Undercover Wolf

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Chapter 3

I threw my last bag in the trunk of the very expensive car that was sent to pick us up.

The two men that came to collect us were much nicer than I expected them to be. They only became professional when we were talking business, but then they were back to being cool and collected.

This made me more suspicious about them. Why were they so nice?

"All set?" The one whose name I learnt was Ryan asked with a smile on his face. I gave him a short nod as I went to say my goodbyes.

I made my way to Jace and Jane first, giving each of them a bone crushing hug.

Jace was the eldest of us all, and I had the weirdest crush on him when I was younger, so I was always awkward around him. However, I don't think he ever noticed, so the awkwardness was always one-sided. Nonetheless, we all grew up together as a family, and so he was very much dear to me.

Jane, on the other hand, was more than family. That made it much harder to say good-bye to her than anyone else--even my dad.

"You make sure you come back to me in one piece" Jane mumbled in my neck as she squeeze the breath from my lungs.

"I'll be back, don't worry. The four months will pass in no time, you'll see." I mumbled in a small voice. I release her shortly after, shooting her a quick reassuring smile before escaping swiftly. I loved her, but I'd be in a Jane-hug for days if I didn't get out of there.

I went to Beta Phillip next, and he openly welcomed me in a warm hug. It was quite unusual, given that we never show affection in this family. You just know the love is there.

"Make me proud" Was all he said as he gently kissed my hair.

I most definitely will.

He passed me to Rose, Jane's mom, and we said our awkward goodbyes next. It only felt weird becasue neither of us were good at goodbyes. But in the end, she uttered a few encouraging words before bidding me farewell. I appreciated each word she said, reminding me the great responsibility I had to this pack.

Finally, I went face to face with my dad, and I oddly felt like crying. I knew it wont be easy for Aiden and I to live in a foreign place where there was no one to look out for us like my dad did. Just being there on the edge of good-bye reminded me how hard this mission could be.

"Be brave, strong and bold" He whispered in my hair as I hugged him. "Make us proud, even though I'm already proud of you guys. Look out for your brother, don't let him get too caught up okay?" I nodded, knowing just what he meant.

Aiden had a tendency of going a little overboard, especially when things weren't going his way. But despite that fact, if anyone could complete this mission, it's him. All he will need is a little self control.

He kissed my hair as I whispered my goodbye, quickly wiping my tears before heading to the car.

Aiden and the two friendly strangers were patiently waiting, conversing about something I couldn't hear.

My brother was never the type to give hugs and kisses unless it was with me, so he just oddly waved at everyone as we loaded the car.

We were informed that the drive wouldn't be long, probably an hour and a half max. I couldn't tell where our territory originally ended, but I knew it was a large portion that was taken.

"So what are your names?" The unnamed one asked. Aiden and I shared weird looks before turning back too him.

"I'm Aiden and this is Roxy. Didn't your Alpha inform you about who you're picking up?"

"Alpha Ace doesn't disclose information about our visitors until he meets them personally first." Ryan informed us and I nodded in understanding.

I couldn't ignore the shiver that ran through me when he said the Alpha's name though. Maybe it was my body's way of reacting to the evil in them.

Yea that's it.

"What's your name?" I asked the man who's yet to be identified. I wasn't being friendly, I was just polite.

"I am Beta Calum at your service ma'am" He did a little playful bow as he spoke, and I awkwardly smiled at him. It then dawned on me that I didn't sense in his scent that he was Beta blood, but my mind was too far fetched to even notice.

If their pack was anything like ours, I'll be living with this man for the next four months. He seemed fine, I just hoped the others were this easy going. That would make my job much easier so I could leave faster.

"Why are they being so nice?" Aiden asked through our mind link.

"I don't know, maybe they are actually nice?" It came of more of a question than a statement as I considered the possibility.

"Maybe. But we should keep an eye on them "


My wolf was opposed to the idea for some reason. She felt as if she could trust them. I know our wolf's instincts were what kept our species alive throughout all our existence, but I couldn't trust her on this one. We were in the enemy's territory after all.

After a few more minutes, we were pulling into a beautiful town-like area. I felt a pang of jealousy run through me as I thought about how luxurious they were all living, while our pack land was half broken down and barely making it's way back up.

Our Alpha house was the biggest building in the pack, and even it wasn't half the size of some of these buildings.

My dad did his best to repair the damage that was made 18 years ago, and even with the work he's done, it still wasn't half as good as this.

Doubt ran through me for a second as I wondered if we could really take this pack. I knew that our father built up the warrior team and more, but can we really compare to them?

That's what you're here for Roxy, to find out, my subconscious reminded me.

I mentally slapped myself for doubting everything we've worked so hard for. Mind-set is everything.

I glanced at Aiden to see him with the same expression as mine, except his was filled with determination, contrasting to the doubt I had. Of course, seeing the wonders of this pack only drive him more. Shame on me for resorting to doubt.

Ryan randomly pointed at things and places, telling us what they are and where we can go when we wanted to.

Eventually, we pulled through a long driveway, leading to a huge house that I assumed was the Alpha house since it didn't look like a pack house. We jumped out the car simultaneously, as we stared mesmerized at the house we would be staying for the next four months. The girl in me was already squealing, wishing I never had to leave; but I had to keep focus.

The doors burst open and a girl around our age ran through, coming towards us with excitement written all over her face. After a couple seconds, I noticed she was running towards me. I made a move to run once I caught on, but she got me before I could get away.

"Oh my gosh another girl! It's so nice to meet you" She squealed as she let me go. "I'm Lilly by the way"

"Babe why are you attacking our guests?" Calum asked with a smile as he grabbed her in for a hug. I concluded that they were mates, and I had to resist the urge to gush.

"I was so excited! When we were informed that we were having trainee warriors, I didn't know there was gonna be a girl!" She stated excitedly as they made their way inside. Aiden and I following closely behind.

"I'm sorry but I tried to keep her inside" A man, I assumed was the third in command, rushed out as we entered. "But she looked through the window and saw the girl and freaked"

"The girl's name is Roxy" I stated in annoyance. I didn't appreciate how informal these people were. They were the heads of the pack, after all.

He quickly looked to me, then a smile took over his face as he took my hand and kissed it. Weird.

"It's a pleasure Roxy" He coaxed, rolling the R of my name.

"Wish I could say the same" I mumbled lowly as I pulled my hand from his grip.

"Feisty, I like it" I bit the inside of my cheek as he winked at me, trying real hard not to punch him. But luckily for him, Beta Calum saved the moment.

"Scott where is your professionalism? Have some respect" Calum scolded, and for the first time since I got here I actually believed that they actually knew how to be formal.

"I apologize for the confusion" Calum said. "But we're a little above schedule. You see, we weren't suppose to be back this fast, since we assumed you would've taken longer to say your goodbyes. Hence why they weren't in their usual greeting positions and why our Alpha isn't back as yet"

Well that explained some of it.

Aiden cleared his throat as he spoke for the first time since we got in here.

"No worries, we totally understand. But if I may, I'd formally like to greet you all" He turned to me with a proud look on his face as he grabbed my wrist. "This is my sister Roxy Gilbert, and I'm Aiden Gilbert, the Alpha's first borns. " He ended and I noticed everyone apart from Calum and Ryan stiffened.

My theory was that they didn't know we were Alpha bloods, but if they were focused they would've noticed from our scents.

It was in that moment of silence that I noticed how wonderful this house smelled. Every passing second that I inhaled, it got better. It was almost intoxicating.

"Oh my gosh your house smells so good" I praised, almost in a trance as I took a deep breath. Everyone except Calum gave me questioning looks as they sniffed the air as if trying to see what I'm talking about.

Didn't they smell that?

"Well someone who lives here will smell quite good to only one wolf in the whole world, and I guess that wolf is you." Calum coaxed with a smirk.

I was confused as to why he was giving me that look, but then my gaze shifted completely.

The most attractive man I've ever seen entered the room, looking so groomed and sexy in his buttoned down white shirt and dark jeans. His jaw was chiselled perfectly, and his arms were toned to literal perfection.

His face was slightly scrunched into confusion as he walked further into the room, and I could see that he was focused on something. My chest tightened and my breath hitched as he got closer. My head felt feathery and my throat felt dry. Deep down I knew why all this was happening, but I didn't want to accept it.

But the moment his eyes found mine, I knew there was no denying it.

I felt my canines pierce their way through my gum, itching to sink in the neck of this man. I also felt my eyes shift to my wolf's as I took him in, and I noticed his changed too.

He took a step closer and so did I. My body moved on it's own accord like a magnetic to metal. My feet moved forward again when Aiden grabbed my hand, saving me from this retched moment.

"Alpha Ace, this is Roxy Gilbert, one of our guest" Calum stated sneakily as his smirk grew. Playing matchmaker I see.

Wait did he say Alpha Ace?

"Rox why is he looking at you like that?" Aiden whispered fiercely as he made a move to go in front of me protectively, but I stopped him.

"He's my mate"

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