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Cemeteries are meant for the people who have lost their lives, it can be due to war, illness, age, and more but once they are gone, they are gone for good along with their memories. But, what if… ...What if those memories can be replayed? Damsel Flares, a mage whose duties are to carve epitaphs and design them according to a person’s life before it ended. She is that special type of mage in which she can insert herself in the memories of the dead starting from the day it actually lived as a human up until its death. Each of the memories hold secrets that are eye-openers to the people related to them and these memories are stored in the epitaphs she makes, which are then placed in the cemetery she owns. In this life of hers, she’s the only one who can free people and she will always hold on until the day she gets to have her own…

Fantasy / Action
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“The half of it is impossible to record.. The first half it is. This is the tenth person now.” A tall woman muttered under her breath as she gently caressed a dead woman’s forehead with her palm. Her soft half-lidded eyes sooner gazed at the horizon above her; it is a view coated with lively blue skies with moving clouds in a cold morning.

The woman narrowed her eyes as she took a deep breath, “It seems I am not the only maker around huh?” But that thought made her smile softly, things are getting interesting now that she has another goal to accomplish:

“I’ll find you.”

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