Of Thorns and Lightning

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The Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse and Egyptian gods haven't always gotten along. They have a long history of battling for dominance all while trying to save the world from destruction. Though, after centuries of conflict, the Assembly of the Gods and Goddesses were created in order to foster peace between the gods. Together, they would decide on when and how to intervene in the mortal world.Though immortal, dealing with the mortals was exhausting and the world, as far as the Assembly of Gods and Goddesses were concerned, was going downhill, and fast. Many of them had seen their fair share of wars, ever since the beginning of Earth and time. They were too old to fight the world's battles anymore. So, who were the best people to do the job of fixing humanity's evils? Humans, themselves.Peter, Maize, Meaghan, Jordie, Talia, Ariel, and Angelina were chosen to replace the gods and goddesses in the Assembly and would be trained to fight the battles and evils of the world. Can they follow in the footsteps laid before them, or will they be unable to reduce the collateral damage left behind in their wake?

Fantasy / Romance
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of thorns and lightning

Fiona Price

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