Of Thorns and Lightning

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The Assembly


The rain pounded the mirrored, one-way windows of the Tower of the Gods and the sound of Artemis’s high heels echoed down the empty hallway off the marble floor. Her strides were quick as she approached the throne room where the rest of the Assembly was waiting in anticipation to hear Artemis’s urgent proclamation. As Artemis passed the heavy doors that slammed behind her, the room fell silent as she stood by her throne that faced the others. The gods looked at her with undivided attention.

Before her sat the Greeks, Hecate, goddess of magic and witchcraft, Arachne, the goddess of the spiders and of weaving, Dike, the goddess of justice, moral order and judgment, and Menoetius, the Greek god of violent anger and rash action. On their left was Thor, the Norse god of thunder and Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt. To the right was Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and science, and Arawn, the Celtic god of the dead, revenge, war and terror.

Artemis began; her audience sat with bated breath. Though they were all gods of equal standing, Artemis was fierce, intelligent and independent. There was a reason she was the head of the Assembly and they wouldn’t dare disrespect her.

“As you all know, William Townsend of New York has been working with us on what he calls the Youngblood Project. He has connections to some of our former liaisons, and their children have inherited some worthy and godly blood. These are human mortals. I know this council has discussed the implications of this project at length, but William has moved ahead with his plans for the project since some of the mortal children are showing signs of their abilities previously unbeknownst to them. It’s time for us to go back down to the mortal world and meet the young blood, and hope to Zeus and all the titans that he knows what he’s doing. After all, the fates of all the gods depend on it.”

With that, Artemis adjourned the Assembly and the gods and goddesses prepared to head back down to the mortal world. They had spent their days in the Gods Tower in Manhattan, having no reason to leave. It had been many moons since they had made an appearance outside the tower, and their looks were due for an update.

Shedding their immortal facade, Dike thought it was high time for a change and took the form of a tall, muscled blonde man with soft blue eyes and a chiseled chin. Arawn returned to his form as a man with a dark, scruffy beard and thick shoulder-length black hair, adorned with his leather jacket and biker boots. The other gods and goddesses kept most of their form but changed their clothes, having to consult Artemis before they did.

“Artemis, what year is it down there? I think the last time I went out it was 1945. How has style changed?” The remaining gods wondered.

“If any of you bothered to look at the Pinterest board I send you all in the weekly blast email, you’d know!” Artemis answered. “Now hurry up, we can’t be late to meet our successors.”

On Artemis’s final statement, they all squished into the elevator that would take them down from the top of the tower where they were gods, to the streets of Manhattan where none was the wiser. Over the millennia, they had kept a low profile. They were still worshipped, but they rarely made an appearance and were not able to be identified in a crowd, unless they wanted to be. The gods and goddesses, some more reluctant than others, got into their fancy sports cars or on to their motorcycles and headed in the direction of William Townsend to meet the teenagers that would follow in their paths: Maize Grace Leto, Meaghan Vitale, and Peter Lannigan.

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