The voice in the dark

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"I'm sorry that I am late! I just.. My uber didn't--and yeah..." I stuttered as I entered the door to my new job at this little Coffee shop.
"Adelina calm down it's fine! You are 2 minutes late it's not that big of a deal!" my new boss told me as I put down my stuff.
"Oh thank God! I though you are going to fire me on my first day, I would be so humbled of my self." I told her while she just smiled at me.
My new boss, Cathy, told me to put my jacket and purse in our small storage room.

"... - and that is it!" "That is all I gotta do..?"
I looked into Cathy's eyes as i asked her if that was all, you see I just moved into a new place and got a new job, and apparently the only thing I have to do is sit here and try to look as good as possible. "Yep! That's all you gotta do! There will be one or two customers once in a while but I will be able to handle them." she told me with a big smile on her face.


Maybe it would make sence if I would tell you a little bit about myself.
My name is Adelina Perry, I am 17 years old and I was born in Berlin, Germany. Both of my Parents are American and both of them lived together in this small city called Darkmore.

I always asked them why they would move out of such a beautiful place but they always had the same answer: 'we needed a new start'.

The first time I visited my grandparents was when I was seven years old, it was also the first time that I was in Darkmore and I just knew that I had to move here someday. That happend about ten years ago. I moved in with my grandmother two weeks ago and I absolutely love it here. My parents never wanted me to move here because apparently there is 'to much happening' in this area but they gave in because my grandpa died and granny needed someone who takes cares of her.

I don't know a lot about the history of Darkmore. There are a lot of story about horse sized wolves, but that's not true, right?


"Grandma! I'm home!" I yelled as I walked through the door of my grandmothers big house. "I am in the living room Adelina." As soon as I entered the living room I saw my Grandmother brightly smiling at me. "Granny, you good?" "Yeah! I'm completely fine! Tell me how your fist day at your new work was! Was it good? Was Cathy nice to you?" "It was awesome granny. Yes, Cathy was really nice! But grandma I am really tired, not because of the new Jobe more likely because I am still not used to this timezone" I replied to her. "It's fine darling. I planned on going to bed now too. I need my beauty sleep!" she responded to me. "Goodnight Granny, love you." "love you too darling!"

As soon as my grandmother was asleep I decided to make myself some pasta. After eating it an cleaning the kitchen I went upstairs to my room to call my Parents and tell them about my new job.


"Adelina, wake up." My grandmother told me for the third time now. "I am up! My eyes are just closed..." I told her. "We have to get groceries and you are coming with me! I need your help."

I got up, went in my bathroom to get ready. I put on some light Makeup and went downstairs. On our way to the grocery store we stopped at a small bakery and got breakfast.

"Adelina, I heard you talking in the middle of the night. Who did you talk to? " my grandma wanted to know. "Umm, I called Mum and Dad yesterday and told them about my new job."

How did she hear me talk to them? Her room is downstairs and mine is upstairs. She shouldn't be able to hear what I say, right?

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