing his eyes, and I noticed how Asia perked up by his entrance.

My son has always been a charmer. Maybe I was being biased, but he was the most handsome fifteen year old in the history of fifteen year olds. This didn't go unnoticed by Asia.

She's always had a crush on him, and I knew she wanted him to be her mate. But the minute he came closer and her face fell, I knew he wasn't.

Since she's sixteen now, her wolf is awaken in her and she'll be able to scent out her mate. But apparently it wasn't my son. I felt for her, but you cant mess with fate.

"Do you have to wake everyone in the house even on your birthday? " He grinned as he approached us and pulled her into a hug.

Ace threw me a look, and I simply shook my head, answering his silent question. Niall, who hadn't gotten a 'you're my mate' reaction from her, looked sorta disappointed too, but he shook it off.

"I'm sorry. I was just excited. That's all"

"That's cool. Jared and I will go with later to shift. I cant wait to see your wolf"

Jared was Jane and Scott's son. He was just a few months younger than Niall, and the three were basically inseparable. They'll work well side by side one day.

Jane got pregnant again two years after Jared was born, but she lost the baby and they never went again. Well of course they 'went again', but they never tried the baby thing again after that. It was heart wrenching really.

She went through a lot at that time, and Lilly and I tried to give her as much support as possible. Luckily, after a long while she sorta got over it and went back to her normal peachy self, but she was too scared to go again.

And so was I. But for totally different reasons.

Ace wanted more pups, but I just couldn't go through that again. Giving birth is like stretching your bottom lip and forcing it over your head. And even after so many years, I still had very low tolerance for pain.

So, I stuck with my one baby boy. And I'm so proud of the man he's becoming.

He led Asia out of our room, where she met her parents and their voices died down as they went down the hall. I looked to Ace who was sitting up in the bed, shirtless and looking great as ever.

I bit my lip and locked the door, then I slowly walked to him with a sexy smirk on my face.

"What time are Luka and Victoria getting here? " I asked in a seductive voice, tracing my finger over his hard chest.

"Around 12." He replied huskily. "Why? "

I didn't answer. I only climbed on top of him and crashed my lips onto his.


"Okay everyone in position!"

They all stood up and lined the living room when we heard Alpha Luka pull up. Even though we were alliances for years and we've become friends, we still welcomed them formally.

Ace went to the door to greet them, and I noticed they had their son and Victoria's sister with them. I've never met the two, but I was eager to now.

"Luna Roxanna. It's nice to see you again" Victoria exclaimed as she hugged me. Everyone did their greetings, and it was nice to have the formal air gone.

Victoria and Luka were the Alpha and Luna of one of our strongest alliances, The Brightwater Pack. Over the years we've met for various reasons, so we became friends. The formality was solely for work.

"Hi I'm Zoey, Victoria's sister. She brought me here because she thought I was gonna shave my head " The young girl said and we all laughed.

I shook her hand and welcomed her to the packlands. She seemed sweet, but I understood why Victoria would wanted to keep an eye on her teenager sister.

She looked around the same age as Niall, and she was actually very pretty. She had light brown skin with coily loose curls that fell to her shoulder. She and Victoria had the same brown eyes and some other similar features, but since they had different dads they looked slightly different.

Levi on the other hand, who was their son, had everything for Luka. He was quite an eye catcher too, just like my son.

A thudding sound on the stairs caught all our attentions, and I turned to see that it was Niall himself. Speak of the devil.

"I didn't noticed you guys have arrived. It's nice to see you again." He greeted politely when be noticed the extra bodies in the room. "I'm sorry for intruding, I was just passing by"

"Niall" I warned. He must know better than to just try and leave like this. "Come introduce your self, don't you notice the new faces?"

His eyebrows shot up as he noticed Zoey and Levi who were standing across from him. I noticed how he watched Zoey for a while longer, but he quickly composed himself and went towards them.

"My apologies" He smiled down at Levi, who was already sizing up respectfully to another future Alpha. "Niall Wilson, pleasure meeting you" It was sweet how professional he was being with the eight year old. It showed us that he had character.

"Levi Jones. Pleasure meeting you too"

Niall then proceeded to Luka and Victoria, shaking their hands and expressing greetings.

"Luna Victoria. Looking as beautiful as ever" He cooed, placing a kiss on her hand. I nearly laughed at my son's gesture, as everyone chuckled.

Ace shook his head amusingly, and Luka chuckled lightly while Victoria just blushed at him. As I said, always a charmer.

Then he turned to Zoey, and all boldness and confidence faded. I saw him visibly swallow, and he looked like my six year old son who broke my favourite vase rather than the bold future Alpha.

"Uh-hi. I'm uh..um"

"Niall, I know" Zoey finished with a blush, and he too broke out in a burning red. "I'm Zoey"

From where I stood, I noticed how his eyes soften a huge fraction at the sound of her name, as he worded it silently with his mouth.

She then pushed out a hand to shake, and the minute they touched, both their eyes widened and they pulled back as fast as they touched.

We all watched them strangely, and Ace and I shared a look before sharing a look with Luka and Victoria.

"I feel like I've known you all my life." Zoey whispered softly, both of them still staring at each other as if they were the only persons in the room.

"And you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen" My son boldly stated, even catching me off guard. Zoey bit her lip and pushed a curl behind her ear, and my heart warmed as I realized what was really happening here.

"I bet you've seen a lot of girls. That cant be true" She brushed him off.

His charming smile was back as he stepped closer to her. "Oh but it is. You are. And your hair is so beautiful " He reached out to touch her hair and she let him.

"And your eyes are beautiful.. " His hand trailed from the curl down her cheek, and my heart rate picked up when I saw how this could turn out.

"And your lips.. "

"Okay! " I exclaimed with a clap, breaking them out of their daze since I knew he would've probably kissed her right there and then.

I wasn't against him doing so, but one, I wasn't even sure if they were actually mates, two, I'm not sure how Victoria would've handled that and three, they're in a room filled with adults.

"Why don't you THREE go find something to do" I placed Levi between them. "And while you're at it, find Asia and Jared too. "

They looked surprisingly bummed , and I placed a kiss on Niall's head, which he tried to duck with an embarrassed look on his face.

He gave Zoey another longing look before leading them through a hallway.

We looked around at each other with knowing looks. After what we've just witnessed, there was great chance that they were mates.

But since none of them are 16 yet and haven't shifted or woken their wolves, they wouldn't know just yet. They would just feel attracted to each other without knowing why. But I already have my theory.

I totally call it.

Ace and I led Luka and Victoria into the office, and we settled down comfortably before starting.

"So do you think they are mates? " I asked excitedly as soon as we were seated.

"Oh I know they are" Victoria chirped, sharing my excitement.

This was so nice. Even though I felt for Asia, I couldn't help but feel satisfied that my baby's mate comes from a good family, and that which we are close to too. It wont be our relationship, but it will give me some peace.

"I guess we just have to wait and see" Ace said as he picked up a file.

Victoria and I groaned simultaneously. We never liked meetings, but with packs who have alliances together, we had to have them.

It's just the duty of a Luna.


It was about six in the afternoon, and everything was settling down. Our guests left like two hours ago, and Asia was coming down from her birthday high.

I got to see her wolf, and she was beautiful. The day went perfectly, and even Niall seemed a little more pumped than usual.

Don't have to guess twice about the reason.

Ace and I decided to take a bath together, so I set the water running for us. I stepped out of my robe and sunk into the warm rose petaled water. I leaned back and closed my eyes, as I heard the door open.

Seconds after, he eased himself behind me, and I relaxed into his chest.

"This is nice" I mumbled, feeling my limbs loosen.

"I know. I could never get tired of having you close"

He squeezed some water from the sponge onto my shoulder, then placed a kiss there as the water rolled away. I hummed in approval at how good that felt, as he did it numerous times up and down my shoulders and neck.

"And I can never get tired of the way you make me feel" I moaned as he sucked on the spot that held my claim, and I had the sudden urge to get up and take this to the bedroom.

"Are you happy we made it through everything? " He suddenly asked as he trailed more kisses on my sensitive skin.

"Of course I am sweetie. Everything turned out so perfectly, and I'm with you so how couldn't it have been?"

"I told you that you were my perfect mate" He whispered. I smiled and turned around to straddle him. He held my bare bum as I ran my wet fingers through his hair.

"You've told me that almost everyday for fifteen years."

"And I mean it more each time"

I giggled as he squeezed my hips, and I bent down to kiss him with all the love I could muster.

"Well you're my perfect mate too" I mumbled against his lips before recapturing them in a soft kiss.

And it was so true. Over the years Ace has been nothing but loving, sweet, strong and kind. I understood why mates where so sacred, and I'm grateful everyday for the one I got.

Cause even if nobody else but me believes it, he is my perfect mate.

And I'm his.




So that's a wrap! 😭

I hope you took heed to my warning at the beginning and I hope you're not disappointed.

I know Aiden wasn't mentioned, and much of the other characters weren't, but as I said, this was a bonus chapter that is mainly aimed at the spin off.

Yep spin off! 😊

If you're confused about Victoria and Luka, don't be. They are not new characters. They have come from my other book, and I purposely cross scenes. (If you read The Human's "Bonus Chapter -Zoey", it will make sense)

Anyway thank you again for the support! I love you so much for even reading this.

You are the best ❤️😉


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