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Final Note



Once again thank you so much if you have made it this far. I'm totally grateful for your support.

By now you would've read the bonus chapter and you have two things in mind. 1. That was good. Or 2. Why did the author leave us with questions about Zoey and Niall

Well my '2' people, that is because😁 it was sort of a pilot for the spin off for The Human and Undercover Wolf⬇️

Her Missing Pieces, His Treasure

Please see my wall my wall for the book or click this link.➡️ https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fantasy/583067

And as you may have guessed, it is Zoey's and Niall's story.

Zoey is from "The Human"

I am aware that The Human was written before Undercover Wolf, and that Zoey would've been older than Niall, but we're pretending that Undercover Wolf was set seven years before The Human. Simply because I got the idea of UW in the middle of writing TH.

So basically HMPHT is a spin off from both books. You don't have to read it, but its on my profile if you just wanna check out the description to decide 😉

If you are totally confused, and you've only read one book, don't be discouraged my friend. The spin off is a stand alone book. You don't have to read one or the other to understand.

You don't even have to read any one of them.

The only advantage cross over readers will have are the little familiar omg moments.

However, if you wanna read the other book (TH), go right ahead love. There are no spoilers in this book other than the epilogue. So, its up to you.

If you have decided that 'nah I'm okay with this ending and I'll just archive this book and go on with life'..lol i just wanna thank you either way.

Even if you've just read one chapter of this book, my heart goes out to you. ❤️

So this is my final update! 🥺

After this I'll focus on other stories, and let this one collect dust and reads from new viewers. If you get update notifications from this book, its because I'm editing.

Once again thank you for staying with me, inspiring me and motivating me.

I love you all and I will always cherish you. This was my second novel, and I am so happy with it.

So, if you're crossing over, I'll see you again soon. But if you're finished, please stay safe and never forget me ❤️

This is my final note. I love you, and I'll surely miss you.

So, until we meet again, if we meet again. And if we're going our separate ways. Just know that you are forever engraved on my heart. Always and forever.

-Anna. <3

P.S. I know my author's notes for both books are kinda similar, so I hope it doesnt annoy you. ;) <3

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