New Power Emblem: Short Story Scene

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A magic-user gains a new power through another hard-sought trial.

Fantasy / Adventure
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New Power Emblem

A spark of light shot from the tips of his fingers, across the lawn, lighting it ablaze against the light of the moon. The piercing darkness was illuminated by the choking yellow glow of the fiery-field. He licked his lips and smiled. The burnt smell of the dry brush and dirt filled his nostrils.

A certain kind of death. A beautiful demise. The flames encircled him. Dancing around his feet but never touching him. He waded through the fire, sweat dripping from every pore of his body. Thick smile swirling inside of his chest. A blue hue rested on the outside of his skin, shimmering in the light. The young man spat on the ground groping for any moisture. The flames fizzed slightly and lapped over the scorching wound. Making his way into the center of it, the blue light encasing him began to dissipate and a red glow began to spread out from the center of the heat creating a deep burning sensation that fled with a clap of thunder in the moonlit sky, ending with it the fire, snapping it out of existence.

Dripping and drenched in sweat, the young man threw himself onto the scorching earth. He gasped at the charred ashes, of what had been a lush tangle of green grass. He had done it. He had made fire! He thought to himself, having endured the firewalk. A burning sensation spread throughout his right shoulder which began to burn with the intensity of a thousand sunburns. A single - swirling fiery icon emblazoned itself into his arm, glimmering with a soft blue shimmer, resting below another emblem in the shape of a feathery outline and a paw-print. He smiled, and gingerly brushed his fingertips over the raised new emblem. Heaving a sigh of relief, sleep took him for the rest of the cool autumn night.

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