The Year of Mayhem

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The Four Seasons

Blossom, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They sound like the names of the seasons (except Blossom) but they’re actually names. Yeah, names of the seasons. No. Names of people. And if you guessed that they’re girls, then your correct. Blossom, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are best friends. These girls all go to Riverbank Academy for Exceptional Students. They’re all “exceptional” at one thing of their own. To explain, Summer is good at sports. Autumn is really smart. Blossom is good at singing. And Winter is good at public speaking.

These girls are not normal. Well, they’re named after seasons, that’s the most obvious reason, but there’s something else about them. No-one could quite explain it. Until that one day, when everything changed. That’s a pretty common phrase in books. You know, one person (or a group)’s life starts out normal, then something happens to make them different, they get powers and save the world, and then they become heroes. But this story is different. Mostly. Anyway, I’m going to pass on the narrating to the experts.

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