Evening Flight, Interrupted: Short Story Scene

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After a day at school a girl who has to hide her real form goes out for her daily flight. Unfortunately, this day someone sees her.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

She spread out her wings and unfurled them so that they blocked the sunlight that now illuminated her brown and gold feathers in the warm yellow hues of golden sunshine. She smiled and yet her gaze remained steady. Her eyes misty, and forlorn.

Something was missing. Something was always missing. She never knew what it was, but it was. Her hand trailed along the smooth rim of her feathery wings. With a sigh she tensed her back, sending a wave of warmth into her outward appendages, flooding the wings with energy to take flight.

She squatted low and pumped her wings three times before catching a breeze and floating upward. The gentle currents tickled the rims and feathers. Slowly, she slid her worn leather goggles over her eyes and flung her hair from her face.

The sweet scent of the citrus grove overwhelmed her senses with the tart tangy bite, that she always seemed to crave after her evening flights. Her gaze flitting about her, sensing movement. Above her, a gorgeous flock of brown and yellow birds greeted her warmly as they gradually sunk further into the horizon.

On the lone road below, she saw something moving. It was red and shiny, She squinted, With big wheels. Her heart sank hoping beyond all hope that whoever it was hadn’t spotted her.

“Hello?” Called a familiar male voice.

She scrunched her face, the sky couldn’t hide her.

“What are you?” He called up again, stopping his bike, sending up a cloud of dust.

“Not here...” She hissed silently to herself. Just when she was enjoying her freedom, she grit her teeth. When her wings had been bound up to her back all day, were set free only for a minute moment, when he just had to show up. Would he tell them?

“Eleanor Wimmins, is that you?” He shielded his eyes squinting against the mellow sunset. It was.

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