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Grim Start

“Euclesia?” The king gritted his teeth, “You mean this girl?” He grabbed Euclesia’s arm as he pulled her closer to him.

The girl yelped and tried to pull herself away, as well as freeing herself, but the king’s grip tightened and pulled her back once again.

“Euclesia!!” Damsel shouted but then the soldiers immediately went into position.

“You are not taking a step further close to the king!” One of them exclaimed.

“These people are annoying.” Damsel muttered while gritting her teeth.

The king snickered, “Oh, trespassing here is one big mistake, my dear. Worry about yourself, you are surrounded and you won’t be able to advance further. However, since you have made it that far, the least I could do is watch you get buried with my men’s arrows.”

“An honor.” But Damsel did not waste any time and suddenly charged towards the small army and they released a volley of arrows but the woman blocked most of them with her right arm covering her face before she jumped high in great speed and retreated her left torso and arm once more, “UROOAAAAAH!!!” She let out a battle cry before she slammed her fist on one knight and another explosion, greater than the one from earlier, appeared right in front of the king and Euclesia, burning all the knights in the process.

The king’s eyes widened at the blast and turned around to rush out of the place but then Damsel had launched out of the thick smoke and landed down on the ground. Her narrowed spring green eyes showed red streaks in them, revealing how angry she is. She then pushed the king and slammed him down on the ground, letting the male let go of Euclesia in the process.

“I told you to bring her back to me.”

“You wretched woman, I will have my entire army go after you for going after me!” The king snarled.

“Go ahead and bring them all then! I will blast them off along with your castle!”

Damsel is not the type to actually get angry but she will be if people like him abuse power just to get what they want through any means. The king clicked his tongue and snapped his fingers before trudges occurred nearby. The footsteps are too heavy to the point it created a loud sound and small earth tremors with each step it takes.

Euclesia’s eyes widened when she suddenly felt a spike of magical energy close to them and shouted, “Ms. Sorceress, on your right!”

Damsel turned her head towards the said direction but a great and powerful force struck her whole body, making her yelp and fly across the wall, crashing into it and allowing thick smoke and debris cover her. The owner of that force is a large man at the size of an ogre with a heavy and muscular built, the man is carrying a large metal hammer and is wearing the same armor as the rest of the knights.

The king laughed, “Burn down my kingdom huh? You didn’t even see that coming!” he mocked.

But, after a few more moments, Damsel finally stood up from the crash with her bangs hovering her eyes while she faces the giant man, unscathed, “Oh, it seems he has low presence. Have yet to counter that magic with precision.”

The king’s eyes widened, “How could you..”

“Since my senses aren’t that sharp enough to notice mages with low presence as their passives, I strengthened my defensive shield to withstand such heavy attacks.” Damsel answered as she rose her face slightly to glare at the knight,

“You are nothing but a speck to me.”

The knight gritted his teeth and charged at her while he rose up his hammer once again, “GROAAAAAAR!!!

Damsel charged as well and as soon as the knight slammed down the hammer at her, the female sidestepped to dodge and jumped on top of the weapon before she dashed towards his head. The knight used his free palm to swat her away but Damsel quickly jumped once again. She retreated her left torso and arm once again before she yelled in courage and struck her fist right in the knight’s face, causing an immediate explosion along with splatters of blood and fleshes. The impact made the king and Euclesia protect their head with their arms as they were blown away with the explosion’s air waves.

Damsel then hopped back and landed on the ground as she looked up, upon the smoke subsiding, they could see the knight all wounded and bloodied with his head completely blown off. He fell on his knees and dropped dead on the ground.

The king gritted his teeth, “What kind of sorceress are you? How can you possibly beat my best knight?” He asked as he stared at her.

Damsel then looked at him, her clothes are stained with blood along with her jawline and cheek from the left side of her face, “I’m simply stronger. Now bring her back.” She replied.

Euclesia’s eyes glimmered in admiration. To her, this woman is not just a powerful sorceress, she is also a woman with a heart made of diamond; strong and beautiful. Her light feet then dragged her towards the woman. This woman… Something is different about her that made her feel safe and secured.

“Ms. Sorceress!!” Euclesia called out and the king extended his hand towards her,

“Stop her!” The king exclaimed and another round of knights gathered inside the castle. However, they immediately halted in front of the dead and headless knight with widened eyes.

“Impossible… our best knight is dead!” One of them said.

“If the sorceress defeated him then we don’t stand a chance!”

“No! Let us take advantage of our numbers!”

“In the name of the king!”

Then, a series of battle cries sounded within the place as the soldiers charged towards Damsel, raising their swords in the process.

Damsel clicked her tongue, more problems showed up and she has to take Euclesia far away from here. She went and grabbed the girl, carrying her in bridal style, “Hold on tight, little one.”

The term little one in such a soft yet strong tone of voice definitely reminded her of someone she once knew. Euclesia firmly held onto the woman by wrapping her arms around her neck.

Damsel then faced the group of knights and charged towards them.

“She’s carrying the Avercial princess! Take her down and save the child!” The leader of the knights shouted.

“She can’t blow us up with her left hand occupied!”

‘Avercial princess?’ Damsel’s eyes widened. That title brings high value towards someone who was being called like that. The Avercials are popularly known to be the best people in combat. The empire’s warriors are heavily trained in both body and mind and their movements in battle can really make a great impact of both admiration and hope. They are like dancers in a battlefield and they can’t possibly be defeated by other species. To think that such a very important person was being sold out and were being brought here, how could this child even be that man’s daughter?

Now that she thinks about it, she could feel the big difference between Estreso’s power and the girl’s. Estreso’s felt like he was just a former soldier of this kingdom and the girl’s hold so much more, like the level of an Avercial or greater. It seems she has finally learned something.

‘Knew it that I will find out everything along the way.’ She sighed as she jumped up and aimed her left foot towards the group, “Get out of my way!!” She shouted as she trampled down on one knight then another explosion occurred right after. She immediately jumped high once again and landed on the ground behind the last row of soldiers, who were saved from the explosion. The three knights then turned around and one attempted to slice her diagonally but Damsel ducked to the opposite side of the hit before she picked up her pace and released a roundhouse kick to the knight’s side with brute force, making the man yelp in pain and fly away along with his peers, crashing against a wall nearby.

“Didn’t you people say that you would save this child? Why are you using your blade to cut me down along with her?!” Damsel said as she ran off from the scene but along the way, a sudden excruciating pain hit the left side of her chest, where her heart is. The female yelped at the pain but she continued to run until they are finally out of the kingdom. However, she knows that the people from the Land of the Damned will also make a move since they are part of the kingdom’s land. She went towards the forest and made her way past through the large building until they reached a country road.

From a faraway place, a sharp yelp occurred. The owner of the voice, who is a female, immediately clasped her palm tightly on the right side of her neck. She sooner retreated her palm and looked at it, seeing silver-colored blood.

Damsel is not satisfied with this yet, she has to get this child away from the place as much as possible but due to the excruciating pain, she is not as fast as before. Her footsteps became heavier and her breathing quickened.

“Ms. Sorceress, I think we are out of the danger now! We should rest!” Euclesia said.

The child is right, the distance between them and the land is decent enough so Damsel finally fell down on her knees and Euclesia immediately placed her feet on the ground while she supported the female’s body to prevent her from collapsing. Now that they are relieved from any dangers, Damsel noticed that Euclesia looked like a 6-year-old child with shoulder-length royal blue hair and clear amethyst pair of irises.

Damsel coughed as she wheezed while she tries to breathe slowly to normalize it. After a few seconds, she cleared her throat and inhaled deeply once more and upon exhaling, she smiled at the girl, “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m okay! I’m an Avercial after all! In fact, I should ask you that instead, are you okay, Ms. Sorceress?” Euclesia blinked.

“Call me Damsel and I’m fine.. this always happens.” Damsel then unclasped her neck collar and widened the gap by dragging the left part of her collar from its pair, revealing a crest, glowing light in color in the form of a half of a broken heart with a wing and tribal in design, embedded on the part where her heart is. Its outline is seeping silver-colored blood, “I’m an Edifyer.”

Euclesia’s eyes widened, “An Edifyer? So, it is indeed true that there are two of them in the whole world!”

“Y-Yes. However, I have yet to meet the other one.”

“The other one is my older sister!”

Damsel’s eyes widened, “Your sister?” She asked as she zipped up her collar again.

Euclesia nodded, “However, she has left the kingdom to tackle on her quest to find you. We encountered some sort of an anomaly in the Edifyer’s system. The Entities altered the rules regarding the meeting of two Edifyers and it is not advisable to do such an objective for it will create larger destructions and worse, the death of one or two of you.”

“But the Entities told me that we must not meet until the right time.” Damsel said.

“Only my father can explain everything to you, I’m only a princess tasked to accomplish a hunt.”

“Wait, hunt? You’re like.. 6 years old!”

“We, the Avercial children are old enough for that since our body are completely functional unlike normal ones. However, we do not hold such power and great knowledge and tactics in combat. It’s why at first stages we are protected until our teenage years.”

“Huh…” Damsel nodded, “I see.”

But then, joy flooded and overwhelmed her heart, creating such weird excitement for Damsel’s whole being. It is a strange fact that both the hearts of Edifyers are made for each other yet time and distance has always been their enemies since the oldest of times, along with that are supreme dangers that threaten to tear them both apart.

As they continued their little search for a place to stay tonight, another female far away from where they are, is heading towards the Land of the Damned in great speed while she catches her breath. Upon reaching the place, she looked around and didn’t even bother wiping off the sweat from her face. Her royal blue hair cut into a pixie style was played by the wind as her amethyst eyes scanned her surroundings.

“Where is she?” She muttered under her breath as she began walking deeper into place. Her iron boots are making clanking sounds in each steps and the residents in the vicinity turned to look at her. Some stopped their cheery chatters and drinking games to seriously and slowly stare at the woman. The blue-haired narrowed her eyes and could feel the tension in the air, she knows that the people here recognize her and to make sure that nothing will go to the worse, she hid her sheathed katana beneath her metallic-colored, cape by moving its leather container behind her.

In her tall figure and her unique combination of hair and eye colors, that’s not the only noticeable features that she has. The moon’s rays coming from the starry skies shone above her and it softly reflected her slightly tanned skin tone, her hair and her full body armor colored in platinum with soft faded mixture of crimson, which seemed to make people mesmerize her. Her cape also shared the same mixture but its color is forming a head of a ferocious dragon. Her piercing eyes sooner caught sight of an orc approaching her,

“Are you Glyde?” he asked.

“Yes, I am. Why?” she responded.

The orc scoffed, “What brings you here?”

“I came here to look for the Edifyer. My crest gave me a pang and it led me here.”

“Huh, I know no Edifyer aside from you. Perhaps you should go look into the kingdom.”

“Will do, however..” Glyde looked around her, noticed that the twisted murderers and butchers have rose up while holding their bloodied swords, machetes and sledgehammers as they slowly approached, and surrounded her. She took a deep breath as she cleared her throat, “It seems I have to obtain a gate pass huh?”

The orc smirked, “Your head’s bounty costs a few millions.” He said as he took out a bastard sword, “Glyde Arcaine Raids, your headless corpse will give us gold here.”

“Figured that might be the case.” Glyde suddenly swiped her now unsheathed katana up, cutting the orc’s face in the process. It commenced a fight by making the other enemies charge towards her. The female twirled and sliced another one’s body horizontally, cutting his body in half. From behind him, a larger orc roared as it raised both of its hands, which is holding a sledgehammer and slammed it down towards the woman, who blocked it with her left forearm. The impact made the hammer bounce back and it threw the orc out of balance then Glyde dashed in and sliced his stomach horizontally, allowing his intestines to flow out while a large amount of blood splattered across the ground and some of it stained most of the female’s armor and face. The orc then fell on its knees and dropped dead on the ground.

Glyde clicked her tongue and spat her enemy’s blood before taking out a white cloth to wipe her lips with it, “I came here to fetch someone but this feels like I have to rescue a princess who is locked in a high tower, which is full of monsters.” She crumpled the cloth with her lone hand and threw it on the large orc, landing it on its face. A human butcher attempted to cut her head off with an axe from behind her but she ducked with her scalp only a few centimeters away from the blade before she spun around and dragged her blade across the butcher’s waist, cutting through his body cleanly and even managed to cut another human behind him in the process.

The female warrior then stood up, looked at the large group of remaining enemies, and exercised her neck by moving her head in a circular motion with a moderately slow pace, “I just finished my tour around the battlefield few days ago and didn’t expect that this battle would occur. It took you fellows a long time.”

Judging by how calm she was, people could tell that she has been battling every single day. It seems that the bounty in her head holds that much value but why was she labeled as a notorious knight? Even she wants to find out however, the people involved are not dead yet and she cannot just record the dead ones here afterwards as well since they don’t hold that heavy of a secret.

It is another fact that Edifyers cannot record people’s life events if they do not have a secret to tell. If this is the case then all they could do is to free their souls.

The remaining soldiers roared as they charged towards Glyde simultaneously and the female narrowed her eyes before charging in, herself with a loud battle cry, which is already similar to the roar of a furious dragon, allowing her voice to echo in the night’s dead air.

Damsel’s eyes shot open as she jerked up while panting. She is sweating immensely as she moved her eyes around to check on her surroundings. She is in the clearing of a forest with Euclesia, cooking their breakfast through a campfire. She looked down behind her and saw the wide and large brown sheet they used to sleep on. The sun is already up above them and its rays gently caressed the two girls’ face and body to warm them up, its clear blue skies accompanied the soft wind that passed by them.

‘A dream? But that looked real..’ Damsel thought as she looked around once again. Even with the light atmosphere around them, it did not help the female calm her nerves.

“Damsel! Good morning!” Euclesia grinned behind the campfire, “I made us some breakfast, I went to hunt bears!”

Damsel looked at the young girl and blinked a few times in surprise, she still finds it hard to believe that a female as young as Euclesia would be able to hunt animals bigger than her, “You Avercials sure are an expert of your own in a lot of things huh?”

“Yep! We were even taught how to make our own fire and cook meals!” Euclesia replied.

She smiled and softened her eyes with a light chuckle, “Well, good morning to you as well. However, you do not actually need to hunt since I always carry some food with me.”

“Really? Where?” Euclesia blinked as she tilted her head in curiosity before Damsel clicked her fingers and a small portal appeared in between them, allowing chicken and boar meat to float out of it while they are covered with a light green aura.

Euclesia’s eyes widened and glistened in pure joy and amazement, “Uwaaaa! Edifyers can do these as well?!”

“I’m afraid it depends upon the abilities of one warrior or mage. You see, we, Edifyers are chosen to carry such duties if we have the capability to take care of ourselves. The stronger the bearer is the better.” Damsel explained.

“And once you are chosen, you will fulfill your duties until the end?” Euclesia asked.

“Yes and there can only be two Edifyers to exist in this world. Any more than that will mean that the exceeded numbers are impostors.”

“And the crest symbolize that you are the real one! But what if the impostors can also copy the crest?”

“No, it is too impossible for the Edifyer’s crest to be duplicated. You do noticed that blood color yesterday, right?”

“You have a point.” Euclesia sooner grabbed the chicken and boar meat before the portal closed on its own, “I think I will cook these then.”

“Can we even finish it all?” Damsel chuckled.

“Don’t worry! I can eat them!”

Damsel almost choked on her saliva, “Are you serious?”

“Yep! We, Avercials tend to eat a lot without getting fat!”

‘Seriously, where can I sign up to become an Avercial?’ Damsel thought as she rubbed the back of her head.

Euclesia then took out thick sticks and inserted them in the two meats before placing the chicken one first above the fire supported by two slingshot-structured logs on each side of the fire. Damsel sooner went to get up and sat on the large log next to the fire,

“So, Euclesia… this sister of yours… what does she looks like?” Damsel finally asked.

“Hmm? Her appearance or her personality?” Euclesia asked back.


“Well, I don’t know about other people but I see her as an extraordinary warrior with so much skills and knowledge regarding weapons, tactics and magic. She is the most powerful warrior in Avercial and is popularly known in and out of the empire.” Euclesia stated.

“Indeed, a powerful and formidable female warrior. No wonder she was chosen to be the second Edifyer.” Damsel smiled.

“Uh-huh. Not only that but she is kind! Although other people tend to say that she is arrogant and goes overboard. It’s true that she is scary when she is angry but trust me, she is super kind once you get to know her! Although, she will possibly not going to see you as an ally at first but I can give her a change of mind.” Euclesia continued.

“Hmm, she sounds wonderful. Though, that kind of attitude will bring her trouble most of the time, right?”

“Correct. In fact, she already got into too many troubles before.” Euclesia chuckled nervously as she grabbed a stick with a bear meat and gave it to Damsel, which the woman took.

“Seems to me that the world is after her. Both good and bad.”

“Yes. And she once told me that she wanted to rest from all responsibilities.”

“And what about her appearance?” Damsel asked before taking a bite of the meat.

“Well, we have the same hair and eye colors. Though, her hair is shorter, similar to a male’s haircut. A great and above average athletic physique with a serious face. Pointy nose, slightly thick eyebrows and strong jaw with matching slightly tanned skin!”

“Look who’s her number one fan here!” Damsel laughed softly and Euclesia grinned,

“Of course! She taught me how to handle a blade and how to hunt!”

“Really now? She does looks like a splendid mentor based on how you describe her!”

“Well, at first, a lot of males went their way in order to get her heart but when she announced that she has the heart of a man, females just started crowding her everywhere while leaving all the men in our empire heartbroken.”

“I’m surprised that your people accepted her sexuality that quickly.” Damsel said.

Euclesia winked, “We, the Avercials have an open mind and heart be it in a person’s lifestyles or in war.”

“An open heart in war huh… A merciful yet merciless warrior. Must be hard to make judgments.”

“Yes and because of that, we tend to get vulnerable to betrayals.” Euclesia said with her eyes softened.

Damsel sooner kept eating the meat until she finally finished up, “We should keep eating and go on our way. We have to finish something here.”

“We are going back there?” Euclesia titled her head and Damsel shook her head,

“No. I’m going to take you back to Avercial, where you are safe.”

“Father must have been worried about me but what about your duties here? Don’t you think that you still have to reveal my stepfather’s secret?

Damsel stopped, she remembered her real objective here thanks to that statement. Here, she was focused in rescuing the girl, “You’re right but how did you know that Estreso was hiding something?”

“Well, he became my temporary caretaker and when I found out that he was being chased by those men, kinda figured.”

“I see.” Damsel hummed as she placed her thumb and her index finger below her chin, “The Avercial Empire will take a week of travel from here. It’ll be too late if I take you there now.”

“Then, you have no choice but to allow me to come with you!” Euclesia grinned.

“You sound so happy.” Damsel stared at her nonchalantly.

“Well, I will get to watch you fight once more!”

“Do Avercials love fighting as well?”


Damsel just sighed; she did not get to know this much about the Avercials since the empire is known to only show their ferocity in battle. Although, there are most cases where in people already figured that they love wars and fights, “Just don’t do anything that will get you into trouble, okay?”

“Roger that!” Euclesia saluted.

Damsel smiled at her before she stood up, “Finish your food while I go look for a river to take a bath.”

“Don’t you think it is pretty much dangerous to do that?”

“Don’t worry! I have a barrier.” Damsel turned her heels and left the place.

Euclesia blinked before she began eating her meal but as moments pass by, she could feel that similar presence nearby and softened her eyes. She indeed wants to get out of here for a short time to see her but then she remembered what her father told her:

“Do not interrupt Glyde’s quest and do not lend a hand. Allow her to find the first Edifyer herself. Helping her will not only destroy her pride as an Avercial but it will also lower her self-esteem and will end up relying on everyone. That won’t be good, Euclesia, so if ever you get to be with the Edifyer, keep this a secret from your sister and bring her to me. We have to discuss about their fate and their falling system with the Entities.”

The child sighed as she looked up at the skies, “My older sister is an idiot, father and you know that, right? She will just use her brute force.” Afterwards, a smile went across her face, “But I trust her instincts. I know she will be able to find Damsel on her own.” She muttered under her breath.

Glyde panted as she looked around while she stood on the pile of her dead bodies. Below her are other bodies, which pooled and coated the entire ground of the Land of the Damned. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. Once she has exhaled, she reopened her eyes and softened them, “Huh, looks like she’s not here.”

Another woman clad with the same armor but with the mixture of blue color, serving as the difference from Glyde’s, walked up to her while holding a scrolled paper in hand, “Glyde Arcaine Raids.”

The blue-haired turned to the other woman whose hair is colored in ash and with its length reaching down her back, “What is it?” Her amethyst eyes focused on her companion’s lazy chartreus ones.

“The king had sent us a message regarding a family matter. Your sister was abducted and has reports that she was being delivered here as some form of a parcel for the king of this land by a group of bandits.”

Glyde’s eyes widened and her irises shrunk in surprise and anger, “Euclesia…” She looked at the corpses and narrowed her eyes while red streaks shone in them, “Huh, it seems we need to stay around for a little while longer. Do you have knowledge about the bandits’ leader?”

The ash-haired female nodded, “His name is Arthur Lias. His skills with daggers gave him the honor to lead his group as well as his skills as a thief.”

“Hm, have Sentinel go look for him, he is in heat again and perhaps allowing him to find something to release on will help him cool off.”

“Oh my, are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I am sure, Rindellia.”

Rindellia giggled, “Guess that will shorten our time of stay in this land.”

“Indeed. Let’s take a visit there as well.”

“Lead the way.”

Glyde then hopped down from the bodies and walked out of the building before she rose her open palm, which is covered with dried blood. Rindellia observed her for a moment before she walked beside her,

“Is there something bothering you?” The ash-haired female asked.

“I wonder… What does the other Edifyer looks like?”

Rindellia smiled before she closed her eyes, “I could see that she is a beautiful damsel.”

“Hope she won’t turn into damsel in distress.” Glyde chuckled.

“I could feel her presence in that place. It seems she has been there.”

Glyde looked at her companion in surprise, “Seriously?”

“Yes, her smell is still fresh.”

“Th-Then--!!” But Rindellia interrupted her,

“Don’t worry, there’s no scent of her blood. Even if there is then it’ll probably.. here.” Rindellia stopped as well as the other.

“The blood from the crest…” Glyde trailed off and the other nodded before kneeling down and touching the ground where there is a stain of silver-colored blood. Glyde looked down at it and knelt beside Rindellia.

“Now that I take notice of it, Euclesia’s smell is around here as well; could it be that the two of them are together?”

“I believe so.” Rindellia smiled, “And they are not too far off now.”

Glyde narrowed her eyes, “The other Edifyer and Euclesia.. two birds in one stone.”

“However, there is also something we must unleash in this land.” Rindellia’s smile dropped and her eyes narrowed, “I feel off when I first stepped in here. It felt like this land is hiding something more ominous. Far worse than the Land of the Damned.”

“And it seems we can’t reveal that without the help of the other Edifyer. I have already recorded Estreso’s life events and I just need the first half of it to complete the epitaph.”

“Though, knowing the gods, they are probably watching and will do something that will not allow us to meet the other Edifyer. Not only that,” Rindellia rose her hand and caught an arrow that was about to hit her head, “we have company.”

Glyde quickly looked at the direction where the arrow came from and stood up while reaching for her katana and unsheathed it fast to parry a heavy force that suddenly appeared in front of her. She gritted her teeth as she stilled her hold on her blade while it shook because of the sheer power. It felt too heavy for her to handle that her feet dragged her back, she dug her feet deeper into the ground to stop the advance, creating a trail in the process.

The hooded male showed his appearance with a grin as he stayed mid-air, with his long sword clashed with Glyde’s blade, “Another Edifyer. Seems like this is my lucky day.”

Glyde grunted as she forcibly pushed him back while she squatted a bit to steady her balance, “Who are you?”

“The man who will bring your head to his master.” The male answered.

Rindellia narrowed her eyes, “An Outcast.”

The hooded man then chuckled, “It seems our name has spread this quickly that it reached the Avercials. Say, why don’t we play a little game called sparring.

“I believe that kind of sparring is similar to an actual battle.” Rindellia smirked.

The man laughed maniacally, “Rindellia Ferhizhchwar, also known as the Greatest Dragoness of War, finally finding peace in the empire? How’s your family, you know, your wife and kids?”

Rindellia’s smirk dropped and glared at the man with murderous intent, “You dare state about my family?”

“Ohoho, I do not mean any harm.”

“My wife died and my children were kidnapped because of you imbeciles.” Rindellia answered kindly.

“Such a sarcastic question brought by a murderer. I demand you to state the children’s whereabouts.” Glyde said.

The man chuckled, “Oh, they are somewhere, probably taking their precious training.. to kill you.” But right after he said that, Rindellia has charged towards him with an inhumane speed and slammed her dark-colored sword with a silver lining at the center at the hooded man. He immediately blocked it with his own blade, the large clanking sound and the way both swords collided with great forces created a large and sudden wave along with a large-sized, web-structured crater. Glyde had to cover her eyes with the back of her arm as the strong gust of wave flew her back slightly. The wave expanded up until to the forest that it made birds fly away from it.

The man is not wearing a smile and is gritting his teeth as he tries to push her back but the difference in strength is far too great, so this is the Dragoness of War. Even a group of Outcasts will find themselves down on their knees if ever they will face this woman, “Such brute strength coming from a normal-sized blade, guess you live up by your name, Dragoness of War.”

“My name shall be handed down to my children as per said by the oath I had given when I shared vows with my spouse. However, until the day my eldest has reached the right age and experience, I will carry that name!” Rindellia shouted as she pushed further that it is slowly bringing the man down to his knees.

‘Such raw power and she still hasn’t gone all out. It seems I’m still weak to face her. Bad idea, Rakkan, bad fucking idea. But I have to do something here to escape.’ Rakkan thought before smirking, “Do you want to know what we did to your spouse before we took her life?”

Rindellia’s eyes widened and Rakkan continued,

“We let our females play with her because they had been bothering us for the past few days, saying that they should at least have one night with her. They even told me that your spouse’s dick was huge.”

“Rindellia, he was just taunting you, don’t take it!” Glyde exclaimed as she charged towards Rakkan and attempted to hit him by releasing one heavy horizontal slash but Rakkan quickly moved away, allowing Rindellia to stumble down.

The ash-haired parried Glyde’s blade to avoid taking the hit and used the force from it to properly land her feet on the ground before the two of them snapped their heads to face Rakkan.

But the male is already gone and that caused Glyde to click her tongue in frustration, “We almost had him.”

Rindellia softened her eyes as she looked at her open palm then slowly formed it into a tight fist, “Ether…” She uttered a name, almost a whisper and Glyde looked over at her companion,

“Don’t take heed of what he said. I’m sure your spouse will not allow such a thing to happen. Even if they take away her limbs or sew her mouth, she will always struggle to show resistance.”

Rindellia closed her eyes to calm down, she took a deep breath and exhaled before nodding, “You’re right, my apologies.”

“It’s okay, no need to ask for forgiveness for I understand what you’re going through despite not experiencing it.” Glyde smiled.

“We should get going.” Rindellia smiled back and the other nodded before they headed towards the kingdom. Though along the way, Rindellia couldn’t help but remain silent as memories started to resurface to haunt her. She could still hear her lover’s sweet, deep voice like a music that became her favorite song, she could still feel her touches that roamed around every part of her body and it brought her chills. Not only that, but she could remember that one long, passionate kiss shared by the both of them under the sun slowly setting in the north skyways while it painted the skies a soft orange while wind embraced them along with the glowing white dusts of fairy that scattered in the air around them. Those kinds of unforgettable memories are the sweetest yet it became the most bitter after Ether’s death and all that remained in her heart is nothing but melancholy, grieve and vengeance.

Rindellia softened her eyes, oh how she has missed those days starting from when they met up until the day they had exchanged their vows in front of the great altar of the Avercial Empire. The love they shared is one of the most incomparable feeling and she wouldn’t give it to the world no matter what it may cost. The two of them had been through a lot together and once ruled the battlefield while watching each other’s backs but now that those times were over and to think that the most notorious group of people slaughtered her, it made a part of her old soul wake up once more.

Glyde, on the other hand, just observed her companion, whom she had already considered her closest friend and great right hand in combat. Her softened eyes stared at the woman who was once ferocious that has been turned into a kinder version right after meeting Ether. In her mind, she could not understand what the other was feeling; love, grieving over the loved one, and pain. In her younger days, she was only taught to handle different kinds of weapons along with war tactics, she never had the time to search for a woman. However, she knows just how much Rindellia wanted revenge.

Glyde just raised her face to look up at the skies, which are clear blue in color with minimal clouds to mix with, there’s something that has been bothering her, her instincts are telling her that there is something more they should know about the Outcasts aside of Rindellia’s children being trained to be murderers. With the thought of that, she felt uneasy and there’s no way she could shake this off but until then, they have to take this step by step. The existence of Outcasts, she only learned about them today, it seems that her family hid this kind of information from her, but why?

‘Outcasts.. huh..’ She thought, ‘It seems there’s more than meets the eye.’

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