Lilliana And Pond-Weed: Short Story Scene

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A short story about a girl and her nymph friend who longs to join her at school.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

Lilliana dipped her tawny born hand into the crisp cool pool of water. It was unusually still. Silent, almost as if dead? Lilliana wondered if her friend was sleeping, and took advantage of her friend’s still form to try her hand at skipping several rocks across the smoothed water.

One, two…… plonk! The stone dove below the surface. Nearby, a frog gave a loud croak of disapproval. Three, four……. Plonk! Nice one! Lilliana thought to herself. By the fourth stone skip, she began to grow worried. This usually worked, and it was in the middle of the day! This wasn’t the time to be taking an afternoon snooze, especially when they had planned on seeing each other.

She stared down at the waters below, a soft almost imperceptible tremble flowed over the surface of the water, like a traveling tide. Water slowly began to amass together solidifying into a single unit, that was no longer the opaque water of the pond. A young man with blue-green tinted skin and an in-circulating mass of wave clothes gently tapped the top of Lilliana’s head. She squealed, throwing herself into his arms.

“Wait!,” He said a little too late as she fell through his figure, hurtling into a shallow pool of water, “ I haven’t quite finished - - solidifying yet….” He reached a hand down towards Lilliana, who hesitantly took the deepening opaque-blue hand of the water nymph.

“Where were you?!?” Lilliana glared at him.

“Thinking, dreaming, you know…?”

Lilliana rolled her eyes.

“I - I was wondering.” The nymph chewed on his lower lip. “Could I, could I, perhaps see the human world? Can I come with you?”

Lilliana was shocked that her friend, Pond-Weed, thought he could somehow blend in with her village. She stared at him for a good long while. “That’s a joke right?”

Pond-Weed played with some dew drops that he formed into the air, like marbles before they splashed down into the grassy meadow floor.

“Noooooo, you make school sound so fun! I thought it would be fun to try it out,” Pond-Weed gazed up expectantly, “To spend more time with you.” he said in a pleadingly sweet voice.

“You’re blue, and you live in a pond!” Lilliana dramatically gestured at the pond, “And you’re part of that pond, your name is literally Pond-Weed!”

“You could say I have a disease?” Pond-Weed smiled flashing stark white teeth with the slightest hint of blue. “Didn’t you say there was a man who ate something who turned blue? Collid sliver?”

Lilliana lowered her lashes in fluttering annoyance. “Colloidal silver?”

“Yeah, that!” Pond-Weed beamed. “I will be your diseased solid silver friend.”

“I thought we were going to read and catch frogs.” Lilliana groaned.

“So I can come to school?” Pond-Weed smiled.

Oh, sweet innocent boy, Lilliana thought. What am I to do? She extended her hand, regretful of her next words. “Welcome to school, my diseased exchange student friend.”

Pond-Weed gave her extended hand a sideways limp high-five and proceeded to enchant the meadow with a traditional nymph dance of joy. “I can’t wait to tell my mom!”

“Me toooooo” Lilliana said, a frozen smile plastered to her face. Step-two convincing my parents that Pond-Weed is a typical human. Check? More like atypical…..

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