Hate at first sight

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Being forced to get married to someone you don't love is bad enough,but when you don't know that you are getting married is worse. Meet Emma, a flamebender also the daughter of the king of benders. She can't chose her own love, but she can choose life or death...

Fantasy / Romance
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"Everyone move!!!" "Daddy, wait don't leave me" "Emma, go...go!! Go!!!" "Mommy, will daddy come back?!!!" "Emma, just go to the ship all right?" "Are you gonna go with daddy too?" "Emma, just go" *explosion* ^people screaming^ "DADDY!!!!!" 15 years later*

"I remember that day so well, mom eventually came back... but daddy..." "Emma, hurry up we're gonna be late!!!" "I'm. Not. Going!!!" "Get out of your room, and pack those boxes we're leaving." "I HATE YOU!!! You killed my dad and now you wanna control my life? No!!!" "Emma you're seventeen, grow up, besides I lost my husband too." "No, uncle Steven,said you were part of the people who exploded our planet!!!" "Emma... why would you say that? Well no time now, GET UP pack your bags and boxes, we're leaving, no and, ifs or buts" "arghhh!!!!"

*phone rings* "hey" "hey, Joseph" "so where do you wanna meet?" "I... umm , I have something to tell you" "okay..." " I'm moving, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before , I thought..." "yea, you thought all right" *hangs up* "Joseph...mom I'm going out!!!" "Hey, don't forget..." "I know, I know, always keep a hoodie on, never get angry or attack anyone" "good, and" "argh, do I have to do this?" "Yes every time you go out and always remember to..." "I know, never show off" "that's my girl" " I'll be back by ten, love you, mom" "nine thirty!!" "Eleven!!" "Fine, ten o'clock not a minute later"

"The usual ?" "Yup, three tofuloves and a large coke, thanks" "no prob, dude why do you always have your hoodie on?" "Ahh, it's nothing, but who's that dude over there?" "The one in a red t-shirt?" "No, the one in the hoodie." "Oh, that's just Thomas." "Oh, Thomas... Thomas" "yes? Do I know you? And how did you know my name?" (In her head) well this is embarrassing) "Umm, the barista told me,nice to meet you though." "Nice to meet you too." " Emma!!!" "Mom?!!, it's not ten yet" "Thomas!!!" "Mom?!! I already broke up with Tofunmi, if that's what you wanted" "Emma.. I have something to tell you, likewise Thomas " "what do you mean?"

Tofunmi and Emma I hope you are honored🤗🤗. Tofunmi don't worry I have your own coming.

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