The Gold In Our Blood

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Tyler I'm just a teenager I was never meant to be a hero. I was just supposed to live my life get hurt feel things cry be happy and get bullied and maybe like a girl that would never like me back. It wasn't supposed to be her. We are completely opposite I'm supposed to die she is supposed to live we shouldn't have met. I was meant to die. Not to lead. Anabelle I was just supposed to be a normal girl like pink fluffy stuff read romance novels maybe meet a boy at that party fall in love and get hurt. It wasn't supposed to be him. He is everything I'm not we are completely opposite he was meant to be normal not borken. I was supposed to be a fragile little girl. Not a monster.

Fantasy / Romance
Tina Fay
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Tyler's p.o.v

I hate sunsets. Many people there beautiful but in my eyes it's just a reminder that I'm still alive, that I have survived another day in this hell hole of a town, and time is just too much of an asshole to move.

We teenagers are told that we are only young once and we should live our teenage years to the fullest. But even if we do there are people who will pull you back and tell you should work hard for your future.

But I grew up before I could even kick a ball around a playground.

I graduated when I was twelve. And I had to study business to take over my fathers company after my uncle but my ant Naomi wanted me to have a "normal" life so here I am back to square one in sophomore year in echo hallows the creepiest town in the world.

I rested my back on the soft pillows of my bed and I let out a sigh of frustrations but before I even close my eyes to relax I was pulled back to earth with a knock on my door.


"Come in," I said with a small voice. The double oak doors of the room opened and Rachel and rose walked in.

rose and Rachel are maids that work at my house they both had red long hair and bright green eyes with freckles on there pale skin they look like porcelain dolls.

They always smiled they are like those classic twins that hunted houses together on horror films and pretty sure that they stalk me some times.

"Good morning Mr. Steel!" they said in.

I'm pretty sure they do the twin telepathy thing. Rachel was carrying a silver tray with 5 black boxes on it and rose had a tuxedo resting over his left arm.

"Hi Rachel hi rose." I put on a small smile.

"Ms. Steel told us we should help you get ready for the ball." Rachel said laying the tuxedo on the bed next to me.

"What ball?" I asked frowning in confusion. They look at me and looked at each other they started to giggle.

"Hey come on what ball tell me?"

what are they talking about?

"It was supposed to be a surprise but your uncle and ant planed a huge ball for your seventeenth birthday," Rose whispered.

"Wait what are you talking about today is not my bir-...."Did I forget my birthday?

"TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!" OK this day got a whole lot worse.

My ant walked in clinking her heels on the marble floor. She was dressed in a strapless silver gown that trailed behind her. Her hair was pulled up in a tight bun and she wore diamond earrings that matched her necklace. She draped the fur cote on her shoulder and she posed for me.

"How do I look?" she said.

She didn't even care that it was my birthday she just wanted a party that everyone could look at her and phrase her for being a pillar of the community the founder of many charity organizations she just wants everyone to know her name. She craves attention. The cliché of rich people.

"Just like a disco ball. What the hell are u wearing?!"I can't help but get annoyed.

"Really" she rolled her eyes. "Why aren't you read we are about to leave in 30 minutes come one chop on you go." She said clapping her hands to get me to move but I didn't even move a muscle.

"Nop I'm not going," I said shaking my head side to side.

"Why not you love charity balls. And this is your birthday you are growing up to be a man we should celebrate that."

Here she goes again. I stood up from my bed and walked over to her.

"Let us face it you want to go because you can drink and talk about how kind you are to people while you gossip about the men shagging there secretary's and who is running off with there polity instructor and someone gets married to harry and all that cliché gossip stuff," I stated the truth.

Which I do a lot.

My honesty some times annoys people but I don't do it on purpose seriously it a reflex action that I just can't stop from happening no one thinks that that much of honesty is refreshing so it kind of puts me in the weirdo /annoying category.

"Tyler that is totally disrespectful!" She puts her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry I'm just saying that I don't fit in there. "I said.

'oh, honey you will fit in just fine." She said rubbing my shoulder for a few seconds but she pulled her hand away like she touched something vile.

"You know I'm not contagious right?" that was a good question to ask since your own ant thinks your gross because your sick .but as predicted she ignored the question.

"Now come on get ready."

"Tyler your uncle sent you these." Rachel handed me the tray.

I rested it on my desk and picked up the card that had my uncle's initials on it.


I started with the first box and pulled the dark blue ribbon and it fell loose. Inside was a car key. They all had different types of car keys inside. I looked at my ant.

"Did uncle Sam really buy me a car?"

"Yes dear he did. you can go see it but no driving OK." She warned me.

I ran out of my room to the spiral staircase in the middle of the hallway. I started to run down the stairs.

At the last step of the stairs I stepped on the untied shoo less of my combat boots and well the ship went down. My left knee connected to the marble floors of the lobby and I hit my elbow hard.

Ow! I think I broke something.

I tried to move but pain shoots through my left leg.

Yup something is definitely broken.

"Tyler dear are you OK. Oh dear god are you OK."

Oh that retched women!

"I'm fine aunt, Noemi," I said and continue my way to the garage. I was hoping on my right leg I'm pretty sure I look like a potato on a pogo stick.

On my way to the garage I saw miss harper watering my garden. She looked peaceful as always. I waved at her.

"oh dear god what happened to your leg." She had a strong Irish accent and a motherly vibe. Her long gray hair had sticks of black in it and she always loved to wear purple. It was her favorite color and she was my favorite person in the whole world. She baked me a pie once it was surprising because no one in this town actually knew me enough to give me a cent I dropped even though I lived here for five years.

"I'm fine miss harper. And the flowers look beautiful I could just stare at them all day." She laughed.

"Flattery will get you nowhere. Where are you going in such a rush.' She asked.

"My uncle bought me five cars."

"He bought you five cars? Oh now, why would someone do that? If I were him I wouldn't even buy you a bicycle." She joked.

"Haha. Not funny." I said crossing my arms.

"Oh dear be care full OK young bones may heal fast but you would look terrible in a cast."

"I'm going bye." I started to walk off.

I pulled the remote out of my left pocket and pushed the first button and the garage door started to slowly open.

I started to press the key I brought and the range rovers front lights started to flicker. I walked over to the car the pain in my leg long forgotten and I in the new car. The lather felt soft under me and the smell was intoxicating.

"OK you and I are going to be best friends." I rubbed the steering wheel. And it hit me. My uncle didn't buy me the cars because it was my birthday he bought them because he is not coming. Because he felt guilty. I don't even know why I'm surprised. The definition of my life is basically a disappointment. Because I was a disappointment to my parents.

My ant doesn't think I'm perfect enough to be in her bubble And I just realized that I thought so much of other people that I didn't even think about my self how short my life was how I didn't even feel alive.

How I let everyone else but I control my life without even letting me make a mistake. I wanted to join the basketball team to have many friends prank the principal have a girlfriend or even a social media account. I only have four months to live to exists. After that no one will know I was alive.

The walk back to the house felt like an eternity and I felt like I jumped in ice water. When I walked in I was greeted by my ants face.

"You seem like you took a moment admiring your car." She continued.

I walked over to the closet and pulled my hoody out and put my backpack on and walked over to the door.

"Hey where do you think you are going?" She asked putting her hands on her hips. I gave her a cold look.

"To Danni's."

"But you have to attend the ball."

"Why because you can introduce me as one of your charity works? Look you can tell all your little gests that I'm not coming. And tell your friend Kate that she looks like curwela from one hundred and one Dalmatians she should really stop wearing white and black and tell Mr. Diction whatever his name is that I'm not going to marry his daughter that looks fifty years older than him this is not the 19 50s. And by the way white is not your color you can go with green next time, it will really pop your character as the wicked witch of the west or should I say serpentine hills." I smiled at my own joke.

"OK then ." I waved and started to head towards the doors.

"EXCUSE ME!?" she yelled. I turned around.

"Apology accepted bye." And I slammed the door hard.

The driveway was long enough to make me realize what I did and I wanted to stab and hug my self at the same time. It was an odd feeling and I loved it.

Danni was my friend of five years we have nothing in conmen he was from California. He loved the color orange even though I never see him wear it I think it's because his mother dresses him. He was autistic and everything that comes out of his mouth was wired but it made more sense than the things that come out of my mouth.

And even though we're not related he always called me brother and it annoyed me. He never shakes anyone's hand and he always cared around Benjamin. Benjamin Ben for short is his pet pencil I know wired but he never goes anywhere without it.

It was like his anchor And the one thing that I loved about him was that he always likes to see the bright side of everything.

I loved his house it was medium-sized green and cozy like a picture in a storybook but you won't be thinking that if you are dangling by your left arm of 7 feet of an oak tree I looked through his window.

he was sitting on the floor with this back to the door and he was covering his ears like something was loud and disturbing him.

I jumped over to the roof by his window and I knocked.

His eyes snapped to me and I waved he slowly got up from the ground and walked over to the window.

"Can you open I'm scared of heights." He nodded and unlocked the window And my ears start too flowed with noises from downstairs.

His parents were arguing which they do a lot. It scared him. I jumped in.

"Are you OK buddy?" I asked.

"I'm fine." He never made eye contact. But he smiled to make me feel better.

I unzipped my bag and took out my headphones and gave it to him he quickly put it on a pulled out my phone from my back pocket and opened Beethoven for him to drown out the noise it always helped him.

"Is it better?" I mouthed. He nodded his head and smiled.

I pulled him towards the window

"Where are we going?" he asked I grabbed his jacket and handed it to him.

"Where there is some silence."

The echo hills preserve was the creepiest part of this town but it's not creepier than the people. We sat at the old ledge where the rangers called the eagle rock you can see the whole town from up there. And especially the moon seemed brighter and larger.

one day on the moon lasted 29 earth days and even though they are the same distance from the sun the moon could get cold as -413F and it would non stop and I would look at it and dream like I was an astronaut walking through the snow alone.

It would be dark and cold but it would feel better than this town.

"What happened?" Danni asked.

I propped my self on my elbows and looked at him.

"I should ask you the same thing."

"Well I asked first so it's only reasonable that you answer first."

"I kind of called my ant a witch."

Kind of really I think you did more than that?

I yelled at my self.

" Why do you hate your ant?"

that was a hard question to answer but if I don't he will probably annoy me until he gets an answer.

"My ant is so normal I hate it I just hate it. She wants everything to be normal including me. She hates the way I talk the way I dress she wants me to be this perfect nephew. I can't even talk to her without being called crazy."

I let out a sigh.

"Or maybe she doesn't understand you well enough because you never really talk to her?" he said.

See this is what I'm talking about.

"Hey you're supposed to be on my side! " he flinched.

"I'm sorry." I apologized.

I walked over to the edge of the rock.

"I'm just angry." He didn't say anything he just nodded.

Suddenly my vision starts to get blurry and I lose my balance. I felt like I was floating but after a few seconds I felt pain all across my body. I rolled down the hill which felt endless and I landed with a thud my head was spinning and I started to cough up blood.

Oh god that hurts.

My whole body asked and I started to run my hands' through the dirt looking for my glasses. I felt the plastic underneath my fingertips and I pulled it out of the dirt. One of the lenses was missing and the other was broken.


"Happy birthday Tyler," I said to my self and lifted the glasses up to my eyes what I saw freaked me out. It was a shape of a woman I couldn't make anything out of the broken lens. I pulled it down depending on my natural eye but it was hopeless.

I pull up the glasses again and I could see her moving braking bones sounded trough the woods. My eyes widened in fear.

Now a huge beast stood in her place. And its eyes glowed in the darkness I could make out long claws and spiked fur.

OK I'm out.

I helplessly dragged my self and turned around. And started to craw to get away from what I saw.

Then I felt a strong grip on my ankle And I was dragged to darkness.

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