The Young One & The Lands: Cipher of Ciphers

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It had been extremely, terribly — inconceivably long that the withering city laboured under the enslavement of a grim, tyrannical winter. Though in despair were its weary, spiritless, nigh-frozen folk, they were not utterly forsaken. For out of nowhere there suddenly came a warm, bright, unexpected dawn and delivered their every child, abode and house. But could this much-welcomed light be their very hope, or their even grimmer, graver — crueler destruction?

Fantasy / Mystery
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A Poem

In the land of lands lived a parentless boy,

In the secret of secrets howled a dustful tomb,

Over the sea of seas,

And wave of waves,

Crouched a great city.

Of where its dwellers indifferent and incurious.

Of where its tavernees imbibing and cavorting.

Oh, why did they not save

The cipher of ciphers?

Woe was the codex of the codices,

Woe was the folk of the old city,

For their destruction drew apace,

Their perishment approaching,

Their torment bone-splitting.

Oh, why did they not save

The cipher of ciphers?

End were their days,

Dead their children,

Ruination their city,

Perishes every little single life

Of the land

And the woods

If they could not


And interpret

The last


Of ciphers.

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